Turkeys circle a dead cat

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OgniB : Does anybody see big foot on the right

Patrick Williams : Part 2 Just as he was about to enter, he heard what sounded like two gobbles. Then three. then 6, 12. Soon there were too many to count. He cautiously back away until he saw Brutus’ eyes gleaming from the cave. Then more eyes started to appear. “Brutus must have gotten the other tribes of turkeys to come he thought to himself. He turn and ran just in time to avoid Brutus’ sharp talons and he charged, full force, out of the cave with, what seemed like, dozens of other turkeys behind him. Hidalgo ran to his fellow cat comrades who were reveling in their victory. He tried to tell them to run but it was too late. The Turkey hoard were on the cats. Pecking and scratching eyes, whiskers, tails, and anything else they could reach. The cats put up a heroic fight worthy of any feline but they were no match for the avian swarm. Cat kept dropping until only Hidalgo and Brutus were left. They stood side by side each facing a different direction as the turkeys started to circle them. Mittens said to Hidalgo, “In all my life. I never thought it would end this way.” Hidalgo didn’t answer but shared the same sentiment. Then, Mitten turned around and looked at Hidalgo and said, “I have been through some tough things but, because of my family, I know what love is and I’ll be a dog if I’m going to let some birds destroy my humans. Listen Hidalgo, take care of my little girl and get ready to run.” Hidalgo didn’t know what Mittens was talking about until he did it. Mittens stood up on his hind legs and started running into the pack of turkeys. The Turkeys were so surprised that they temporarily started to retreat, giving Hidalgo enough time to slip through the circle and run. He didn’t stop running until he reached the back door of his house. He was bloody and scratched and sore but he was alive. He dragged himself up the steps and into the leader human’s room. He wearily hopped up on the bed and went to sleep. All night he dreamed of what had transpired and how Mittens had sacrificed himself for him. The next day, he woke up. it must have been a day his human didn’t have to go to leave the house because they were still home. They called these days “weekend.” He started to think that the last night’s incident was a dream. He would have gone on thinking that if it wasn’t for two things. The soreness and hurt that he felt throughout his feline body and the scene outside his front window. His humans were downstairs looking at something in the street. He heard on of them say, “poor thing, it probably got hit by a car but I have never seen them do that. Hidalgo wondered if mittens had made it out alive as he got off of bed and plodded downstairs. He rubbed his torso against the leader’s leg so that he would pick him up for a better view. In his humans arms he could see what they were staring at. There was mittens, body torn to shreds and lying in the middle of the street. He was surrounded by a flock of turkey. They were walking around his body as some sort of ritual. Hidalgo’s eyes caught a glimpse of the leader Brutus’ eyes. One was closed and scratched. “At least Mittens went down fighting.” He thought to himself. As if circling the body wasn’t enough. Each turkey let out a gobble simultaneously as if to say, We’re coming. Although Hidalgo was badly bruised and affected by the death of his best friend, he made a vow to himself. “when you come, I’ll be ready.”

Phoenix Fire : "Even though he was a dangerous cat we honour his decision to never attack us turkeys - may the Bird-God have mercy on his soul"

Alpine Frost : crows put circles of twigs around dead animals that they find. some birds are like this.

