The Stripper - The Office US

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Jonny Zywiciel : KEVINNNNN

H Draws : We hired you for three hours of work, and we're gonna get it

Julio Chavero : I love Dwight 😂😂 We hired you for 3 hours work and we are going to get it 😂

Jimi Hendrix : You know what I find sexy?? Pam's art

Burakovskyeet : The office was expert and creating organically awkward scenes. some true masterpieces

Skanija : She eats Tide pods

Mad Scientist : Boyfriend in prison or something

Mad Scientist : Smell like Tide detergent

Mad Scientist : That nod from Kevin cracked me up

Ryan989 : No. This is a tide ad.

Julio Chavero : You know what I find sexy: is Kevin saying yes lmfao 😂😂😂

Fink Alt : you know what i found sexy?: the person who uploads these videos.

SorryImDany : “I’m sure you have a boyfriend in prison or something.”

Sabalghoo : "Oh I know you, Elizabeth? So cool you went back and got your degree!"

KiddKoalaz : She definitely ate tide pods before going there lol

outlander : Stripper: I'd get so fat working here. Pam: I lose my appetite all the time. Stripper: You could strip, ya know. Pam:..thanks...

Khizr Maqsood : Omg it's a Tide Ad

pranav moorthi : Kevin Malone the king

Vladislav Seiranian : I love how Michael created this situation himself, and then he acts as a victim in front of everybody...

Kitkiat : Lol ryan’s face

Julio Chavero : Me @1:22 when I'm out with my girl and she catches me looking at another girls ass 👅🍑

Ghost Hunter : you have a boyfriend in prison lol

Ms Crise : You should make a compilation of the best stripper moments, like when Dwight didn't get the waitress was a stripper, or when they hired Meredith's son

Eyad L : Isn’t that the same stripper from friends?

Hilal Scherbatsky : 2:20 Priceless...

Julio Chavero : Me @2:18 trying to talk to a sexy girl 😂😂😂😂

Jo Ta : moving... and sexy

MTRAdmiralty : Kudos to this Channel Admin for posting this after all of the talk about the Tide Super Bowl ads last night!

Sochi Kai : I swear I'm just like Michael; I try to act cool and immediately stop as soon as things got out of hand.

animazingcraze : It’s a Tide ad

Raph : Its a tide ad

Ghost Hunter : 1:30 this is wrong, love michael so naive and faithfull to jan

Nymul Ahmed : i swear.... the only reason this clip is uploaded is because of the Tide pod reference

phoenixkool : Roy lookin like he just smashed a massive joint

lellim : Shame on you.

Cian Mac : She be chowing down on them tide pods.

Frostbyteee : I bet you thought this was The Office... nope, it’s a Tide Ad.

Shogun90 : "Let's do this thing..." OMG

Greg Buckingham : Everything is a tide ad

Caroline Lafferty : I guess not all tide ads are clean..

cheng lin : Bigboobz <3 <3 <3

Rohan Bains : as if this clip has a reference to tide detergent which is so topical right now with evryone bloody eating tide pods.The US Office is genuis.

Cubsfan122112 : is this another Tide super bowl ad?


Christina Haggarty : Wasn't she the hooker on Friends?

Francis King : I bet Kevin has the biggest Throat yogurt machine in #theoffice , that stripper knew it , but couldn't fathom thought of her ovarian tubes being ripped open , after he wrecked it like a cumdumpster.

Austin Jones : Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.

Twinkle Desai : Kevin nodding with old guy glasses im dead

hotman718 : Ryan looks absolutely traumatized.

moshe s : Darrell holding a bunch of singles 😂