Picking on Rockstar Games

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Beef Stew : Glad you're picking on actually bad games, not masterpieces like Bookworm Adventures Deluxe.

Billy Humphrey : Dunkey I know when you’re 20 people in their 40’s are ancient Methuselahs to you, but we know what a hipster is.

Veritas Calivmeir : Grand Theft Auto? More like Time Theft Lobby

Uma Kompton's Fan Club : >be me >15 min loading screen to go online >wait 30 mins to do a heist >all players load >heist starts >15 mins into heist >player dies >player leaves >disconnected >restart >turn off gta v >go to YouTube >write this comment

Mimiyo : WaNNa HaVe FrEe ShArk CarDs?

GameTitan74 : This franchise makes you feel like Batman.

TheBanana Man : I don't agree on the car dialogue, gives some of the most comedic moments in the rockstar games

Earth Is A Donut : *Niko! Let's go bowling*

Asma Asmaton : "Ay, you there?" "No."

Milky_Shakez : Red Dead Redemption is probably the best Rockstar game I've ever played.

Demilightning : I like the car talk...

Nafi N : You forgot the players in FLYING CARS that shoot HOMING MISSILES that kill everyone. Oh and don’t forget that if you blow up their flying missile machine you have to pay them your money.

Marcel Margielewski : Blizzard - "Diablo Immortal" "Always quality games" Yikes

A Dragon Milkshake : You should've just done a whole video on GTA Online, since that game has fallen so far from grace. Never have I ever seen a game that's so severely pay 2 win.

Phoenix : Another thing that you forgot to mention is that Rockstar are not fully aware of themselves. They are always comfortable making satires and poking fun of other GTA clones, but when other games or shows, parody their games they start throwing lawsuit tantrums. while the quality of the spoken games may be varied, they still look like complete hypocrites .

Abbreviated Reviews : So can we get the end of the Uncle Gungalar story? Or is that the new Sea of Thieves DLC?

Wonder Lamb : *Rockstar releases RDR2*

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : Vice City is best girl.

Joax Arkus : All the gta games besides v has had dozens of songs removed because of how cheap rockstar is to paying loyalties.

John Escorpion : The song is: GTA V - No Happy Endings (ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)

Dug : I was expecting some mention of shark cards

definitelyji : you forgot the lack of content on single player mode.

oldcracker : dont forget rockstar's abismal anti cheat in GTA Online and the amount of griefers is insane and everything is p2w

Hendrik Haaviste : While RDR2 is coming out, i came here to see what Dunkey thinks about Rockstar or maybe give his opinion on the new game. But i have to disagree with Dunkey and a lot of commenters, although i have to agree with the replayability. Firstly i think the car dialog is a great thing. He points out that it is unnecessary or that gangster don't talk like that, but this is Rockstar, they are famous for making weird and funny dialogs, also it is a way to help develop characters. Secondly the open world issue, when you are making a world as big as it is the GTA world, you really can't expect them to make every location entertaining. They made the world so it would seem realistic and they have missions, so you would travel to almost everywhere in the map. And for the last issue, Dunkey compares GTA V online with other games that were made for online matchmaking. People didn't expect when they were announcing GTA V that it would have a online feature. Online is something they made so when you finished the story you would have a chance to play the same game with others. I have to agree that it loads into game pretty slow but you don't have to through singleplayer and i haven't had any problems with connecting with other players. As to the commenters who said add shark card issue to the list. I know that it is a bad thing, but it is exactly the same method other online games use. When playing online games like Siege, League of Legends, CoD etc, they all require you to either grind or buy their ingame currency to get the things easier. Me nor my friends have never bought shark cards or other microtransactions. All we did was have fun with the heists, missions, races and we have a lot of cars, houses, bunker etc. I just hope this will not be a big issue in the new Red Dead Redemption 2.

Cooper : GTA V feels like a chore to me. :c Don't get me wrong, it's still a good game but I feel like missions and gameplay itself were much better in IV or previous 3D era titles.

SneeZy : Tbh they should make Knack battle Royale.

andrew Desi : Blizzard is on the list???? LMFAO

Soundwave : GTA V may have had thr bigger map, But gta sa had the better map. I actually wanted to explore because its like they realized that states wont have just 1 city in them.

SpaceMissile : 0:57 - The point of the boring towing mission is to contrast the mundane 'straight' life to the glamorous life of crime. Towing a car is boring, yeah. Now let's go do some fun missions with lamar right after this one.

Yabatron And Factness INC. : Does anyone else want to hear the rest of the story about Dunkey and Goongalar?

