Ecosia users have just planted 30 MILLION trees

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SEBASTIAAN : I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am speechless

Sarah Raynore : Congratulations Ecosia and all the ecosians out there! Let's keep making the planet a better place :)

DoctorXeno : Is it not just fabulous that by switching our default browser we can change so much with what we do each day? No more should we hear "I'll google it" I wanna here "I'll Ecosia It!" #EcosiaIt

DefragOP : Wonderful news! <3

Sarah Moonship : Heart warming to hear that

Ines H. : Danke, Danke, Danke 🙏

NutellaKeksBoy : Wunderbare News, das sich einige noch um unsere Umwelt kümmern ♥️♥️♥️💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍😍😍😍

Camille : So happy to hear this! Much love Ecosia! And congrats to all the Ecosians out there, let's keep going!

G-MAC McAuley : "Saving the world one search at a time"

Killviner 1876 : Here's to 40 million and beyond!

Marcin Cieslikowski : Nice great job as always.

beban1991 : your work is inspiring. Thank you for doing what you are doing.

Mikayla Malchione : this is awesome! glad to support an amazing company

Kunter : Thanks everyone :)

Elena Secci : I'm really happy to be part of this family. You guys are such an inspiration to become better human! :D

Gramophonic Reevolution : Wooohoooo

Mok$ha : Rocking out since before we hit 8 digits!! Shoutout Ecosia and the beautiful community we've built since then!! I would love to be more physically involved with the group thought too!

Marte Arty : Amazing! <3

Venny Fahrunnisa : Love it! Congratulation 💕💕

Francis Hooton : Great news. Come of everyone, lets get to 300million trees by Christmas and lets get users numbers up to 10 million by Christmas. I estimate that between ecosia, Bonnchallenge (Pakistan and India), Weforests and Edenprojects, about 1 billion trees have been planted in the tropics in the last few years. Pakistan reported about 700million trees planted in the last few years. Lets get that to 300 billion in the next few years.

Lydia.jane1607 : lovely news! x

Yimo Awanardo : C'est formidable! J'espère que vous devez faire plus que juste planter des arbres si vous y avez tout les ressources! Peut-être même investir dans d'autres organisations qui font des actes protectrices de la terre! English translation : That's amazing! I hope you do more than just plant trees, having such big ressources! Perhaps maybe even invest in other organisations who do similar earth-protective(green) acts!

Caleb Pell : I switched to Ecosia 3 days ago. It's a seamless transition from google, and I can help the environment. I see no reason why anybody wouldn't use Ecosia. Let's keep planting trees!

Thu Le : Thanks :)

DragonBurst : Everyone thx for reaching 30 miljoen trees this is the very good company and gives love instead of money... that is why 1 year ago I joined. I hope togheter we can get every year arround 15 miljoen tress or even more :D.... So we can change life for the poor and the rich.... and this will slow down our downfall

BC Chiriac : All those life-changing moments are the reason to continue planting trees and making the impact on the people and the environment at the same time! Did you all know that there over 7 million Ecosian users about the same population of Bulgaria? That is huge. So continue to spread the word out and happy searching!

Balázs Tivadar : Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Via Reis : YAY!!! that makes me so happy to know that i helped by just looking stuff up!;)

Nowhere Cam : Absolutely brilliant! Keep up the good work.

Roselle Smith : Fantastic! I think Ecosia is such an amazing idea I wish more search engines did this ! :D

10,000 Subscribers without videos challenge : Why can't all search engines or other companies be like you. Everyone is so selfish and it's ruining the planet for my generation and the generations to come.

Dylan [Smith] : Ecosia may not be able to stop the process of deforestation, but it can slow down the process and give us more time to figure out a bigger solution. It is a good start.

SiriWesen : Honestly I love ecosia so much and I enjoy all these updates on what s going on

ginnynewt : This is so amazing. I'm excited for 50 Million now :)

Frank Shrimpton : What I always do is click on the ads when I search. I'd urge you too as well, as without ad clicking, no money will be earned.

Paul Stevenson : Amazing. Love the work you do.

Nikki Tamayo : I am so happy that I helped even if it's just a small fraction... Thank you Ecosia for making this possible. Let's keep on planting!

Audrey8 : thank *you* ecosia! without you, none of this would happen. we're just people sitting behind our screens searching things on the internet. you're the one we should thank.

A friend of yours. : I am proud to use Ecosia. Let's keep going!

zay jad jad zay : Yeessssss, reach for the 50'000'000 trees!!!!!!!!

Fakka :) : :)

ChiFire : I am so glad. Just filled with joy! Congratulations. For helping our planet that has been wronged.

Nour Khaled : if only Ecosia becomes the new google!!


Taylah Steele : Awesome! This is great news!

10,000 Subscribers without videos challenge : *Amazing work!*

DragonBurst : I am curios how many trees you have planted ( i have in total of 747 and that means arround 16 trees) BUT i am going to use Ecosia my hole life :D ) but how many have you planted????

Rachel Craven : I love this!! Thank you everyone for using ecosia, just shows changing something so small in your life can have a huge impact!!

The Gaming Traitor : great job to everybody that helped

canaldecasta : See mom? My memes are usefull