Gordon Ramsey - Maggot Cheese - F Word

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ExaltedDuck : This does nothing to alter my opinion that most cultural delicacies start as dares.

Jesua Diaz : Is this even Gordon Ramsay because it doesn't even look like him?!

Metaphix11b : mmm maggot shit

Lacifex the First : A true, authentic italian cheesmaker always improves his products. Next stage, when he shits into his cheese and womits all over it. That is the true delicacy.

WhatAreYouBuyen : Those maggots got into his brain and that's how Gordon became angry Gordon

Jess Kim : If someone fed me this I’d whoop their ass

Brent Mënn : How bout we eat the cheese BEFORE we introduce the flies...

A Black Weirdo : I love how the guy was hyping it up like it was the most delicious thing he ever ate but when Ramsey reveals that he has some, he immediately says "ah fuck me"

Assasin Chris : 5:40 "i'm sick of this family"

David James : The flies are not even controlled. They come in from the outside where they were just feasting on dog shit and dead human bodies.

Elton Joel : Delicacy: An overpriced, disgusting, ridiculous food that people convince themselves (and others) that they enjoy in order to appear cultured and upper class.

Lucas the Dragon : Millions of years of evolution. An apeman cracking another over the head with a rock for some extra food. A Spartan skewering a member of a lesser city-state. Thousands of years of turmoil and bloodshed. Have led to eating maggot shit cheese and calling it "top-notch cuisine". Did I miss something here?

Bagelstorm : To each their own, some people like eating their own shit, doesn't mean i should.

Greg Johnson : This cheese should be illegal.

Wanderlust89 : "Maggots are also proteins" - Bear Grylls.

Anthony Samuel : Look for this place to be ground zero for the next plague

Ezequiel Palacios : Holy shit why is tony Montana making cheese


Daniel Tanner : It's like one day someone forgot the cheese outside and when he found it a few months later, he was like... "Tastes fine to me"...

TĐxBrodyHanks , : The quality is bad, was it shot with a potato

TheAllSeeingTruth : Looks like some good chance of getting giardia or tapeworms.

Ayesha Irfan : 2:40 where can I buy that hi-tech whisk?

Max Norlin : but where is the lamb source

BiteAndChewFoodReview : *You know it's bad when people cheer when you finally take a bite.*

Thaddeus Stevens : You'd better chew it quite well to be sure the maggots are dead before swallowing.

kid ringo : Id try anything once, including this....but isn't there some other flavor other than fly larvae?

Slian D : Who was the first person to discover this shite?

andyJoe cia : and still blame india for hygenic purpose

Leaders aA : If the flies would be sterilized, controlled flies, this whole scenario would have been much better to enjoy.

ImetGodinperson : nice way to dupe people into watching the vid, making us think it was Gordon Ramsey when it clearly isn't and is garbage quality

Don Fanto : I have yet to see an exotic delicacy which is not utterly disgusting.

fuffo : *D I S G U S T A N G*

lll lll : I will eat this when i have 1 day left to live

D D : hmm maybe I should cum inside of some cheese, call it a millennia old delicacy, and try to sell it to these guys.

Kayyn Main : Huh maggots in cheese. Seems legit!

Mizz Bella Kitty : Why did I click on this when I know it was going to make me itch and feel sick....

xoVendettaxo Love : Ramsay not Ramsey

Eric Estrada : So they take perfectly good goat cheese, let it get infested with maggots, then pass it off as a delicacy.

Eric Butler : Red headed dude wanted no part of that shit at the end. Straight lied to yhat family at that dinner.

Supreme Bape : That guy is a POS when eating in front of the people he says it good. When back to Gordon he says it is foul. Definition of fake human being.

Svahn : 90% of people in the comments eat at McDonalds and calls this cheese discusting. You gota love capitalism ♥

Kira1Lawliet : I'm so conflicted. On the one hand, maggots, but on the other, damn that cheese looks good!

Kim Nielsen : Everything is a delicacy if you're brave enough.

PoTatO : Who came here for Gordon Ramsay?

ZildjianGuy Man : So its literally maggot shit that is called cheese. No thanks.

metamorphicorder : They didnt win a PDO for this cheese. It was forced on them. No one else WANTED to make it anywhere else, they also wanted to make sure no one escaped italy and came to their country and started making it there. This is like Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park, they were so busy asking whether they could, they didnt stop to ask whether they SHOULD. Im sure though that there is some hipster somewhere sitting down at a table with this, kopi luak, wine made from the fermented ball sweat of Swedish monks and bread cultured with the secretions of some feminist with a yeast infection.

robert : So when I feed rich people bugs it's a delicacy but when I feed a homeless man bugs it's "dehumanizing" and "disrespectful"? Sounds unfair to me

MioRaem : How the Casu Marzu came into existence (In ten steps): 1. A few farmers tried some delicious pecorino cheese in a village a few hundred years ago 2. They decided to raise a few goats and make their own Pecorino cheese 3. After doing so, for a long while, everything was just fine. 4. One hot summer however, someone fucked up really bad and forgot all his cheese. 5. They realized that the cheese was utterly ruined by flies and their offspring larvae 6. Not being very wealthy, they decided to keep it nonetheless ("Om-nom-nom...yeah, guess it's better than nuthin'!") 7. Some other farmer from another village came by and saw the cheese 8. He was freaking disgusted and laughed at the losers for fucking up their cheese ("You hadde ONE jobbe, Luigi!") 9. The hillbilly farmers panicked and lied, claiming that all this had actually been the masterplan! 10. They raised their following generations saying "Son, this is precisely how this cheese is meant to be!" ...Probably.

Randy Gareth : Nothing will liven a gathering like the cheese equivalent of a rotting corpse

King Leviathan : It takes a special kind of albino to eat cheese covered maggots lmfao