Model 3 Secret: What Tesla Isn't Telling Us

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Andy Slye : Watch my Tesla Model 3 review ➡️ Save $25 when you rent a Tesla ➡️ Get free unlimited Supercharging if buying Model S or X ➡️

Akarsh Hirennavar : Awesome video explaining everything

vivaLucci : This video certainly isn't helping their anti-sell, haha!

Samsung Galaxy S7 : 5:35 Source: Doug DeMuro Cool but did you read his column on

Bob Smiles : Is it worth investing $1,500?

Vorname Nachname : Very interesting. Thank you :)

Nodent : Tesla's enemy in uneducated / non-innovated politicians, and there is no shortage of those. Tesla can't even sell directly to consumers in some states because of the cry baby dealers not getting their piece of the pie. It's a long road of logistics and bureaucratic BS to go through.

andgate2000 : You must agree to Tesla “terms and conditions “ to buy there car.

Julien Aubry : Of course this is going to happen! Tesla has 5-10 years advance compared to the other car producer. Good video, +1 Like :)

Lalnuntluanga Chhakchhuak : Very informative. Great video

J S : The future is coming and I like it

bnelson313 : Great information and Tesla is really a trailblazer in the autonomous driving spectrum.

scikick : Expected a clickbait video. Got a surprisingly good one instead. Great work!

Nick Findley : Why this nigga neck so long

AmxCsifier : Ha he put an arrow in the thumbnail

WinterCraft : lol software to open up your glove box... what next... tap to do up seat belts.. ffs.

paul m : Why would you want, and give free reign to, dozens of people kicking, puking, pissing and bleeding all over your new car? Believe me, they will. As an ex taxi-driver, I know.

Malachi M : 666,666 views

patrese993 : It should be possible to make a car like that without internet connection and data logging... It shouldn't know who's driving, not store any data, that's "priivacy"

Julia Crawford : This makes a lot of sense. Great video!

Diego Almora : Im sure Tesla is or at least at 1 million Model 3 pre-orders worldwide.

Matt Kremer : I love Tesla!...but it's unfortunate that they'll be bankrupt in 2019....

Nisco Racing : A spy cam with mic.. uhm okay!

theseventhday : its cool but we we are essentially losing the automobile. It's just a furniture piece, another tool..not too sure I like where this is heading, maybe safer but way to controlled, Orwellian transportation. Hm, starting to like my V8biturbo more...not too sure I'm ready for this testi-less transportation.

Younavers : Next Tesla: Model Sex

1 Love : I work on model 3 lol I got hired I'm 25 years old I love this job easier then it looks.

robotic2000k : My father used to say: you never share your car and your wife

Larvitar Dratini : This guys actual face looks like hes using a snapchat filter. Also please get rid of your chin and neck hair.

Bruno Kooij : Mercedes e-Class or the BMW 5 series are much better

O. K. E. : dude shave

Diego Almora : The year is going to be 2020 when the Tesla Network and Tesla Megachargers will be ready for showtime worldwide.

Greg Dimas : No dash on driver's side = no deal!

manuel luz : Sounds like horseshit.

andgate2000 : Facebook on wheels.

Titan : Make a profit????? Tesla does not make profit, they don't wanna sell large numbers of model 3 because they will lose money on each unit, they still haven't made any money, and are losing about $1B each year, the company is huge trouble.

FunkyFresh48 : I am Andy's personal trainer. Andy's diet will now consist of sun, shave, food, and weights. You can now drive a Tesla without looking like you drive a Tesla.

mudassir shaikh : Unlock through phone is really unsafe. Any hacker can unlock it

Keith B : Now just get the price down where the average person can afford to buy one!

Danny Fisk : I have a ‘3’ on order... I can’t wait...!! I own an ‘X’ & LOVE IT !!! Thanks for the hype. I’m a Tesla-Holic

frannyyes : This is mind blowing

Fernando Corredor : I hope production gets faster, I can't wait to see my son's model 3, I already have a model S but this seems to be a very nice car.

BRIAN MARCUS : I will never get into a self driving car.

karld001 : Every time I see that interior, I'm glad I cancelled my reservation. As for the interior camera, nothing black tape wouldn't fix, unless the car won't function without it.

Arkboi21 : Tesla's greatest flaw: a fully electronic vehicle. If there were ever an EMP blast, a large Solar/Nuclear Radiation wave, or an Electrical Surge, your vehicle will become close-to if not absolutely useless in that moment. You won't be able to do a single thing with it. Your vehicle then becomes a glorified paperweight. Lastly, even with major software security upgrades, Tesla's are still basically a big battery and computer with a vehicle shell. They're still susceptible to hacking and bugs/glitches.

ball boy jones : Tesla's going to be bankrupt by Midsummer 2018 look at the financials they're bleeding money at the tune of 600 million dollars a quarter they've never made a profit and now they're trying to sell future vehicles to use that money to keep them afloat

BariumCobaltNitrog3n : A chicken can survive without a head as long as you feed it.

N O L A N M I L N E S : Without Lidar, Tesla is hardly going anywhere. Not without massive upgrades to the chipset.

Tom G : Are people blindly going to endorse this crap. Autonomous driving??? They can't see that this is a control system. Lmfao. Sheep at their best

Juan Villa : why would anyone want a computer on wheels. I don't care how advance or fast these cars are if its not gas powered with a 6 or at least a 5 speed manual the way a car was meant to be. Im not interested you "trendies" can have your iphone on wheels and you guys are out of your mind if you think this is the future lol

derp derpson : interesting idea. Id be down for this any time, especially if it would allow me to basically pay off my car while im not using it.