Line Riders - Beethoven's 5th

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aSongScout : I've loved your other ones but this is on another level with the amount of off-camera timing and synchronization needed to keep six moving parts bouncing around and coming in and out of frame at the exact right time. It's like a virtual engineering masterpiece. I'm truly wowed.

Casandra Bitter : I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard this, but your doodles are helping the deaf community understand the music better! They can SEE it all happening!

Maia MacMahon : As a violinist I can verify that this is what goes on in our heads as we play music

Julien Woimbee : Beethoven was so talented to be able to compose a music based on 2 riders riding a line.

Abby Offenhauser : Line Rider: the amusement park. Which rollercoaster should we visit first? Oh, I don’t know, but Beethoven’s 5th looks super fast paced and fun.

Ya boi God : Oh man my heart broke when that little dudes friend died and he slid backwards in shock

OriGuy : 1:40 was the greatest plot twist ever

Ludwig Van Beethoven : You should do some more classical symphonies

MrEpic01 : Holy YouTube actually recommended something really good for once!

Babyboodle : This video is a metaphor for a woman who finds her true love after the stresses of her life build up, and she is finally able to relax. Sooner than expected, she is widowed, and after the death of her spouse she falls into a downward spiral. Then, she meets another love that eases the pain of her loss. In time the memories of her past spouse flash before her, and crisis strikes as her current spouse also dies. She continues thinking of them both until her own death. Truly an emotional ride.

DaksDominos : This was definitely your best work yet! It was amazing how the riders kept coming back! Encore! Encore!

Peter Virden : It’s like a minimalist’s Fantasia! Perfectly choreographed and incredibly entertaining

that bitch : We start with our little red guy. He decides to try and attempt Mount Everest with his hiking crew. He gets high up and loses his crew, so he goes with another one. He wants to give up, but then he meets Veronica: the prettiest girl he's ever seen. They fall in love, and do everything together.They wonder around, frolicking in the fields. One day while they were going through a terrible blizzard, disaster strikes. Veronica slips, and the little red guy tries to help her. His grip weakens, and he lets go. He steps backward in shock, so he starts climbing down to get to her. He meets her sister and she starts to like him. He doesn't return the feelings, so they remain friends. They both set out to find Veronica. They see her and her sister has a chance to grab her. Out of jealousy, she doesn't grab hold of her sister. He gets mad at her and avoids her. She slips and falls, and the little red guy regrets getting angery. He falls and sees his friend and love tumbling. They all fall onto a flat part of the mountain. They both slip and the little red guy tries to get to them. They split paths, but find eachother once again. While all of this happened, Veronica had become deathly ill. In the end, she passes, and the little red guy never sees her again.

Marcel Torretta : Ok.. That raises the bar for people to impress me...

Mike Konyar : I know this music by heart, and what you did was nothing more than IMPRESSIVE! When I’m on YouTube, I see videos that I consider to be Funny, Cool, or just Ok. But this... this is just AWESOMETACULAR!!! I can’t wait to see what else you can do with this! Keep up the good work!

Taikamuna : 1:38 top 10 anime deaths

River Dantes : 4:10 Wow! It really isn't particularly easy being green. Kermit was right.

Billie Eyelish : Damn, thank you creating a masterpiece from a masterpiece <3

Kimbo Slice : 2:58 lmao RIP green dude Edit: apparently he was blueƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Aaron Zamora : Just when you thought the other riders are gone, they come back! I was awed. truly awesome synchronization.

Rabid Squirrel / Ben Harvey : Dude this is your best work yet! The offsled Boshes flying by were hilarious!! Loved it!!!!!

bad muchacho b : the dead bodies sync oml

Douglas Pantz : You should check out the line rider for the song Seele. I think it’s one of the best line riders that will exist. The custom backgrounds are INSANE.

Shadowfury : Might as well stop watching youtube forever. Nothing I watch afterwards will ever top this.

SUPERWALUGI 64 : How about: Line riders - Hungarian dance?

Varun Gupta : This is your BEST one EVER!!! OMG I JUST DIED. Hats off to you man.

Weirdo : this was on my recommended when I was in writing class, I may or may not have watched this instead of writing

Lakaboss Hollywood : Beautiful this explains life

hannah : yo.. this is like next level art

adam debussy : please make this w nights by frankie ocean

Ya boi God : I almost cried at the death scene, this lil dude lost everything...

Mango Trailers : Omg, this is not any game, its a story. A person, with a lonely life, who is angry at the troubles of life, finds a friend. That friend is the whole world to them, they laugh and make the best memories together. But one day, that friend gets cancer, he watches the onlt thing that made him happy die slowly, no matter who hard they fought. His friend dies. The original person spirals into a deep depression and grief and doesn't allow anyone into his life. This is the lowest point in his life, that is, until someone tries to pull them out of it. He hates this new person, the thought of his old friend pushes him apart from a potential new friend. Although reluctant at first, they become good friends, and he is happy once more, though the sadness of his old friend is still in the back of his mind. But he makes a mistake, they get in a fight and he himself loses that friend. This time, he is angry at the world, and angry at himself, and memories of his first friend bring him down further. Until he realizes his mistake, and he fights desperately to heal his friendship with his living friend. Nothing is working, it seems he has pushed everyone out of his life, that his is unlovable and his has no place on Earth. Again, he goes back to his formal friend, but his grief isn't over yet, and only when he accepts death as a part of life, does he and his new friend make up. *_THE END_* Its alright if you shed a tear, I did as well D,X

Brodu Sullivan : the fact that you made everyone keep coming back and in sync and had so much stuff to fix and rework and look at and examine and edit and listen to over and over again. this guy is an absolute Legend among line riders and youtube.

pastelcity :P : I felt like this was a movie. I cried halfway through it XD

Nekashi Paige : When your mom says let go to summer camp 0:30

LEGOSAURUS : Not green guy again!! R.I.P. Also the jumps over the sleds at 3:41 are awesome :D

Kew : Is this not a game? This needs to be a game.

Rachel Stephenson : The emotions this conveys... it's amazing!

katie w : imagine how terrifying it would be to be the lil sled dude

김건우 : Survivor : Red's sled, Green's sled, Blue's sled.

acapellascience : That was fracking beautiful. You should have a Patreon.

Baby Babushka : What you do is amazing, I’ve never seen anything like this before and I’m shocked 😱😱💜💜

LOL channel Videos : Did you made this AMAZING work😰? Wow you are so creativ👍. Respect😁

Chaitanya Singh : This is one of the best videos on the internet.

Pippi Arthur : I didn't know you could use dead sledders to make such beautiful music. : *Wonderful obsession.* Beethoven would be proud ;-)

Caroline Thompson : Orchestra instructor: Listen to this piece so you can understand the dynamic variation Me:

Mom with Grand Piano : Wow! Thanks for working on this for over 3 months!

ydinpuu : 3:00 you got me

Cearsun - Mostly gameplay : Rip green guy Died fice 1 = one 2 = twice 3 = thrice 4 = fource 5 = fice