Picking on Rockstar Games

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Abbreviated Reviews : So can we get the end of the Uncle Gungalar story? Or is that the new Sea of Thieves DLC?

Mimiyo Chan : WaNNa HaVe FrEe ShArk CarDs?

Earth Is A Donut : *Niko! Let's go bowling*

Pergmen : Hey, staying in GTA Online for more than 8 minutes without being disconnected by a "connection error" is impressive.

mr.bmc : Jokes on you, I was queuing for an Overwatch game and was able to watch this entire video before getting into a match. Jokes on me i was able to rewatch this video again waiting on GTAV

Mr Munk00 : I watched this while waiting for a gta race to start... IM STILL WAITING

Veritas Calivmeir : Grand Theft Auto? More like Time Theft Lobby

Wes Tolson : I can't believe you didn't talk about shark cards. The entirety of GTA online is designed to make you want to pay for in game currency. It's such a chore to accomplish everything in the game from loading into a server to loading into a match and then loading back into the world etc. And then you have to actually do well to actually make any money. Plus there's plenty of ways to make money in the open world, but you'll almpost always get fucked with by other players. The price of apartments, cars, and basically everything is ridiculous for the amount of time required to make enough money to pay for anything. The entire point of GTA is to get tons of money, but you can literally skip the entire game if you pay microtransactions. And they aren't even worth it either because you have to pay like $100 dollars to get one of the new cars.... or just play the game for 200 hours.

Billy Humphrey : Dunkey I know when you’re 20 people in their 40’s are ancient Methuselahs to you, but we know what a hipster is.

Harry De Cat : The conversations taking place in the car is the only thing entertaining during the car drive

It Came From A Box : Rockstar minimaps have been burned into my mind forever :O

Tyler Robertson : I know JonTron hates Dunkey because he's black, but imagine if they made a collab lol. That'd be sick

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : Vice City is best girl.

Mads Stays Noided : Your one point about the emptiness of the maps is the most pertinent; Rockstar are edging closer and closer to the approach of their parent company when it comes to sandboxes- large, pretty, polished, but with next to nothing to do. Nothing is done for the sake of verisimilitude or variety anymore- interiors are unrendered or sparse and empty at best; radiant/miscellaneous quests/missions like the various vehicle-specific missions in earlier GTAs and the phenomenally deep and entertaining LCPD missions in GTA IV are gone, replaced by... nothing. Custom races with an inexplicably small pool of resources and models, not to mention tools for modification and map modulation and shark cards? I hope RDR2 doesn't drop into the same pitfalls as GTA V and goes for authenticity and depth over technical shine and so-so online modes...

John Escorpion : The song is: GTA V - No Happy Endings (ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)

Veridian : Chinatown on the DS is a modern mastapiece

James Altheide : All the dislikes are Rockstar developers lol

Garfuck : Well I don't wanna pick on this video since I agree with most of it... BUT I'm pretty sure, the word "Hipster" is older than GTA V, Rockstar, you and me.

mkobrien49 : No clue why so many people are giving Jason shit for this video. I agreed with everything he said here. Replayability is insanely important. Especially on a game they re-released on another generation of consoles, due to how (I assume) a lot of those who purchased the XBONE and PS4 versions had played it through on the last gen. Utilization of the entire map of an open world game is also important. It doesn't really make much sense to me why a dev would put a shitload of time into developing a world and not even use it to its full potential. But hey, that's just my view.

MeowMix : MY 45 year old boss actually uses the word hipster lol

Retro Game Players : POPULATING LOBBY! !

definitelyji : you forgot the lack of content on single player mode.

Mr Redeyes : Comparing a open world game match making to a non open world is kinda unfair

Yamyy Yamyy : I agree with you in everything, except for dialogue in cars. They gave the atmosphere.

Joax Arkus : All the gta games besides v has had dozens of songs removed because of how cheap rockstar is to paying loyalties.

WillyMacShow : Exactly. Open worlds seem more like backdrops rather than interactive playgrounds. Like come on boys, let me build a sandcastle in this sandbox! Instead it's just and empty box. The box looks nice, but it's still just an empty box.

Bo Warner : Why wasn't ATLUS in the group of companies that release a quality title every time

Adapt : What was the song at the queue part of the video?

DovahKitty : It’s not often, but I gotta say I disagree with Dunkey on the car dialogue and the replayability. I really loved the dialogue, often driving to get all of it. It was interesting. The replayability aspect I’m talking about it is single player. I really liked playing the single player aspect, maybe not so much of GTA 4, but GTA 5 was great! Aside from those two points, I do agree on everything else. I really liked GTA online WITH friends! It was really fun aside from the long loading times. After a while my friends were playing other games so I tried multiplayer with just myself and matchmaking with others... yeah that was a garbage experience.

Trashisme : hes a CONTENT CREATOR. he makes comedy because he enjoys making them and wants to prove a point through a joke. hes not SOLELY just a reviewer, and wants to prove a point with his videos by his own creative mindset. criticizing dunkey for focusing on comedy over detailed explanations, is like criticizing van goh for not putting enough detail into his cubism art that means something much more than any detail could show. also, he proves his point and does it without too much detail to make it as relatable as possible to rockstars games. this isnt a GTA video, its a criticism of their all around downfaults. you cant put detail into something thats written about a group. he uses GTA as an example, because A. its where it applies somewhat the heaviest, and B. because its their most recognizable franchise. quit complaining, and relax.

