Diesel Runaway! Detroit Diesel 4-71 Runs Away After 30 Year Start, Old Guy Saves The Day!

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camaroman101 : Thats scary as shit. That truck belongs in Duel or Maximum Overdrive.

DolleHengst : You teach 'em grandpa!

Arthur Ribeiro : What is the max RPM it can reach when runaway?

Peter Schmidt : Oh yeah .. - Holy shit ! Like it got angry like hell being interrupted from its 30yrs of sleep and rest. Wonder if the guys have lung cancer by now ? Good score video..

logan scott : I love how the old man is completely calm, while everyone else runs away. Hell he even sat in the truck a while!

Nicks Corvette Stop : They don't build them like they use to, 30+ years since it's been cranked. 10k RPM blowing flames out of the exhaust like nothing lol.

slowdaze : Just a heads up, but this guy has copied your video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6tLD2jAO1g

MSZSNeoBahamut19 : The difference between young, wannabe country boys and weathered old men.

Craig Murley : Yup! No substitute for experience!

Creeperboy : why do all runaway detroits sound like vtec?

LEOBear : I like how grandpa just like "well I had a good life" *covers the intake with his eyes closed and 'silent night' playing softly in his head*

jtoddjb : the panic kid tried to do the right thing for just a second then bailed

Vendetta : Ya, no i'd shit myself

Is This Real Life? : it runs Yay!!! cleaned out a bit of carbon and rust at the same time lol

Lilwill Newell : What a pussy the expression on his face was priceless he threw it down and ran away like a little school bitch

mstrl pro : little pussy. sucked it through my ass. you dropped it and ran!

minefan 01 : sounds like a beast.

Buick Bubba : That should have blown the mouse nests out.

Captain Qwaz : thats a good way to remove carbon build up

Fireship1 : Older gent walked up to it calm as anything and choked it off. He's probably been working around diesels for years. You can tell this wasn't his first runaway, he knew exactly what to do!

Pete Mangum : Experience trumps talent every time. Old guy ("damn, know-nothin' kids)

Electronics For Fun : puck puck puck puck puck............RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAGAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Zimmerling : All the cob webs are worked out now LMFAO


Troy Burman : lets put a whole can of ether in it lmfao fuckin rookies

조본희 : use fire extinguisher to intake

Mister Walker : Sucked it through the intake?? Chicken shit threw it down as he was running for his life lmfao... Makes me laugh everytime I watch it..

voluptuouspanic : I had this happen on my car due to the throttle linkage getting detached or stuck, I don't remember. Not a diesel though, a 66 inline 6 Chevy engine. I just turned it off. But it was pretty scary

sampoteste : I want to install one of those on my pickup truck

Pyro Shep : In the trucks defense, that did sound awesome.

World Wide United NYS : another reason you're not suppose to spray ether directly into the turbo.

Eric Beltrami : Adrenaline Rush!


James7796ify : Lol she woke up big time

Leighton farms 970 : What a beast

Polarisjunky97 : Young guys say "Lets get out of here, shes gonna blow" Old guys says (Millennials) and cuts the engine off. LOL

Dusty Rhodes : I love how grandpa just starts laughing after the engine shuts off😂😂😂

Maximus Potentialus : Nothing like putting an old motor to its max on the first restart in years. It's kinda like doing a triathlon after eating burgers for a few years as training.

Creeperboy : 2:05 VTEC KiCKED IN YO!!! XD it really sounded like a vtec engine lol

Sean Byrne : Should have used a bit more Aerostart

James Thomas : Old guy is like, "damn kids, when I was your age I'd have stopped it with my hand" 😂😂😂

The Rotisserie Chicken LP : VTEC KICKED IN YO

big D : Bull shit. the only things that got sucked in were his balls up into his ass. That's the only reason he didn't shit his pants. Way to save the day, SUPER GRANDPA.

Jim Rockford : Love all the internet heroes who've never been thru this, calling some kids pussies. Scary as hell in person.

Creeperboy : that starter sound though

Chillkoot Markowee : I stopped a runaway lawn mower engine just in time, had to rip my shirt off and stick it over the carburetor in shop class.

Matthew Dirks : When vtec kicks in

Jesse Mower : scared the shit outta the kid hahaha

Michael Langley : Leave stuff like this to the older guys young kids have no clue on what to do.

Rickertsred : Good times!