Line Riders - Beethoven's 5th
Beethovens 5th in Line Rider

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I spent over 3 months synchronizing a line rider track to Beethoven's 5th drawing everything by hand. Any time a character leaves the screen they are being directed by unseen lines to the next location. This is not the full length of the piece. I spliced together parts to make it possible for me to finish the project in a practical amount of time. I don't think my sanity could handle 3 more months of this song. YouTube post processing seems to create a few millisecond audio delay if you are watching on the mobile YouTube app. If you notice this, watching the video in any web browser won't have this problem. Thanks again to Conundrumer for technical support for supporting multiple riders. Here is his channel and link to closed beta: Symphony No. 5 Ludwig van Beethoven, Business Contact:


Michael Sorensen : Wife: "what are you doing?" Me: "watching Beethoven's 5th" Wife: "" Me: "yup!"

lostinthelookingglas : This is brilliant not only because of the synching with the music, but also because of the sheer physical comedy of all those flailing bodies coming from nowhere

M M : I was so happy when his friend came back, but then i realized it was another friend and then he dies too.... what a world we live in.

Elliott Pique : 0:42 : oh look there is green dude 1:38 : OH NO HE FELL OFF 2:09 : hey look blue guy blackflips into action 2:36 : OH SNAP GREEN DUDE IS STILL ALIVE oh wait he died again 2:43 : WAIT HE'S STILL GOING oh wait he died for the third time 2:58 : AND NOW BLUE GUY DIES ;O; 3:22 : ok someone explain to me how the hell did green and blue survive 3:39 : and now they're gone again 4:06 : hey look at that, they're all re-united ! 4:14 : thank god happy ending 4:16 : NOOOOOO GREEN NOT AGAIN

70Skys : What instrument do you play? DoodleChaos: "Well that's a bit complicated"

River Dantes : 4:10 Wow! It really isn't particularly easy being green. Kermit was right.

Legominder : This is the best visualisation of music I have seen:) Even for me as musician being a visual type it makes it so much more easy to attentively follow! I had to laugh so hard. So cutely ardent. This would be the ultimate model for silent movie piano and modern movie music.

Piyush Baroliya : Beethoven would be very happy as he could see his music

Ya boi God : Oh man my heart broke when that little dudes friend died and he slid backwards in shock

Jragon Jewel : 0:01 Me (at the beginning of school) 4:10 Me and my friends (at the end of school)

Peter Jensen : Getting millions of people to listen to classical music... that alone makes you a genius

yeet yote : *no line riders were harmed in the making of this video*

E OC : This is where 1am YouTube surfing got me... And I do not regret it

OriGuy : 1:40 was the greatest plot twist ever

Ana Paula : Absolutely mesmerizing I have found a new addiction

WyldFyreFury : Jeez, THATS mezzopiano? I've been living a lie.

Tokkemon : I've never felt so much emotion for a little guy on a sled!

death94 : My favorite part of this composition is the flying carcasses. :D

Mia Thompson : 2:37 i relate to that green one on a spiritual level

TheF1specialist : That's timeless quality content right here

online friend1755 : After learning dynamics with saxophone I find it great to examine whenever he puts mp, f or even ff on the screen

Aaron Zamora : Just when you thought the other riders are gone, they come back! I was awed. truly awesome synchronization.

Julien Woimbee : Beethoven was so talented to be able to compose a music based on 2 riders riding a line.

Kimbo Slice : 2:58 lmao RIP green dude Edit: apparently he was blueƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Charles Randal : 1:37 it was at this moment, the line rider mourned the loss of his mate, and contemplated life for the following 12 seconds.

John Michael Manalang : Mad respect for Doodle making this it looks so complicated but he did it. Love the Vids

John Egbert : You my friend are amazing at telling stories out of music I also love how you end each video with a treble (or base) staff

aSongScout : I've loved your other ones but this is on another level with the amount of off-camera timing and synchronization needed to keep six moving parts bouncing around and coming in and out of frame at the exact right time. It's like a virtual engineering masterpiece. I'm truly wowed.

William Delamare : Just relauching the game after years. Man, you are a genius !

HyperLeaf72 : this man can tell a STORY with line rider #sledgang

Mr. Sheetz : This truly shows dedication I love Beethoven but this made it 💯 times better thank u and the timing is on point

Sam Brown : This was the most fun I've ever had listening to classical music. Like seriously, this may be the best thing on the internet. I'm in love.

DaksDominos : This was definitely your best work yet! It was amazing how the riders kept coming back! Encore! Encore!

Federica Cate. : Hi! Excuse me, can I put this on my graduation thesis? Obvoiusly, with all references, my work it's about opera and contemporary art. I want to take a little piece of the video and play it in front of the degree panel. Thank you.

prod. otaru : I love how the second dude backflips in like "suh dude" Edit: 😢 EditEdit: 😰

Blue_Squirrel : Black widow in endgame be like 1:39

Blue Balloon : I love how while syncing to the music you could show a story between the characters You just got sub from me! Edit: I just realised that the characters are people, I thought they were penguins

Rabid Squirrel / Ben Harvey : Dude this is your best work yet! The offsled Boshes flying by were hilarious!! Loved it!!!!!

Pato : This goes beyond music or art, it´s pure life (and death) :P

Carter Grasmick : this was one of the best vids i have seen on this platform.... well done

Mia Pisacane : Any and all music lovers HAVE to watch this video

Techy : You should make more of these i love music and this is the best btw you should do hungarian dance

Casandra Bitter : I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard this, but your doodles are helping the deaf community understand the music better! They can SEE it all happening!

BANANABEAST BOY : Tbh it sounds like the song was built around the video

Venkinta : ~exam tomorrow~ Me: spends all afternoon wathcing these videos

JaxmanDaBoss : I absolutely love this video so much, I have so much respect for this. ITS SO AMAZING I LOVE THIS SONG I LOVE YOU

Aline Marteville : C'est génial ! {un peu de tristesse pour les "accident(é)s" de la route, cependant} Mais bravo, excellent !

Alisha Butterfly : Me: *enjoying video * Random flashback to childhood: *"We're going on a trip IN OUR FAVOURITE ROCKETSHIP"*

DeLollers Preysler : This could be a nice mobile game. Just saying. Think about it.