Patrick Williams : Part 1 Hidalgo stared intently outside the window on a cold day in November. Inside, his family was gathered in the dining room in a strange ritual that they called “thanksgiving.” He licked his paws as he pondered to himself “why do they do this every year Don’t they know what danger they are bringing upon themselves?” Hidalgo’s gleaming eyes looked past the tree line to approximately 10 feet into the woods where a line of fowl stood angry and ready to pounce. Hidalgo had seen these birds a year ago. On one of his nightly patrols around the perimeter of his family’s house, He had stumbled upon a group of these large breasted birds. He had attempted to scare them away by arching his back, hissing, and swiping his paw at them but these birds were not like those that lighted on the bird feeder outside his favorite window in the springtime. They were not afraid. They simply laughed and ambled closer to him. Hidalgo didn’t know what to do so he quickly darted away. The next night, he had slowly crept up on the large group of chicken-like birds that the family called “turkeys.” He could hear them talking, whispering to themselves as they made their devious plans. The head of the group, an old gobbler named Brutus hopped on a log as he spoke to the others. “For too long, we have lived in fear. For too long we have suffered in silence as the humans have massacred us. For generations, they come with their guns and their wooden calls and their plastic imposters. And for generations, we lose our brothers, and our sisters, and our mothers, and our fathers. They are shot dead in the woods. Leaving behind family to mourn their loss and absence. The humans capture us, rip our feathers out, cut us up, and serve our flesh for their amusement. Grendel, the oldest of us, has even heard that there are prisons where they keep hundreds of thousands of our kind locked up. They feed them until they get big and fat and then, they kill them all at once. Thousands of them are decapitated in those places. Grendel’s cousin escaped such a fate when he ran out of an open fence left by one of the guards. He has warned us that it is not long before they come into the woods and grab our wives, our sons and daughters and serve all of us on their table. And what is worse is that they have their spies that patrol their homes at night They sit in the window and roam around their land. They bigger ones they call dog and the smaller ones they call cat. The is the same one that tried to spy on us last night. For generations, we have been too afraid to fight. But today, brothers and sisters, I say that the fear is over. That’s why we are devising a plan. We have talked to over 17 tribal leaders and they have agreed. The humans must die!” The group let out a blood curdling gobble that could be heard for miles. Hidalgo darted back to the back door and ran through the flap and hid in his little cat cubby hole. He had to do something. The next day, when the leader of the humans tried to walk out of the house, he tried to stop his walking by weaving back and forth around his feet but it was no use. That night, he tried to warn them of the danger and their possible upcoming death by catching a small rodent and placing it at their feet to symbolize what would happen to them is they did not do something. He spoke frantically to the humans but, as all cats know, humans are incapable of comprehending cat language because it requires higher brain functions that humans had lost ages ago. Still, Hidalgo tried to communicate to them but all they heard were meows and purrs. One night, when one of the humans were watching the magical moving screen, Hidalgo leaped up on their lap. He figured that, since they were watching a tale that centered around murder and the human they called “Detective Stabler” finding the one who did it, maybe it would alert them of the upcoming situation. Hidalgo used his tail to gently swish Morris code in the human’s face. He knew that he needed to make the message as simple as possible so that humans could understand. He wanted to say. [Danger Humans. Turkey going to kill you]. Just and he was getting to the G in danger, the human started rubbing his stomach, the vulnerable spot which all cats are susceptible to. Try as he might, Hidalgo could not resist the urge to roll on his back and purr. “Curses, will you just listen” Hidalgo tried to eek out, but, because of the purring, he could not utter a word. He tried to warn them for weeks and even months but it was no use. Eventually, Hidalgo relented, but he never stopped the watching the tree line. Some time passed and it was once again fall. Hidalgo never forgot what he saw that night. He hadn’t seen his feathery adversaries and he started to think that maybe, what he saw was just some angry birds blowing off some steam in the woods. That was, until he looked in the window during thanksgiving and saw their eyes staring back at him. He knew the humans were too busy and too oblivious to do anything so we knew that he had to take matters into his own paws. After the festivities had died down and all of the extra humans had left and all of his humans had gone to bed, Hidalgo crept out of a side window. He didn’t want the Turkey’s to see him leave the house, He went to the front of the house and made his way down the block. He figured that he would recruit some of his cat friends to help him on his mission. He knew that the dogs were stupid and would make too much noise, No, this needed to be a stealth mission and no one knew stealth better than mittens. Mittens was a runt that had the bravery of 10 cats. He was thrown out one day by a group of mean humans and raised on the streets. He got himself into some trouble and got locked up but the catchers. They placed him in prison for some time. It was the custom of that prison to kill cats if they could not find humans to take them home. Mittens narrowly escaped this fate by being rescued by the family he now stays with. The little human likes to dress mittens up and have tea and he complies because she gives him ample belly rubs afterwards but mittens was a stone cold killer on the streets and he never lost his edge after being, what the humans like to call, domesticated. Hidalgo knew that, if he was to pull of his plan, he needed mittens. Mittens was crouching sleep in the kitchen next to the knives when Hidalgo jumped up on the tree outside his window. Mittens opened his eyes and focused them on Hidalgo. “What’s the matter?” Mittens had an acute sense for danger that was uncanny. “I need your help” Hidalgo said. The birds are trying to kill the humans.” Oh, that? They tried that already. It doesn’t work. The most they can do is have it land on the human’s cars.” Mittens said, dismissively. “No, not those birds. Big Birds. Like the ones they eat on thanksgiving, only alive.” “Where did you hear this?” Mittens demanded. “I heard them talking a year ago and I assumed it was just talk and they had left but, tonight, I saw them in eth trees. They’re back and their ready to strike.” Mittens stared for a longtime at Hidalgo. Finally, he said “Let’s go. Hidalgo met Mittens on the front porch. They went around and told the cats of the neighborhood the story and, with an army of 30 cats, they marched into the woods. The air was crisp and Hidalgo could see his breath as he plodded along the forest floor. His fellow cats had fanned out. Their plan was to find the turkey lair and attack before anyone would notice. They brought along cat nip to throw in the turkey’s eyes. Mittens had also learned how to make an incendiary device out of a toy mouse, cat nip, and cat urine. As soon as they found the turkey lair Mittens and another cats, Mr. Whiskers, would light the device and throw is into the Lair, causing confusion and giving the cats an advantage. Hidalgo crept through the underbrush and came up on a clearing with 10 or 11 turkeys bedded down for the night. Their giant breast heaved in and out and they slept. Their beaks nestled into their plumage. When the cats were in position, Mittens and Mr. Whiskers lit the mousy chew toy and threw it amongst the group. The device sparked and then exploded with a dazzling puff of feathers and cotton stuffing. One of the turkey was down but the others were up, frantically running around beating their wings against the night air. The cats came from everywhere; pouncing on eth nearest turkey. There was fur and feathers everywhere as every turkey had 3 or 4 cats on them. The turkeys scratched with their sharp claws and peck at the cats but 1 turkey was no match for a 5 cat team of felines. Hidalgo looked up from slashing a turkey’s neck to see Brutus, the leader of the turkeys, running and flapping into the night. He gave chase and found that Brutus was much faster than he anticipated. Brutus use his big wings to semi-fly as he ran. Hidalgo saw him disappear into a dark cave. “Come out Turkey. There’s nowhere to go.’ He heard a gobble deep in eth cave.