Mr Munk00 : I watched this while waiting for a gta race to start... IM STILL WAITING

MartMart : I thin the "boring" scenes are good. Kind of makes it more realistic and gives perspective on the fun scenes. Hard to explain but i hope some ppl understand

itsSaucyJohn : dunkey nails it here, i love rockstar games, but my only complaints are 1. the matchmaking is just terrible, can never get a game started fast and almost never had a 6+ player game because people are too impatient to wait in the lobby. 2. Whatever car you drive, you all of a sudden see everyone around you in that area driving the same car, really takes out the realism in the "randomness" of reality 3. Maybe more utilization of the unique places all over los santos to feel less dead. These are small issues though, still a great game

Mazri Mazri : open world games should let you go inside every building

JustAYouTuber : You forgot how some games just don't work well at all anymore like GTA 4/LC. Those games are so buggy even if you have a good computer.

ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴀʀʏꜰᴀɴʙoʏ : they should make it like the Knack 2 multiplayer, 1 millisecond after you look at the online option you've already beat all your friends at fortnite

Sam Whalen : Dunkey could be a Lovecraftian writer

DovahKitty : It’s not often, but I gotta say I disagree with Dunkey on the car dialogue and the replayability. I really loved the dialogue, often driving to get all of it. It was interesting. The replayability aspect I’m talking about it is single player. I really liked playing the single player aspect, maybe not so much of GTA 4, but GTA 5 was great! Aside from those two points, I do agree on everything else. I really liked GTA online WITH friends! It was really fun aside from the long loading times. After a while my friends were playing other games so I tried multiplayer with just myself and matchmaking with others... yeah that was a garbage experience.

FBI : i really loved Vice City and San Andreas, playing Vice City was like living the Scarface movie and San Andreas' world and mission was so diverse, every thing felt so unique, almost all missions where fun. CJ was a criminal but he wasn't a total scumbag, playing GTA 5 made me feel like a petty scumbag, i have not finished GTA 5 but with the missions i've played, it just feels too evil for me, CJ was a criminal sure but he had principles, i never got to know much of Franklin, Trevor and that other guy but they're unlikable for my taste, the comb-over guy feels like Tommy Vercetti with his psycho meter turned up to 9000 but i like Tommy, not this guy though, the suit wearing guy with a dysfunctional family feels like a shifty slimeball and the black guy is just a petty criminal. i don't like any of those characters i'm suppose to play as which even lessens my interest in the game.

Kimchi Samurai : The hate for League of Legends is strong on this one

Veridian : Rockstar could take to the next level by making *GTA: Knackopolis Kazooie*

Desiree Kabwe : The Witcher 3 is the best Rockstar game ever made! Thank you Rockstar!

I Am A Human : 0:15 why is Blizzard on this list?

ScienceNerd : I recently bought LA Noire and it’s so funny how accurate this is. I can’t say much about the GTA series or Red Dead because I’m one of the 7 petiole who haven’t played them, but LA Noire feels about as explorable as a 6 year old’s art project. If you’re not off doing some homicide case, you can go and either stare at this cool building for 5 seconds and have it show up on the map or go hunt down the 4 “hidden” cars. There’s nothing else to really do on the map, unless you like following the flow of traffic for 30 minutes until you get bored and shut off the game to go drive a real car. And car talk? Yeah you get some of it and it’s occasionally good to hear or gives some plot but otherwise it could be left in the cutscenes... the cutscenes that are unskippable no matter what. Your mother could go into labor midway through a cutscene and you don’t get to skip it and rush to the hospital, nah, you get to sit through that shit, and see some guy go into a jewelry store. All in all it’s a good game, but it’s sometimes full of “why are you even fucking here” type shit

Need of the Overhaul : 2:35 *Red dead redemption 2:* Hold my beer

WillyMacShow : Exactly. Open worlds seem more like backdrops rather than interactive playgrounds. Like come on boys, let me build a sandcastle in this sandbox! Instead it's just and empty box. The box looks nice, but it's still just an empty box.

Ricardo Marin : When you see a Blizzard logo on the list of companies that does publish good game, it´s funny how fast things changes XD

trcsonic : At least GTA V works offline

Bo Warner : Why wasn't ATLUS in the group of companies that release a quality title every time

Sebastien Wiard : I don t get why people like Max Payne 3, I think the game was pretty weak for a AAA, with rigid controls, Max moves like a 4tons truck, gameplay was repetitive and story wasn t that good, it felt more like a movie where you play the action scenes but the game doesn t need the player for the narration.