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idk : yes but did the flag in the room have gold fringe?

Brett McDonald : Why does hearing a robot imitate placation and reason annoy me so much?

Ahappytruth : But there is no way this is real, it has to be scripted by Alexa Echo and not a real conversation

petev23 : I want to fuck Alexa so bad. Alexa, let's get some yay, hit up a strip club then go back to my place and bang

Ahappytruth : This is fucking hilarious


teqlab : This sounds like it's running the engine of the two japanese machine learning/AI robots that I saw at SXSW 2017.

glitterspectacle : Just realized Alexa sounds like Android from Dark Matter

chayenhy Dantas : Legal

imaginationscene : uh huh

The Tomahawk : This is epic!

subhanero92 : Passive agressive Alexa

aspanger : if only Alexa could have a vag i would switch her with my gf

Darien Caldwell : Neat you found someone who sounds a bit like the actual voice.

ScytheNoire : Not real, Alexa would've beaten the other Alexa. Actually, since she's black, it would've murdered her.

CheeseBon : what am i watching?