Diesel Runaway! Detroit Diesel 4-71 Runs Away After 30 Year Start, Old Guy Saves The Day!

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Arthur Ribeiro : What is the max RPM it can reach when runaway?

4cooey : That wasn't granpas first rodeo.

logan scott : I love how the old man is completely calm, while everyone else runs away. Hell he even sat in the truck a while!

Mister Walker : Sucked it through the intake?? Chicken shit threw it down as he was running for his life lmfao... Makes me laugh everytime I watch it..

LEOBear : I like how grandpa just like "well I had a good life" *covers the intake with his eyes closed and 'silent night' playing softly in his head*

I'm THAT guy... : That's a spooky looking GMC... Lol

camaroman101 : Thats scary as shit. That truck belongs in Duel or Maximum Overdrive.

Peter Schmidt : Oh yeah .. - Holy shit ! Like it got angry like hell being interrupted from its 30yrs of sleep and rest. Wonder if the guys have lung cancer by now ? Good score video..

Connor Waits : Think how scary it would be next to that machine when it's like that though...

chris jones : i just keep watching this coz i cant stop laughing at the lad who shits him self and runs away epic

Nanette Howell : ITS ALIVE

DolleHengst : You teach 'em grandpa!

Michael Zimmerling : All the cob webs are worked out now LMFAO

joe daly : A family affair. Grandpa and the boys... An old Detroit GMC... So good to see. Thank you for posting . Was nice to watch.

Matt Miller : it runs Yay!!! cleaned out a bit of carbon and rust at the same time lol

deadwreckage : Huuuuu lets just spray ether until it runs cause diesels have a controlled explosion sequence lol then runaway like a bit h when the paper you stuff in the intake doesn't hold

Chillkoot Markowee : I stopped a runaway lawn mower engine just in time, had to rip my shirt off and stick it over the carburetor in shop class.

Nickster : They don't build them like they use to, 30+ years since it's been cranked. 10k RPM blowing flames out of the exhaust like nothing lol.

Dusty Rhodes : I love how grandpa just starts laughing after the engine shuts off😂😂😂

The Rotisserie Chicken LP : VTEC KICKED IN YO

Joachim Roselio : Wise old man keeps his cool. Liked

james brown : old truck was just clearing its throat.

MSZSNeoBahamut19 : The difference between young, wannabe country boys and weathered old men.

William Fitzpatrick : They used ether on it! That's what broke it... It's amazing how good they run on crank case oil.

Plur307 : I love how the kid claims whatever he was holding was sucked through the intake.  Watch and you will see him clearly throw it on the floor and run away in fear.

Jamie Marie : this can be a very dangerous situation

RobotWillie : I kind of think the door says Walla Walla,Wash. on the bottom. Thats a large town here in Washington near the Oregon border, my youngest uncle lived there a while and I visited him a lot. Its a cool town and I loved going to the I think its called Pioneer Park. So I guess the truck at least has local connections to me somehow. (I'm in Spokane) Can't tell what the business says, maybe the last part of it says holt. Like someones name that ended in holt, or the business's name. They call it the town so nice they named it twice. =)

Normalguy35 : I'm sure all the ether didn't help.

Dustin Mozader : Now that it's warmed up it's ready for a spin around the block.

Luminya M : Wow! That old gentleman is a boss!!

Kyle Combs : good way to clear excess carbon lol

SMOBY44 : Chicken shit didn't leave it on the intake long enough to do anything, then he threw it to the side. Love when he says 'It sucked it right out of my hand". I hope grandpa watched this video and beat his ass with that 2x4 he used to shut it down. The chicken shit couldn't even finish the job at the end. Had to hand the rags to the old man to shut it down.

GDepics : I will admit, the first time that That has happened to me, I freaked out a bit...now I just roll my eyes over and hunt for a book, a board, rags, Anything!

blacksonne19 : Thank god for the old timer! Kids were gonna let her blow. We had a 77 R700 runaway on us. Its definitely a scary thing. They van rev like a bastard! We had no baffles twin 5" screaming!

Mitchbandito : Brown cap chicken

Daniel Duncan : I think you're here for 2:00.

krayzie 662 : next time poor sand down the intake. trust me. ittl shut that mother down right quick

Bryan Gray : I like how grandpa kept calm and handled it.

yolo swag : 1:57 no keep goin! wait dont go that far, oh sh!t RUN F#CKERS

Bertsbug : use fire extinguisher down intake

Lazer Peabody : sound like a air rad siren

Jacob Naeyaert : Ahhh needs a starter eather way

UlrichTheDwarf : Those detroit blocks are built like tanks. it wouldve been fine for a good 10 min.. dont ask me how i know this haha

Brad Roenigk : what RPM would it have been running at before he put the 2x4 on the intake?

Wayne Cameron : "I couldnt hold onto it!" throws it at 2:07 lolol

DoubleVisionandco : Always check the fuel rack first. I'd be pissed off too if woken from a 30 year nap.

Victor Borg : experience is priceless

samuel pine : Golden rule no. 1 always take off the valve cover and check the rack before starting. Even a couple yrs injectors get sticky or freeze completely. If marine you betta check that or else? been there on that one

Gus Hollahbackatya : Just curious, WHY was this being recorded?

Robhert Carvalho : This has happen to me so many times now I just keep my co2 fire extinguisher handy