Model 3 Secret: What Tesla Isn't Telling Us

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Andy Slye : Watch my Tesla Model 3 review: Get FREE Supercharging credit when you order a Tesla with my referral link ➡️

vivaLucci : This video certainly isn't helping their anti-sell, haha!

Minds Eye : This is going to happen but here's the thing that really irritates me about Elon/Tesla. I am a Model S owner. My car has AP 2.0. And when I was in the market for a Tesla the hype about AP 2.0 and Full Self Driving using AP 2.0 hardware was reaching epic proportions. Tesla/ Elon was so sure that these cars would be so capable of full self driving and that you could summon it from the airport and it would come pick you up from your home and all that BS. A year of owning an AP 2.0 Model S and I feel shit scared using AP 2.0 for more than perhaps 5 minutes. The thing is shit! Autopilot 2.0 is a fucking joke and the fact that Elon doesn't come out and openly admit that they're still at a very nascent stage of Level 5 autonomy but instead keeps tacking on more hype to his vehicles, really gets under my skin. Dude your cars are amazing. Its the best fucking car i have ever owned. I LOVE my Model S warts and all. But its time to get off your high fucking horse of Ironman hyperbole and just deliver on shit that you promised people in the first place. People are spending their hard earned money on your cars because they believe in your vision. But you barely get one thing accomplished and start hyping about 10 new things. The fucking SEmi, The Roadster 2.0...AP 2.5 and what not. Just focus on what is out there and perfect it and make your existing customers happy for crying out loud. One of the biggest reasons for Tesla's success is word of mouth and if Tesla/Elon continue on this path of over promising and under-delivering its only a matter of time they're going to be royally fucked.

Steve Hunter : Imagine finishing work and telling you colleagues youre waiting for you car to pick you up because it’s stuck in traffic.

Nodent : Tesla's enemy in uneducated / non-innovated politicians, and there is no shortage of those. Tesla can't even sell directly to consumers in some states because of the cry baby dealers not getting their piece of the pie. It's a long road of logistics and bureaucratic BS to go through.

ruirodtube : One car per family. Husband rides to work, car drops off kids at school, then is summoned home to pickup wife... etc. One car per family. It doesn’t have to be parked in front of home. It doesn’t have to stay at airport for two weeks during your visit abroad... nice!

Steve : Holy crap... Does no one love you? Certainly someone must have told you to shave that pitiful patch of hair on your chin and throat. Dude for real... Use a bic! They won't mind!

scikick : Expected a clickbait video. Got a surprisingly good one instead. Great work!

chronok : shave your neck.. you have more hair on your neck than your face.. lmao

robotic2000k : My father used to say: you never share your car and your wife

Phil Pan : What Elon says Elon does

Samsung Galaxy S7 : 5:35 Source: Doug DeMuro Cool but did you read his column on

Slim shady : Nice and informative video. Wish best luck for your channel. Keep it up.

J S : The future is coming and I like it

BariumCobaltNitrog3n : A chicken can survive without a head as long as you feed it.

Vorname Nachname : Very interesting. Thank you :)

Shady Brady : Self driving will never be a thing. I promise. People wont want it once they know what it is. Perfection is death. There's a certain amount of risk involved with life and growth (freedom). Otherwise you just freeze time and die, metaphorically. I'm not saying it's impossible. I'm saying humans wont choose it once they understand it fully. The younger people are, the more likely they are to not understand what I just said. There's just a certain amount of wisdom required to understand. I believe Elon understands, but is also running a business. Heh.

theseventhday : its cool but we we are essentially losing the automobile. It's just a furniture piece, another tool..not too sure I like where this is heading, maybe safer but way to controlled, Orwellian transportation. Hm, starting to like my V8biturbo more...not too sure I'm ready for this testi-less transportation.

And And : You look like a alien.

Tom Chan : Tesla products are badly made. Can't people see it ? Terrible QC just like GM and they charge premium prices.

Titan : Make a profit????? Tesla does not make profit, they don't wanna sell large numbers of model 3 because they will lose money on each unit, they still haven't made any money, and are losing about $1B each year, the company is huge trouble.

Keith B : Now just get the price down where the average person can afford to buy one!

Matt Kremer : I love Tesla!...but it's unfortunate that they'll be bankrupt in 2019....

andgate2000 : You must agree to Tesla “terms and conditions “ to buy there car.

Julien Aubry : Of course this is going to happen! Tesla has 5-10 years advance compared to the other car producer. Good video, +1 Like :)

Bob Smiles : Is it worth investing $1,500?

Malachi M : 666,666 views

patrese993 : It should be possible to make a car like that without internet connection and data logging... It shouldn't know who's driving, not store any data, that's "priivacy"

Lalnuntluanga Chhakchhuak : Very informative. Great video

WinterCraft : lol software to open up your glove box... what next... tap to do up seat belts.. ffs.

Arkboi21 : Tesla's greatest flaw: a fully electronic vehicle. If there were ever an EMP blast, a large Solar/Nuclear Radiation wave, or an Electrical Surge, your vehicle will become close-to if not absolutely useless in that moment. You won't be able to do a single thing with it. Your vehicle then becomes a glorified paperweight. Lastly, even with major software security upgrades, Tesla's are still basically a big battery and computer with a vehicle shell. They're still susceptible to hacking and bugs/glitches.

