Call of Duty: WWII But With World at War Sound Effects

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Eross Van Leer : i really really like this video

Foxy Grandpa : I didn’t even know this existed until I put my video out yesterday. Then I saw this in my recommended. This is awesome man. Good job!

Meal Deal : Let the nostalgia flow through you

Codisthebest : Cod ww2 gun sounds are absolutely terrible sounding, especially the 1911

superscuba23 : never knew how much I missed the meaty sound of the shotgun until right now

Bounty : very well done! mp40 sound is just awesome :D

Christopher Nolan : God treyarchs hit markers are milk to my ears. I hate sledgehammers hit marker sound.

Jarek4GamingDragon : My only complaint is that WW2 actually has REALLY GOOD reload sounds. Actual metallic grinding noises with loud clanks for the bolts. If you left those it'd be the best of both worlds.

Hideika : WaW has perfect satisfying sound effects

Super saiyan Lord : This is WAAAAAAAY better

Altäir Ibn-La'Ahad : Not all heroes wear capes...

kyleboiv : For once all the guns in WWII don't sound the exact same

Jouby : I'd actually want to mod WW2 to have the gun sounds, spawn music/sounds and all the player quotes from cod waw

NerosCinema : This is absolutely mindblowing. It may look easy to some but I know just how time consuming it must have been to manually put each sound, each shot in the right place. Can't believe I'm just seeing this now, great job!

Roger Jones : The PPSH-41 was called the burp gun for a reason, cod ww2

TheConquistador : The MP40 sound is just 😍

Meal Deal : *add on*This is the only good COD WW2 video I have seen, brings back so many memories. Keep up the amazing work :)

ed bezant : they really butchered the mg42 in cod ww2 - fire rate slower than a bolt action rifle

_ Tatsunaki_ : I don’t why this is funny to me, but I missed those sounds of on World at War

TheDonkeyFLOPPER : Favorite gun sound from w@w was the fg42

Erich Dieter : (MP40 Flashbacks)

IWHarris : Sounds so much better

Deadass my guy : I swear people complain about the wrong things.. Like nobody gave two shits that BO3 had an awful supply drop system, terrible gun sounds, cartoony graphics, and bad maps.

The Atomic Cherry : World at War was the best.

KeradSnake : all of these sound effect from CoD WaW are very different and more satisfying compared to CoD WW2 except, IMO, the M1911. For me, the sound of M1911 never changes, not just in CoD, but almost every games that does have a M1911 on it (or, it just, my ears? Correct me if i wrong)

Gotti : 1:29 I thought I was watching cod waw

Paladin : You don't understand how satisfying this is to me

enricob15 : Simply beautiful and my ears are not bleeding!

Noah The Texan : Funny thing is im playing cod 2 big red one right now

Ray gun Gaming :’s.......BEAUTIFUL!

Suutari4 : It would sound worst. And where is all the screaming when players get burned? But the sound on MP-40 is awesome

semaroxx : Why does everyone think WaW had good sound effects?! The guns don't even closely sound realistic lol

Евгений Макаров : Well, WaW actually had pretty bad sounds too. But still better, thatn CoD WW2. Actually, I think, CoD2 sounds better

I wanna go home : To bad that they thought a kar98k had 7 rounds and a detachable magazine. They Realy did their research.

Buttato Productions : YESSSSS! I love that old MP40 sound so damn much. Same with the Trench Gun

Goobra : I got no clue on why the imperials aren't in cod ww2

Contingent NA : The MP40 though 💥💥

ggabriel 537 : much better

onE mEmbEr Studio : So much better

IIIOII [3O2] : This is nothing but pure gold and nostalgia.

Tyomi : The panzershrek made a dope noise at the end... I miss

Sco : WaW is the best cod ever. Yes, ever.

Koinaki : this game would improve if they leave the waw call duty weapons sound and leave the Nazi symbols in the online

KnightWatcher11 : It just sounds like a better game imo

Jib U : Lol. Loved it since I loved waw. One of my top 3 cods. Also waw mp was so great

Jakob Furbee : World War II sounds better with the World at War sounds

김기웅 : Wow that's better

knif 07 : Waaaaay Better

Funny Anonymous : Waw has more realistic sound and ww2 has more smooth sound

WatarouDesiderus : cs go and cod has fallen greatly in terms of sound design, smh.