Almost 10 Minutes of Chris Pratt Bloopers

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JOSH CHIMICH : 4:25 Love the fact that he just broke the lights and now goes straight into destroying another prop when jumping XD

Johnny Goodfellow : My favourite part of this is how much Nick Offerman clearly finds Chris hilarious all of the time.

Tsuka 2104 : That ‘cumback’ gag has gotta be on a top ten list of the funniest bloopers

Molly : The Kim Kardashian joke at the end almost killed me omg 😂😂😂

Caiyde : Is anyone else struggling to tell when they go off-script?

Dianne : I love how Aubrey’s default response is always “Andy....”

Sebastian Shaw : he is really dog reincarnated as human :)

Mikey Hoban : that man is a treasure and must be cherished

smollspooki : I mean who doesn't get a boner when Aubrey Plaza is slapping you?

Syahdam Luckfalah : "When I sit on the toilet my balls touch the water...what if I flushed them by accident?" I love Chris Pratt

andyt2k : I love that deadpan reaction of "That's fucking hilarious"

Extant : He actually did get an erection.

Sinfaroth : i love how april gets the last one before he says it and already reaches over to slap him

Username369 : I always wonder how they even manage to shoot a proper full episode, let alone series, like this..they must be laughing all the time... but maybe they eventually get fed up with it and just shoot it already.....

Ben Mortimer : He really doesn't give a shit does he?

Doubting Thomas : They should have a spin off series of just Chris Pratt bloopers. Seriously, this was funnier than the entire series, which is quite an achievement

Tennis addict 21 : Let’s write it down, how do you spell it?

Yousef I : I don't believe that guy is a superhero now 😂😂

Savannah Wilson : I've been pretty depressed for about two years and I think this may have cured it.

Bianca Ilie : Wait the Kim kardashian joke at the end was unscripted?

potterpotty01 : I can't believe he actually hit the light switch! Then going back over the counter, pretty sure he smashes the computer! 😂

Destrologando TV : The guy is a sea full of charisma drops

Birds Z : The question is did he actually get a boner

Pferdesalami : Thats not snow

a moriarty : He always seem so proud of his jokes, this is so cute

Everest314 : I like Chris Pratt, but downing Scotch of the calibre of a Lagavulin like that (even if sort of unknowingly) ... serves him right! :D

Artlas : 9:25 bless this man

Blue Eyes White Teddy : imagine figuring out that you get aroused from being slapped while filming a scene with a ton of people around you... 0.0

Thomas Blake : Chris Pratt would be a good Dougal in an American version of Father Ted.

Sanjeet Khurana : CRISP RAT

Abhijeet Joshi : Well, my favorite part is "A--Cala-Zoooonza !"

Melting_Pot : That last one is gold

320speed : That Kim Kardashian joke at the end is gold!

Loddentidster : I'm watching this while I shit, and now I'm laughing so hard that I gotta breathe in through my nose 😭😭

chocolatestarfish101 : Best one yet! @9:24

Ras Putin : You got a bonner?

Chris B : I want to be the guy that made Ron Swanson laugh like that.

Marzuqa Nuha Kazi : Chris pratt looked very adorable back then

Oscar Thorpe : 3:53 that counter slide was smooth af

Bosko Nikolic : Gold. Pure gold.

Rafael Mertin : was the boner thing genuine or in the script and she had to laugh and go?

Martin Laursen : It seems like alot of this is improv. Is that the case or are the writers really that good?

Dave! Yognau(gh)t : 2:22 is my favourite XD

Y Cymro : Wait, was he actually hard?

Vladimir Makarov : Fat Pratt >>>> Modern day Pratt

Malphas Mikaelson : I'm actually sad I noticed that 4:24 is another take where he jumps over because the light isn't broken yet. At 4:20 (blaze it) you see the light being broken from afar. When he jumps over, the light isn't broken.

RÉMINO : 5:36 Jerry/Larry picking his nose.

Ayesha Tabassum : I love it when Chris makes the "comeback story" joke, it takes everybody a few seconds to register and everyone's reaction is priceless xD

Nathan Wtk : Good job saying almost 10 min cause some people will freak out if you say 10 and it's 10 sec short

Osama BinLaden : Wait is he the guardians of the galaxy guy?