What is a Muscle Knot?

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eTheReal Deal : So helpful! You explained that very well. Best explanation I've heard! Thanks

Lauren M. : So far best explanation on this YouTube.. good info for the layman.

Perfumaphilia : I'm currently in massage school and your videos have been so informative. You address so many different questions, some of which I didn't even think of, in such a clear, concise, scientifically accurate way.

Denise Proudfoot : Love you so much you so informative.I learned a lot going through your vidioes.Keep up the good work and I pray God will continue to bless you because you have been a blessing to me and I sure also to others.

Bartholomew06 : Helpful

Ernest : Thanks. Pretty informative stuff.

AbyssWalker : no the nr 1 best way to get rid of them is weight lifting i had problems before but zero now i have been lifting for 8 years just don't over do it

Silas ofNj : Pwetty informative video. Thanks!

Cassandra Morrison : Very helpful. Thanks

Leanina Xavier : Awesome video! Thanks. Understand it so much better now

E Realty : Drummer here. Your information has been super helpful. Thank you!

FU! PHUCKU2! : Thank You so much.....

elie Klayme : What is the second way to cure it?

Nathan Richardson : Thank you for such great videos that you make that are so instructive and the demonstrations are pretty amazing keep up the great work

amy coranez : Thanks bro

Scott McDevitt : Very good video

Maria Sanchez : Cool video