“BREAKFAST” Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On Ep.9

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Luc Gendrot : Are you guys no longer gooey in the middle, baby? Must be done baking.

Saniya Shoeb : NO WAY! Where did the "I'm gooey in the middle baby let me bake" go I loved it :(

ggukscloud : mike yelling “obey me” at ice cubes is possibly the best thing to happen this year

That One Fruit Bat : Ben deserves a brownie point for pulling that together.

DomEReapeR : I'm still unsatisfied by the discussions after the dish has been revealed, I want to see everyone explain their ideas and everyones reactions to it.

Evergreen Tree : Petition to bring back old intro: sign with a like

EB McCready : 1. Mike because he went full marketer and just kept talking about the book 😂

Jemima1377 : Ben is ALWAYS the best in these - he thinks fast and simple (it's 15 minutes per person - no time to get too fancy), he talks us through it (he is a born presenter), he is comparably efficient and gets a lot done (no wasting time), he tries to understand the others and is best at it. (and he knows what he's doing too...) Mike is humble and straight-forward, which I appreciate, Barry is just full of himself most of the time (the way he rates himself...), James is too up in the clouds and unrealistic and Jamie is at least predictable and getting something done (most of the time).

Dasha Gubina : Where is «gooey in the middle?” I always sang it! Perfect beginning!

Jessica Parant : RIP “gooey in the middle baby let me bake” Gone but never forgotten

Lisa D : "I'm gooey in the middle, baby let me bake" It was so weird not hearing that...

grouch314 : Chaos order: start with Jamie, then Barry. Tell the boys it's going to then be James, Mike and Ben but instead cut out the chefs and replace them with Jamie and Barry so it ends up Jamie, Barry, Mike, Barry, Jamie

MissRora : Highlight of the video: Mike vs ice tray.

Lisette K93 : You should do a Pass it on where everything you pick from the table HAS TO be on the final plate

Ashleigh Turner : I love where this channel has gone but BRING BACK FRIDAY NIGHT IN, it used to be the best. Espresso martini 👌🏻😍

Fanny Götesson : 1. Ben - because he managed to pull it together 2.Mike because he went straight into marketing the book

narshredderOT : I wanna see that french dip breakfast sandwich James!

Jerry Wieder : I really want to see a chef to chef to chef relay. Where Jamie and Ben hand off every 20 minutes but can't communicate

Shinoop : I LOVE Recipe Relay Challenge by far my favorite series on the channel. Where is the "I'm gooey in the middle, baby let me bake" ? D:

iyaboygenius : Mike: come on!!! OBEY ME!!! Also Mike: gives up and holds the ice tray over the sugar syrup steam 😆😆😆😂😂😂

Laura Norda : I personally feel that, based on fullness of beard, James should have gone first, not Jamie. Just sayin'.

Catherine Zhang : 1. ben - worked his behind off making all the decisions everyone else avoided 2. mike - went for something definitive that made it at the end 3. james - a good idea lost in communication is hardly an idea at all 4. barry - component 5. jamie - man really needs to grow out of his comfort zone

DonpatchXD : Pass it on: BBQ and Jamie has to be last lol

LynxChan : 1. Ben - He saved the day 2. Mike - He contributed something in the form of booze 3. James - Apparently that sauce was really good? 4. Jaime - He started something, at least 5. Barry - He made garnish?

Stu Dunn : Ben was spot on "with what I presume is Barry's contribution"

Lothar TheDestroyer : What I can't wait for is the drink episode. Jamie's full english drink.

Hampus Larsson : 1. Ben (he saved the whole breakfast) 2. James (he saved the breakfast after Jamies classical start) 3. Jamie (he had the idea from the start) 4. Mike (cuz he did something out of context) 5. Barry (sorry, but only a guacamole?)

Tragic[Heretic] : Ranking should be, Ben, James, Mike, Barry, and then Jamie coming in at the lowest.

Priyankita Pant : My scores Ben : 8.5 Jaime : 6 Mike : 5 (I wanted to give him 6 but he waisted so much time and accomplished very little but he contributed the cocktail ) Barry & James : 3

Brian Wong : Your next position order should be based on the scores you gave yourself in this round. Lowest to Highest :P

Sammy H : 1. Ben 7,5/10 2. Mike 6/10 3. James 6/10 4. Jamie 4/10 5. Barry 3/10

Laura Wilson : James looks like his beard is fuller and so should have gone first. Ben should score higher than Jamie...he really pulled it all together.

MrSmiley : Loving the intro. Feels much more, Sorted

James Spence : Order from biggest to smallest ego. That’ll be fun

Exayevie : One of my fave parts - Mike spending half his time looking for the cocktail set and then Ben conjuring it out of nowhere sans commentary.

Kyle Martinek : "We passed but we shouldn't be proud of it." - thinking of my GPA at my college graduation

tjhappy : That was a massive save on Ben's behalf - well done. Totally miss the intro song tho'.

Amanda Frith : Love these videos! Would love to see a video of you all watching the footage back and seeing your reactions!

BunNGunLee : Hmm, "maybe make it a one-pot thing" That sounds oddly familiar, and if I recall Jamie got grief for serving it up that way not too long ago (during the Budget challenged), despite being left with no options but to one-pot the dish. Honest, I feel Jamie gets a bad wrap in these, because while he does favor certain flavors heavily, the lads tend to give him less credit than he's worth. The guy does have creative ideas, but I also note that Pass It On is not a very good place to be extremely outside the box. Going with simple twists is a lot better than being exceptionally creative and leaving everyone confused down the line. That being said, by jove, Ben and Mike really did pull a win out at the end. I think everyone contributed fairly well, but wrapping it all together (in a manner that wasn't dissimilar from the idea at start) and providing the beverages? Good show. If I have any unwanted commentary, I think it's that people overvalue being in creative control of the meal and deciding what *they* want the meal to be. Rather than being a team player and getting a solid foundation built. There's almost always someone who knuckles down and just gets to work, and that often saves the dish over the needless remixing of the meal halfway through.

John Bailey : Pass it on Ep.10 - Sea Food Order: Highest Self Rating throughout all episodes to lowest self rating

Jean Kow : Look at Ben so proud telling his dad joke! 😄❤

Gaffanator : Do a time increase or decrease start with 10 and work down to 5 minutes

yoissmee1244 : 1. Ben for putting things tg 2. James for doing deliciousness 3. Mike for adding a new element 4. Barry for at least avocado isn't part of a full english 5-Jamie for unoriginality

I.HATE.P¡ZZA : 1. Ben 2. James 3. Mike 4. Jamie 5. Barry I think this is how the rating should havve gone ... Ben saved you all, guys, as usual! 😂

sofia flippant : Pass it on "kids veggie menu" next?

A Lund-eatock : 7:04 mike not knowing how to get ice out of a tray. Lol. You twist the tray Mike!

oliviaaap : honestly i think a big issue w your videos not getting enough attention is your thumbnails?? there's always a lot going on, different fonts that aren't big/eye catching enough, i think cleaner and simpler works better with most audiences on youtube

The Poor Conservative : Ben did a great job on the Dad Joke...... 1 Ben, 2 James, 3 Mike, 4 Jamie, 5 BarryGuacamole

Darwin Ocampo : Ben saved the day. Nobody wanted to commit