she's the breast pianist i've ever seen!

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renard801 : Absolutely outstanding talents! Her playing is great, too.

Herman Hermitz : Should have edited out the rest and leave only the breast part.

Enrico Maria Marabelli : Amazing ! What a pianist ! What a beautiful woman !! So sexy

NMSS HMSLF : Oh. My. Here they come, all the views. Great movement, really.

Rick Davis : If you came here to hear her're lying.

edepillim : I think she is marvellous but she has her knockers.

Rob Maddison : Does she play RACKmanimoff? Or Greatcloven? Has she had a bash at The Well Tempered Cleavage?

george aknin : Poor Zubin, having to keep his eyes on the partition...the partition !!!

cahaya kemilau : q q q q q q q.... right

powereln : it is the very first time music made me experiencing this feeling. Now I need a new pair of boxers.

Robert Sutherland : She's got big pianistic skills also. Beautiful clarity. Some of the women come through a little weak on the volume side. Khatia's notes ring through like bells...beautiful.

A Kintsurashvili : That’s genius :)))

David D : She's gorgeous

edepillim : Can’t wait for her greatest hits!

William Baynes : Some beautiful finger work there!

Najeeb S : And the Nose

Roddy Rodson : TITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( . Y . )

nadahope11 : ....what a disgrace.....

Maicol X777 : Yes she is and she knows it!

José Martí Solórzano : SHE HAS TWO GREAT TALENTS!

José M. Mellado : The BREASTEST

Adam Muller : This is not fair! How can the men play calm??????

roseocat : exhilarating!! :-()

Harald Jan Dahle : OMG!

Jas. M : You perverts should be watching Liberace not a serious pianist. Wankers.

Meiyee Lee : No Class at all... no doubt the sight was awesome.

Greg Worcester : Jiggy Jiggy ugh 😑

FX - GaMeR : I love she's boobs