Richard Hammond struck by lightning in car - Top Gear - BBC

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TheEdTeach : that's why its called a "Voltswagen"

Ryan Suddeth : 240p... We meet again... -.-

mtkl23 : hit it with 1,21 gigawatts and see if it goes to the future?

Sarah D : Seriously, how many times are they going to try to kill Richard? Off the top of my head I can think of this, the underwater car challenge, him driving a Land Rover up the side of a dam, the conflict at an American gas station, Yungas Road, Nardò Ring, and (obviously) The Vampire. That guy has more lives than a cat! :P

DR9271 : a British man fortifies in a terribly feeble structure while Germans rain menace and death from above,...reminds me of other similar occurrences, oh well....

Lucy Hartwell : He's increasing the woltage... LOL

Hyfoxdro : Charges the battery faster than the car's alternator.

stroock6394 : he's starting to raise the woltage

zdrux : six handred sousend volt

Samuel Morgan : The stereo is on the Fritz

Died at plain sight : 5:04 were you killed to death? Me : What kind of question is that?

SmileyLegoGuy : Hammond you have some bawls

WeatherForecast : Which pixel was Hammond?


Danny Watkin : Great! now try it with the engine on...

Debbie : What time was he in when it finished? Marty McFly was zapped into the future but Hammo wasn't was he? Oh well. He is alive and well.

Lucien Milner : I wish Chris Evans is still a presenter. I really want to see Chris Evans do this, but this time he is on top of the car.

Tom Chen : The semen's high voltage lab?? Hahaha

MotoMatt : the radio's on the Fritz XD

Good BOY : Who still watching in 2018

aliultimate009 : The test was 600.000 volts ... i heard lightning is about 50.000.000 volts which is higher X8 times than the one used in the video X)

Cyrus the Acceptable : I wonder if Richard signed a waiver before doing this.

Alexander L : if you watch a real video of lightning striking a car firstly it would melt some paint it will sound like a bomb it might make your ear drums pop but your car will most likely be fine and so will you aslong as the sunroof isn't open ...probably.

RB26DETT : My car got strucked by a lightning on the highway and nothing happened

Luca Maini : God ad for vw

Maria Hammarström : Well, OF COURSE the car and the human both survive getting hit by lightning - Marty McFly proved that for us a long time ago. ;) Now, the important question is: what time did Hammond arrive in?

produKtNZ : Awful quality

lorenzo ladia : Thats the sound you would here on a back to the future movie

Postman Chat : Why would you do that to yourself! HAMMOND

Daniel Holmes : Dem crazy germans XD Its kinda creepy to hear the grinding sound hit the car from the 60 or so thousand volts!

Shak MoobLivion : BBC uses a potato to record. Nice.

PixelSnake7 : this is different power then the one in your house, know the taser? thats 600000 volt, non lethal, but an electric eel with 20000 volt is lethal, its the amps that matter

Jess's World : My house got struck by lightning and nothing happened either. But it was really loud.🐮

Kristian benz : of-course it would start Richard its a 1.9 tdi but top gear never tested one to sea how great this engine really is

roody crles : Lightning McQueen would be proud

Big$MoneyBoss : Why did he say don't touch the street wheel radio etc? If you did would have died? Becuase it's hard to not be touching anything during Lightning

Honey : anyone in 2017

Shannon Delaney : thats a gud way to re charge the new NBFL bus with out reking it

Hayden Unsell : First off I live in Oklahoma we are NOT in thunder storm ally that is in New Mexico, Oklahoma is in tornado ally

Nanderlizer Nanderlizer : if lightning can go through 200m of air it can go through a few inches of rubber, especially when the rubber has metal threads in it. silly james

renniks1967 : Now what if it was a electric car

Jesse James Allen : Such a cool experiment.

Fin Moore : 3:40 made me jump!

Rose Caroline : this was his audition tape for doctor who. 😂

Shannon Delaney : HAMMOND its Voltage not walt waltage

CyberPod Mark 2 : dont do that, maybe your car will explode!

Gbonze17 : Welp you better grab your balls that it doesn't hit the fuel tank

Sweeperboy : So you're telling me all Luke Skywalker needed to do was to go at Palpatine in a car and run him over despite the lightning? lol. Yeah, yeah, I know it's not real. Jeez.

Jay Jay P. : My physics professor showed this to the hole class it was so cool

flagmichael : My second correction: as others have mentioned, EHV discharges are very different from lightning. Lightning is capacitive discharge, with three distinct phases and often repeating. The first 50 microseconds or so are the initial pulse, averaging 28,000A with a record of a bit over 210,000 A. The second is a surge of tens of milliseconds duration, typically in the 2000A range. The third phase is a prolonged current flow of a few hundred A (400 seems to be typical) for most of a second. The first impulse is what whacks the electronics that I must then fix, while the final burn is responsible for most lightning caused fires. The test was in Germany so the substation must have operated at 50 Hz. Since the arcs started anew 100 times per second (positive and negative parts of the cycle) the pulses would be something like 5 msec in duration. The current would have to be limited by inductance but we were never cued in what the current was. 400A, like the final phase of lightning, sounds like more than I would expect.