Most Thrilling Sand Marble Race Ever! Tournament 2017: FINAL RACE!

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Azerrz : I feel like Dragon's Egg would be a douche

ThirdAgeFilm : Disappointing season from El Pollo Loco, need to come back stronger.

ChickenDelight123 : Why are these so addicting?

Taylor Lovell : Red #3 is the people's champion

MBP : FORZA POLLO LOCO! Next year is ours!

Van The Man! : My boy red#3 so close

206ish : Red Number 3 proving that the old-timers can still hang, this guy has been there since the early days.

yad00d : I rooted for red number 3 this whole damn time just to see it lose by a POINT????? BRUH

reallygoodname : YES YES YES YEEEEEEEEES! I HAVE SUPPORTED DRAGON'S EGG EVER SINCE THE VERY FIRST MARBLE RACE 2016! And it was such a close photo finish to end it. OMG, so satisfying. CONGRATULATIONS! Quick shotouts to every single other marble, from Red number #3 to Ghost Plasma, to those that didn't even qualified. And big shotouts to the organizers Jelle, his team, the commentator and all the marble fans out there. GREAT FINALE AND CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT TOURNAMENTS!

Matas : Thanks Red number 3 for amazing performance. You will not be forgotten

Acariciando gatos : red number 3 won first... in my heart

Michael Rich : More like Red Number 2 amirite.

Brutus Maximus : Just about to go to bed when I got the notification. Had to watch this of course and what a finale! Excited for the winter Olympics!

Doug Jones : I've been cheering for Red Number 3 since Day 1! Let's go Red Number 3!! #KeepRolling

Joaquin Maggi-Gonzalez : SPOILER Red 3 the real champ idc what the numbers say

LThunders : I have discovered such races a few days ago, and now I'm addicted to them so hard. I even disabled adblock and am clicking on the ads so the channel owner(s) can earn some money with this.

colin loat : YEAH DRAGON'S EGG!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A RACE, I was on my feet, yelling at the screen. Amazing race, amazing season. Great courses this year Jelle, can't wait for the Winter Marbleympics. Woohoo.

Mr.E : Runner up is better than nothing I guess. Maybe next year RN3

The Average Canadian : How long does it take to make 1 sand race?

Mr.E : Keep up the great vids. High quality content. Go Red number 3


Gravity Pancake : I'm so glad h2blue got first he did great

Russ Wren : Have you ever considered a "GP2" event along side the championship? Possibly using marbles sent in by the viewers...the top 5 could move up the following season with the bottom 5 in the rally standings regelated down 😁😁

scarletrobin : Holy shit, Dragon's Egg did it!!! I gave up hope during that second half slump until the double points for the last race was announced. Incredible win, took it by just one point thanks to that rock! CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING?!

Floper Doodle : I was with dragon egg from the start br0 #dragonegg

Ultra9 - Green Gaming : Really? an obstacle cost Slimer the champ? WAT!?!?!?

Smurf Saurus : I love how I can get excited about marbles rolling down a hill. GG Dragons Egg!

Dorian Resener : Quicksilver wins the championship if it wasn't for double points -- just sayin. It would have ended up Quicksilver / Red Number 3 / Dragon Egg.

EmiPivarchuk10 : Only 1 point! Red Number 3 was so close! I didn't pay attention to the front of the race. I only watch him during all the course since the moment Quicksliver got stuck! Congratulations anyway! He will come stronger than now to win next year!

Arq. Alejandro Martelo : sign with POLLO LOCO for the next season.


Gonçalo Sousa : Why Quiksilver

LeBananaZ - The Manatee Army : A brilliant performance from Dragon's Egg and a bit of bad luck from Slimer and Quicksilver enabled Dragon's Egg to win the 2017 Sand Marble Rally, here is my report on everything that went down... The competitors lined up knowing that 7 of them could win the tournament and 11 could finish in the top 3 due to double points being enabled. The leading two marbles overall before the race (Red Number 3 and Quicksilver) lined up in the back row with Slimer and Dragon's Egg in the front. Comet took an early lead but was tracked down by a group containing Dragon's Egg, Glassy, Slimer, Lollipop and H2 Blue but all the talk was about the action at the back of the race with news coming through that Summer Sky and tournament leader Quicksilver were caught on an obstacle and were unlucky enough to have the Ghost Marble roll past without prying them free... The front group exchanged turns leading the race until championship contenders Dragon's Egg and Slimer and debutant Lollipop broke away. Meanwhile, Red Number 3 came into the top 7 making it *that* much harder for anybody else to win the tournament. H2 Blue managed to muster enough speed to get into the front group and even was able to overtake Dragon's Egg. Despite his best efforts, he wasn't able to get into first position and Slimer held his lead into the final straight, all he needed to do was navigate himself past the final few obstacles and he would be victorious in not only the race but the whole 2017 Sand Marble Rally! Easy right? *Wrong!* With the finish line in sight, Slimer weaved past the leaves laid down to provide a challenge in the home straight but fell off balance and calamitously crashed into a heavy golf ball of some kind, giving Dragon's Egg and H2 Blue the lead. A brief loss of momentum from Dragon's Egg allowed H2 Blue to shoot by and win his first race of the season and propel himself 10 places up the overall leaderboard but the damage was already done. Knowing he needed fourth place to win the rally, Red Number 3 desperately tried to overtake Lollipop but failed, leading him to lose the rally by only one point. *DRAGON'S EGG WINS THE 2017 SAND MARBLE RALLY*

Kyle Gannon : 5th place! We got them in the rest one #TeamElCapitan

red pig : Good job dragons egg

Dylan Shipp : Yeeesss dragons egg wins

Jatinder Singh : Aww so close Red number 3! 2nd place is still good!

Darieee : Man these are awesome, some gimbal would do wonders on the shots though

Thereal Jmc : Dragons egg!!!!!!!

Da Gamingchicken : Congrats Dragon egg followers. GG. Next up the 2018 WINTER OLYMPICS. Can't wait❄️⛄️.also what are the events going to bebe

Mac Loves Wolves : LETS GO H2BLUE!!!!!!!!!!

JMO Goalkeeping : El CAPITAN another great season 5th is decent

ωιиgѕ σf ѕρσσк : Another great year of Marble Racing has passed us by.. Congratulations Dragon’s Egg!

Jaci Cloete : Found this channel by accident tonight and ended watching the whole tourniment... El Capitan was my guy from race 2 onwards. Im hooked 😍

Jop van der Steen : So close red #3

THE LUCKY TITAN : #3 for life!!!

Emma Kinzian : So close!!! I think I held my breath through the entire 2nd half!

Carlos Puello : COMET NOOOOO

Patman 915 : Spoiler With dragons egg from the beginning!

Bxggs : RIP... I wanted Red to win 😭