Younavers : Next Tesla: Model Sex

BMyVision : Sooooo, they will be "upgrading" software revisions, just like an i-phone. FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCKKKKK TTTTHHHHAAAATTTTT!!!!

granny in the left lane going 45 till I die : What pisses me off about the Tesla craze is that it doesn't solve carbon footprint at all. You think electricity is really generated with clean pathways? Try natural gas and nuclear power plants. Charging more cars in the future does nothing if we can't supply the energy properly in the first place. Like a combustion engine, electricity is lost as heat when traveling through a wire, maybe around 90 percent, which is substantial. Like our phones, fast charging really takes a toll on the cells and ions, which become worse over time, leading to more charge times. So how do we really fix things? Actually make energy proficient in being converted into energy completely. That's the only reason why high hp cara need so much gad because it can't covert all the energy like an EV, but electricity follows the same route when it comes to thermodynamics. We're only repeating a process, just in a different way. On top of that, cold fusion is a long way from being attainable and it's still in its infancy as a possibility. We need to know how convert energy proficiently and how to obtain a clean energy source for locomotion. Hydrogen gas is more promising, its clean and there is no emissions that are too harmful and wasting electricity isn't a problem; finding an abundant of hydrogen is the real issue as there is no source really. If anything, electricity is just as bad as combustion engines, only because we don't have a clean way for electricity. Solar panels, wind powered mills, and dams can create a lot, but they can barely supply our needs today by themselves, so we use harmful alternatives. Nothing is solved and I hate this Tesla craze because it takes away the focus of the real issue at hand. Just because the cars don't emit co2 directly, it doesn't mean there are other sections in the process of driving these EVs stop emissions. Musk really should have done more research for proving better energy before having a movement pushing battery power locomotion. This is a fucking joke.

Ben A : Great interesting video, great job!

paul m : No machine that works via algorithms, numerically, that`s ALL current and immediate-future computers, even the coming quantum computers, will ever actually UNDERSTAND anything. They may give a very good impression that they do, but in reality, no, they won`t. Because understanding is not algorithmic, not numerical. It`s intuitive. So the Isaac Asimov world is not going to be here anytime soon. If it does appear, accidentally, it will last just until the first mass carnage. Disabled children`s body parts strewn all over a street won`t put Elon`s share price up by much.

John Birkholz : I am convinced thoroughly that I never want to own one of these people’s car. You ask why do I call it that because us taxpayers have more money invested in another car company that as taxpayers we should not have a dime of taxpayers money involved! In other we should not have bailed out GM or Chrysler. It is called bankruptcy and that is what should have happened. The companies would have got restructured or closed and bought out. Tesla should get loans like any conventional business and be suckling off of us taxpayers. Most wealthy people pay a fortune in taxes this one takes the money from taxpayers that do not have as much. PATHETIC !

icemanroyal : Am I the only one that actually enjoys driving and the feeling of being in control a car? Why so much hype about self driving cars? It feels like they are trying to convince us it s what we want, that self driving cars are the future, cool, and inevitable. I think some people may feel this way but honestly I don t think the majority of people do. Marketing and hype and what's driving this trend towards autonomous transportation pods, not consumer demand. Such a shame

Xanhorn : Elon musk. Promise 10 super things deliver 1 and market the hell out of it so people think you deliver on everything. Smoke and mirrors.

Fernando Corredor : I hope production gets faster, I can't wait to see my son's model 3, I already have a model S but this seems to be a very nice car.

Israel Silva : Look I love all of this , but i also remember terminator when computers can be hack and then terrorist (or anybody) can launch and attack from their couch with 1000000 or more electric cars(or drones etc) not just Tesla’s , I mean any computer device can be hack by the right (or wrong) person 😥😥

justin Mathew : Too much technology package ,higher maintenance cost...they can keep it.I rather get an Acura NSX.

thomjames66 : Over complicated shiny device that can fail you in hundreds of ways and cost you so much money before,during and after......NO$ale

AZ GAMING : It would be cool to order an UBER and see a self driving tesla pull up

ball boy jones : Tesla's going to be bankrupt by Midsummer 2018 look at the financials they're bleeding money at the tune of 600 million dollars a quarter they've never made a profit and now they're trying to sell future vehicles to use that money to keep them afloat

andrew domenitz : There may someday be a place for this kind of thing, but not until you show people that a Tesla won't just rattle to pieces and the touchscreen controls are reliable. Then there might be a complete delusion regarding self-driving vehicles being integrated into the driven vehicle world. They need to put millions of miles on these things.

Erik Andersson : It'll be great for delivering Narcotics! Just program the glove compartment to open for a specific customer- then let the car continue to generate income from other random passengers. I can't wait to get one!

Konrad C : gonna stick to my gasoline car. This is too much. Self driving rideshare? No thx

flat's where it's at. where the curve? : Are people blindly going to endorse this crap. Autonomous driving??? They can't see that this is a control system. Lmfao. Sheep at their best

O. K. E. : dude shave