Techno Toys

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Myrdred Deceiver : "It took months to do that video, like close to the screen - just pure autism in digital format... that was such a blind waste of time it blows my mind to this day and its one of the main reasons why I really... why I don't like that video at all. I can't watch it" Sam Hyde on "Techno Toys"

Folgemilch21 : i dont care how long the editing took, it was worth it

dude dude : wow tony soprano is a sell out

Jim Hendrix : Amber is the color of your energy.

kudjo24 : wtf is that Will Sasso??????

Jeremy Kostic : Truly an editing masterpiece

theknifesong : That's tiiiiiiiime you'll never get bAAAACK!

Gameplay : Sam tricked us all into watching this.

Derek Louis : thanks, cinco

Ironclad : I think someone put acid in my acid...

TheBovinePig : Deus Ex Human Revolution (2011)

Or4ANGEpm : Best MDE video imo

Saucy Biscuits : This is too funny to watch after the latest Hydewarz

Dan : Brb gotta update my spudbook account

Alessandro Di Benedetto : Technophobia in video form.

Fourteen Eighty-eight : me da korean me likey dis video. korean supremacy we make cheap ar 15 ammo. we take over world. bye bye

Element of Phire : this is what the internet was invented for

Pieter Willem Botha : It's so amazing that they got Will Sasso to do a skit with them. Will apparently just loves to act regardless if there's money or not.

Marc Jennings : A month well spent

dark evilyn : i can't believe willy did a video with the boys... this is great

朱元璋 : hyolink simply. Korean.

Ricepaddy : Maybe I am getting old, but I don't understand this new tech at all/

Blam Blarson : *I like that*

Kubatrooper : 2:43 ahead of the times

absolutely incredible : amber is the color of ur energee [sigh]

treejoe4 : i dont know what it is but i like it

Bonald Farndhardt : Tim & Eric called, they want their material back.

Major League Swag Out : The face of trans humanism

TheRedditArmy : wew lad

Kings Field : Charls made this video, you can tell by the BFG sfx.

Crypt Kid : transends

Tara O'Reilly : ⁱ ˡⁱᵏᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ

BlatantThrowAway : Way too much like a Tim and Eric sketch.

lexn : This is so me

John Frankenheimer : What was that gadget he was holding in the beginning with the clamshell design and the fold out keyboard, it actually looked pretty neat?

Dr Duke : top kek

_ _iconoclast : Man that was great

Sticky Note : Where can I get that beam emission animation at 0:50?

ImNotJoshPotter : Beautiful. Simply transcendent.

loli S : Green elephant the movie

nightchemist : post sasso

Mummy Napkin : rip time

Gaema : more like tim and eric toys

xXCheese ChristXx : Man MDE used to be so funny, what happened?

Yric : Dad, no one has an AOL account...

Horizon585 : "Dad, no one has an AOL account"

drew1212 : Cursed

Tantalizing Tendies : Digital opium and fiber optic liberation

City Nights Vaporwave : who else phased out halfway into the video

laxwolf : Art guides the soul of humankind. Techno Toys is a masterpiece.