Call of Duty: WWII But With World at War Sound Effects
Call of Duty WWII with World at War sound effects

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This is what would happen if Treyarch did the sound design for Call of Duty WW2. So one of the biggest complaints of the recent Call of Duty games has been the gun sound effects. Today, we decided to re-dub every gunshot, hitmarker and footstep in WWII with sound effects from W@W. Is it better this way? Or did Sledgehammer do a better job with their newest installment? Subscribe for more! ►► Join our Discord! ►► Follow us on Twitter! ►► ---------------------------- One in the Chamber inCOD WW2 » Hide and C4 » ---------------------------------- An Accurate Tour of Headquarters » Last Words in Call of Duty: WW2 » Last Words in Modern Warfare Remastered » Last Words in Black Ops III » Last Words in Nazi Zombies » Last Words in Destiny 2 » --------------------------- If Health Regen Were Realistic » Famous Last Words in Modern Warfare Remastered » ...To a Gun Fight (BOIII Machinima) » Awaiting Care Package » More Machinima Shorts » --------------------------- CHECK OUT THESE OTHER GREAT VIDEOS! --------------------------- Hide and C4 Custom Gamemode » Movie Magic Episode 2 » Modern Warfare Remastered: G3 Knife Glitch » One in the Chamber in Modern Warfare Remastered » Watch Dogs 2 in 5 Minutes of Less » --------------------------- FOLLOW US --------------------------- Twitter: Facebook: Soundcloud:


Real Meal Deal : Let the nostalgia flow through you

Hideika : WaW has perfect satisfying sound effects

Eross Van Leer : i really really like this video

superscuba23 : never knew how much I missed the meaty sound of the shotgun until right now

Bounty : very well done! mp40 sound is just awesome :D

kyleboiv : For once all the guns in WWII don't sound the exact same

Christopher Nolan : God treyarchs hit markers are milk to my ears. I hate sledgehammers hit marker sound.

JarekTheGamingDragon : My only complaint is that WW2 actually has REALLY GOOD reload sounds. Actual metallic grinding noises with loud clanks for the bolts. If you left those it'd be the best of both worlds.

Jouby : I'd actually want to mod WW2 to have the gun sounds, spawn music/sounds and all the player quotes from cod waw

XHellish PhantomX : Nothing sounds more better than hearing the Hit Marker Sound like money and the m8 with their Dorito bag. No scoping for days.

Super saiyan Lord : This is WAAAAAAAY better

Foxy Grandpa : I didn’t even know this existed until I put my video out yesterday. Then I saw this in my recommended. This is awesome man. Good job!

SamBoy1135 : You deserve a more than a cookie.

Real Meal Deal : *add on*This is the only good COD WW2 video I have seen, brings back so many memories. Keep up the amazing work :)

John Marston : Not all heroes wear capes...

Codisthebest : Cod ww2 gun sounds are absolutely terrible sounding, especially the 1911

Erich Dieter : (MP40 Flashbacks)

Roger Jones : The PPSH-41 was called the burp gun for a reason, cod ww2

BegoXx : This should be a mod for pc version

ed bezant : they really butchered the mg42 in cod ww2 - fire rate slower than a bolt action rifle

Andrew Gomez : The panzershrek made a dope noise at the end... I miss

NoDubstepHere : Ah, reminds me of the days when me and my brother played split screen together and we screen peaked each other like the little bitches we were.

Sco : WaW is the best cod ever. Yes, ever.

Tatsumaki V : I don’t why this is funny to me, but I missed those sounds of on World at War

TheDonkeyFLOPPER : Favorite gun sound from w@w was the fg42

no one cares about this name : When that molotov you worked so hard for doesn't reach the dude so far back in the room. It hurts.

Rapa Nuii : The MP40 sound is just 😍

enricob15 : Simply beautiful and my ears are not bleeding!

UnifiedPaladin : You don't understand how satisfying this is to me

Tumbleweed : I got no clue on why the imperials aren't in cod ww2

Gotti : 1:29 I thought I was watching cod waw

The Minecrafters : hey ww2 and wow is just a call of duty art don't complain about anything man

D.DoT-Z : *i said the real WW2 game* *Perfection*

Teletelo Electro : Waw sound effects= almost perfect Wwii sound effects= bulshit

JIB : Lol. Loved it since I loved waw. One of my top 3 cods. Also waw mp was so great

Koinaki : this game would improve if they leave the waw call duty weapons sound and leave the Nazi symbols in the online

Charles Dark : Every time I hear the sound of the MP-40, I immediately get a panic attack from how broken it was near the end of the games life.

Deven Davis : Tbh this actually sounds worse. WWII guns sound amazing. Best of all tbh idk why everyone’s complaining, call me crazy but I hate the way older games sound🤷‍♂️I’m all for innovation

K D : i want this game now. the only thing you missed was the music ohhhhhh yeh its creepy and cool and the russian anthem BEAUTIFUL

pielover 100 : The reload sounds are synced too 420/69 Would rate again

Ashra Arrafi : Graphic= cod ww2 Gun sound= cod waw That make A perfect game So i want a cod waw remastered (Sorry for bad English. I'm is Indonesian)

Steven Warren : Great video World at war was the best ever imo

italia Forza Roma : Good job, but I would prefer the Announcers to be changed and the weapons sounds of WWII to stay the same! If you wanna try and make that happen....thanks anyway dude.

Hazardous 088 : I never truly appreciated the WaW gun sound until now. Wow those were satisfying.

B- Y : During waw development, Treyarch actually went to several firing ranges to record the sounds of the gun. The Kar98k is an example

North Iredell Expedtionary Force : So Realistc gun sounds (WaW) v. Airsoft gun sounds (WW2)

Whiteytheripper : I would so gladly take the STG, PPSH and MP40 sounds.

mommy ela : New dlc content:Sound packs I think it would be pretty cool

Cyberpunk Nerd : It just made the guns sound better!