Robert Johnson : CATS LIVES MATTER

808blacktaro : In a few weeks, we'll be doing the same thing around a dead turkey. Circle of life.

Merchant Ivory : One of us! One of us!

Mr. Meeseeks : I've never even seen a wild turkey let alone a group of them performing a satanic ritual. Also funny that rihanna singing, "you've been running around, running around" in the background lmao.

Frank Harris : Too soon, the cat regretted leaving the safety of Ulthar.

coc0s : This is an important turkey religious ritual.

Big L : hahaha the commentary makes this video so much better. "bro this is wild" xD

Stone Cold Steve Austin : Proof that all turkeys are occultists working with the illuminati to bring down humanity. We should have a day of the year dedicated to hunting down and killing these evil Satanic birds

Martin Leong : Bird religion

Daniel Rivera : call me insane but I normally run away from any type of danger or predator or even the buger man ! no dance in circles


CX부서진 : O N E O F U S! O N E O F U S! O N E O F U S!

Ioan Gajac : they circle any bone they find, and sometimes strange objects as well... Something they haven't seen before.

Diatribe Podcasts : The cat isn't all the way dead. They're scavengers and they are waiting for it to die to eat it.

Dan B : I do believe there must be some kind of esoteric reasoning for these turkey circling rituals because nature knows what to do quite inherently whereas we humans usually have to study and understand with our brain (whether right or wrong) before committing to things. Still I'd like to see this ritual become viral in the human community some time, it's hilariously creepy

supercomputer2004 : Category: sports WHAT??? Lol

dropdeaddope ! : His name was Robert paulson his name was Robert Paulson his name was Robert Paulson

MeMe MemeMan : That's terrifying

Mute Stingray : What I do, thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.

Dysto .o. : I LAUGHED so hard

DarKKnightt07 : They are honoring his memory

Simone Daishi : It's gonna be a satanic 4th of July this year

Raysed : I'm weak 😂😂😂

Julián Martínez : Does anyone else noticed What is the little white thing that is in the corner at 0:23, What is that ? if you are on your cellphone you can find near the corner where the option to change into full screen is.

Hannah Baker : i just peep rihanna lmao yas

Socrates Alexander : The reason is simple. This is the normal behaviour of vultures. I think turkeys have the same instinct, maybe they were used to be scavenging birds of prey like vultures some million years ago and the insticnt has not been completely gone yet.

Oscar Ljungberg : I tell you what... CATCH ONE FOR THANKSGIVING!

StarryLunarEclipse 513 : *these turkeys have had enough of this thanksgiving shit, that's why they sacrificed the dead cat*

Kamari King : Turkeys:Thank you God for this food you have given us today

ITheUniqueMonster : Top 10 anime religions

Foppe De Klopgeest : @raar maar waar

Ameya Patel : That music in the backround tho

ThirdFloor : Maybe they tried to summon god of cat.

Noice : They're thanking the Gods for this succulent meal

L Zad : I showed my hub this and his response was, “man that’s a big cat!”🤔😂.

Ariel Babian : turkeys are satan's animals