Coolmark : Rockstar needs to work on their Spaghetti and Meatballs

Antonio Randolfi : Last week I've played for the first time Red Dead Redemption and it is so BORING! Dropped after the mission on the raft. I don't understand why it is so well appreciated.

Jordan Splain : not really that accurate.

Chris Holloway : And suddenly everyone's a critic.

Milky_Shakez : Red Dead Redemption is probably the best Rockstar game I've ever played.

Dacnomaniak : Yes, I was hoping there would be a new Jake Paul video today, thanks Santa.

Flower Patch : Disagreed entirely with the first half. Car dialogue are one of the best parts of the game that adds interestingly funny character interactions and makes driving to places less repetitive. The "boring" missions that you mentioned are absolutely important to add a slice of life relaxation from the 'splosions and shoot em up shit.

ScienceNerd : I recently bought LA Noire and it’s so funny how accurate this is. I can’t say much about the GTA series or Red Dead because I’m one of the 7 petiole who haven’t played them, but LA Noire feels about as explorable as a 6 year old’s art project. If you’re not off doing some homicide case, you can go and either stare at this cool building for 5 seconds and have it show up on the map or go hunt down the 4 “hidden” cars. There’s nothing else to really do on the map, unless you like following the flow of traffic for 30 minutes until you get bored and shut off the game to go drive a real car. And car talk? Yeah you get some of it and it’s occasionally good to hear or gives some plot but otherwise it could be left in the cutscenes... the cutscenes that are unskippable no matter what. Your mother could go into labor midway through a cutscene and you don’t get to skip it and rush to the hospital, nah, you get to sit through that shit, and see some guy go into a jewelry store. All in all it’s a good game, but it’s sometimes full of “why are you even fucking here” type shit

JustAYouTuber : You forgot how some games just don't work well at all anymore like GTA 4/LC. Those games are so buggy even if you have a good computer.

AJM_The Black-Fenrir : I actually enjoy car dialogue...

sancho taco : Guess it's time to beat Rockstar in smash

xSpektre : Jeez, first time I've completely disagreed with Dunky

Tim Timmy : if you give dunkey a game made by angels and took 3billion years to make with the most immersive gameplay and graphics he would still find something bad in it. (not hating) it just what I've noticed the newer generation of gamers what they call gen z love the assassins creed series while think witcher and skyrim are boring and confusing.

Magic mushroom : I feel like Bethesda makes the best open world, I mean fallout 4 is so populated to the point where there aren't really any useless areas 🤷‍♂️ like I've played fallout 4 on and off from launch and to this damn day have not ran out of places to explore, GTA 5 took just a bout a year to discover most of the maps features

fuzzydude64 : Never understood what people like about Red Dead so much. I tried it expecting a great game but it bored the hell out of me instead. I even called the entire story before the intro was over and I'm not exactly hard to please with story. Gotta love the most cliche Western story ever I guess? Come to think of it, the only Rockstar game I've liked was San Andreas for being an over-the-top gangster culture comedy. Oh boy and GTA V. Why was I excited for it again? I guess it taking place in San Andreas made me expect it to be another over-the-top satire of some aspect of pop-culture. Sadly it was not nor was any of it fun.

StickMaster500 : GTA VI: Dunkey’s Revenge

Mikecrosoft99 x : Dunkey played so many different games while waiting to play online LMAO

Eduardo Barbosa : It feels wrong coming down on dunkey because he is one few youtubers that consistently pumps out quality videos 1.Unreplayable videos It's clear that when he makes these videos dunkey doesn't have replayability in mind while watching Picking on Rockstar you realize last three minutes are just waiting around; In the smash bros trailer analysis you already know who the characters are! 2.Low video times Dunkey what the fuck man only 5 minute videos I was expecting at least a half-hour review of Knack 2 and a full walkthrough of Breath of the Wild instead I got a 5 minute video about fucking dragon ball!This is hindered even further by the fact that he chooses to waste a measly 3 minutes making videos about a masterpiece such as Labo and decides to waste 7 minutes on a fucking disaster of a game such as Forknite DUNKEY GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!

RyanKaufman : Rockstar's writing as a whole took a dive in GTA V. Having to split the game into three protagonists really, REALLY hurt the narrative. What is Franklin even doing? Not much I guess, Michael and Trevor had the wheel for a long time. Then all of a sudden Rockstar wants you to feel conflicted with Franklin, he has to make a choice to save Michael or Trevor. Or he can pick neither, and very likely go to his death in a suicide mission. This is compelling stuff. HAHA NOPE HERE COMES THE RIOT BRIGADE HAHA WOOO MICHAEL AND TREVOR SAVE THE DAY FRANKLIN IS FINE THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. So great. Trevor should not have been a playable character. He shouldn't have even been in the game, he was horribly written, not fun to play, not fun to watch, he was just angry and annoyingly cynical. Michael and Franklin had personalities that flexed while they were doing shit, Trevor was just "Typical GTA chaotic player" incarnate, and for those of us who don't play that way he was fucking trash to utilize. I doubt he was all that compelling for people who play exactly like his personality dictates. I'm hoping Red Dead has some faster loading multiplayer, and god I hope Rockstar never goes back to three protagonists.

Drew : Say what you want about matchmaking, but the soundtrack IV was incredible. Facts.