she's the breast pianist i've ever seen!

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who is she? Khatia is a 31 year old Georgian-born French concert pianist (see: ) src: "Zubin Mehta w/ Khatia Buniatishvili - Schumann Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 54" -

Comments from Youtube

Rick Davis : If you came here to hear her're lying.

renard801 : Absolutely outstanding talents! Her playing is great, too.

george aknin : Poor Zubin, having to keep his eyes on the partition...the partition !!!

Enrico Maria Marabelli : Amazing ! What a pianist ! What a beautiful woman !! So sexy

Team Player : Wow she has a "natural" talent.

SILVESTRE de SACY Philippe : Mais...non...on dirait un joli concerto de Saint-Saens ! :-[

David A : Schumann's Piano Concerto 3rd movement played perhaps a tad too fast. But who cares. She is a great talent and absolutely gorgeous. Good luck to her.

Maicol X777 : Yes she is and she knows it!

GIZMO RADOS : The note on her oppai

Carlos Atwell : I now have a new appreciation for classical.

peterstang : I was wondering why they did not pop out.

R D : At one point the conductor did'nt know which stick to sway😂

MaxPowers2.0 : ...well, never thought I'd jerk off to an orchestra but there ya go

Thomas Blues Guitar : It's good to be the conductor!

Rockets #1 : The titties jiggled whenever she played a dramatic note where she jumps up like at 2:22

Nick S : Just as good with the sound turned off.

Constantinos A : Her bouncing notes are amazing!

Boddleshop : Could we have a conductor with the same outfit please?

Mehrab Sattar : Here before ozzy makes this famous

anush dsouza : I'm here bcz of ozzyman review

Adam Müller : This is not fair! How can the men play calm??????

Mr. J : The way she bounces between notes is simply beautiful.

Christian Vennemann : Y'all know why you're here... ;)

Luci e Babbaluci : Best or breast?!

montanadoctor : I would listen to Khatia no matter what!

powereln : it is the very first time music made me experiencing this feeling. Now I need a new pair of boxers.

Robert Sutherland : She's got big pianistic skills also. Beautiful clarity. Some of the women come through a little weak on the volume side. Khatia's notes ring through like bells...beautiful.

Nan Li : I came here for two big reasons.

Hassan Mahmood : They seem to be getting in her way. Any volunteers to hold them for her?? 😂

Pedro Z. : she could play naked... or just be naked. OO

A Kintsurashvili : That’s genius :)))

hajuhi27 : oh guys, have you never seen any breasts? I bare with you.

Michael Prozonic : At 1:17 she looks topless because the dress is hidden by a music stand

sorel edwin suarez : With a title like that you should have cut the orchestra altogether and added a sexy tune.

cahaya kemilau : q q q q q q q.... right

edepillim : Speaking personally l can only concentrate on 2 things at a time, so the music has too take a back seat.

ahmed badr : The best not breast pianist

Jacob Metzner : Who came here from Ozzy

Herman Hermitz : Should have edited out the rest and leave only the breast part.

roseocat : exhilarating!! :-()

edepillim : I think she is marvellous but she has her knockers.

Andrew Rai : Aaaand I came when she played the DD major note

Alok Hota : B MAJOR

NMSS HMSLF : Oh. My. Here they come, all the views. Great movement, really.

David D : She's gorgeous

Harald Jan Dahle : OMG!

MarcellusTheGreen : Music is not about visual appeal.  The attractiveness or beauty of the musician is irrelevant.  That being said, even the best and most talented and skillful musician is not going anywhere unless someone sees her and pays attention to her, and that, unfortunately, is why we have virtuosos reduced to wearing revealing outfits in order to be allowed to perform.

edepillim : Can’t wait for her greatest hits!

Rob Maddison : Does she play RACKmanimoff? Or Greatcloven? Has she had a bash at The Well Tempered Cleavage?