Gordon Ramsey - Maggot Cheese - F Word

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ExaltedDuck : This does nothing to alter my opinion that most cultural delicacies start as dares.

Metaphix11b : mmm maggot shit

Fisted Waffles : Is this even Gordon Ramsay because it doesn't even look like him?!

Cris Lowe : Family gathering? I know I'll bring rotting food

Lacifex the First : A true, authentic italian cheesmaker always improves his products. Next stage, when he shits into his cheese and womits all over it. That is the true delicacy.

Brent Menna : How bout we eat the cheese BEFORE we introduce the flies...

Comment Reader : 7:12 rip fly

Ayesha Irfan : 2:40 where can I buy that hi-tech whisk?

Leaders aA : If the flies would be sterilized, controlled flies, this whole scenario would have been much better to enjoy.

A Black Weirdo : I love how the guy was hyping it up like it was the most delicious thing he ever ate but when Ramsey reveals that he has some, he immediately says "ah fuck me"

STARZLISITY FAZZ : The maggot come from flies egg it's it ?

Max Norlin : but where is the lamb source

invisiblesurge44 : No gloves ?

Daniel Tanner : It's like one day someone forgot the cheese outside and when he found it a few months later, he was like... "Tastes fine to me"...

kid ringo : Id try anything once, including this....but isn't there some other flavor other than fly larvae?

NationalismBG : It's not only gross, but it seems really unclean. Those flies that are landing on the cheese are the same flies that land on goat shit. I'm all for exotic food, but this just seems nasty. It seems like a waste of perfectly good cheese.

Lucas the Dragon : Millions of years of evolution. An apeman cracking another over the head with a rock for some extra food. A Spartan skewering a member of a lesser city-state. Thousands of years of turmoil and bloodshed. Have led to eating maggot shit cheese and calling it "top-notch cuisine". Did I miss something here?

xoVendettaxo Love : Ramsay not Ramsey

WhatAreYouBuyen : Those maggots got into his brain and that's how Gordon became angry Gordon

Ezequiel Palacios : Holy shit why is tony Montana making cheese

Jess Kim : If someone fed me this I’d whoop their ass

Vincetagram : So were eating baby flies and their shit?

Bagelstorm : To each their own, some people like eating their own shit, doesn't mean i should.

MioRaem : How the Casu Marzu came into existence (In ten steps): 1. A few farmers tried some delicious pecorino cheese in another village a few hundred years ago 2. They decided to raise a few goats and make their own Pecorino cheese 3. After doing so, for a long while, everything was just fine. 4. One hot summer however, someone fucked up really bad and forgot all his cheese. 5. They realized that the cheese was freaking ruined by flies and their offspring larvae. 6. Not being really wealthy, they decided to keep it nontheless ("Om-nom-nom...yeah, guess it's better than nuthin'!") 7. Some other farmer from another village came by and saw the cheese 8. He was freaking disgusted and laughed at the loser farmers for fucking up their cheese ("You hadde ONE jobbe, Luigi!") 9. The hillbilly farmers panicked and lied, saying that all this had actually been the masterplan! 10. They raised their following generations saying "Son, this is precisely how this cheese is meant to be!" ...Probably.

Greg Johnson : This cheese should be illegal.

Assasin Chris : 5:40 "i'm sick of this family"

andyJoe cia : and still blame india for hygenic purpose

Kayyn Main : Huh maggots in cheese. Seems legit!

mrboxley : I don't see gordon ramsey

Joey Corley : The restaurant was probably full of flies😂!

Dankened Memes : 4K people disliked because they just flat out pussies

bapak aku : Omg..wtf...eeeeeeeerrr

TheAllSeeingTruth : Looks like some good chance of getting giardia or tapeworms.

Mat : Its only gross because your not use to it think about what you eat its prob just as gross for others. I'm wiling to try anything as long as someone who trys it and says its good (and actually thinks it good)

pratik astro saha : Pussy is delicacy then xD

Wanderlust89 : "Maggots are also proteins" - Bear Grylls.

Lt_Scarcxrd : Where's THE LAMB SAUCE!!

Dedge Plus : Imagine if this was just a prank on the host hahaha

Annabelle May Colmenero : Seem like people finally found a purpose for the freaking fly 😓😖😱😝😝😝

Lee Van : Casu mazu and sorstroming is like Freddie Vs.Jayson

The Fate of Slate : He looks nothing like the Goat Ramsay

Fan Made Videos : If they deep fry the maggots do they turn into Cheetohs?

i dont read replies : I'm open minded to recipes but im more interested in the first guy to decide that eating 3 month old maggot cheese is a good idea

ASotes : Ever heard of Karu Pujio cheese? It comes from Spain. After the curing process which takes about 3 weeks you get a bunch of Persian Chaldeans to shit all over it. You then leave the cheese to cure some more to really be enhanced in the flavor department. It's deeply delicious, quite the delicacy

Randy Gareth : Nothing will liven a gathering like the cheese equivalent of a rotting corpse

Artisan Gishinlok : 4,444,444th view lol

sean gordon : good time for a cheese log. GORDON"S ON FYRE 2NITE! THANKS FOR THE VIDEO, GORDSTER. i'll be recieving my checkque in the morn.

BiteAndChewFoodReview : *You know it's bad when people cheer when you finally take a bite.*

DaTigre : his name is Ramsay

Brenden Kelly : The west has no culture