Hall & Oates - She's Gone video

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steeler1979 : I think everybody's high on more than just consolation here.

Ashley Tweedale : Hall & Oates be trollin before trollin was trollin. Love these guys.

Heather Pettis : I can not unsee this. My favorite parts are when they casually fling money at the devil, and when Oates turns to Hall when it's his turn to lip synch, and Hall just stares off into space, refusing to fall in line. I think about this video way too much, haha! My 12 year old daughter was horrified by it, and made me promise to never show it to her again.

Patrick Steele : I don't know what I just watched, but it was fan-fucking-tastic.

glasstronic : It was done in 1973, as a joke. It had never aired but until one of them leaked it to the internet. The man in the devil costume was their road manager at the time.

Mark Flanigan : I think they were high on something more than consolation, haha!

Holly Kinkade : Daryl looks like one of the New York Dolls.

Daniel Hartman : I watch this like 5 times in a row at least once a month..

urganodevotaton : You don't need to spend a lot of money or make a great effort to make a brilliant music video. This is genius. if they were flipping off anybody they did it as a dead on comic interpretation of the song. The song is genius too.

DIY Douglas Scaramouchi : I have to say this. I feel weird saying it but I gotta say it because it's been eating away at me since I saw this video. Daryl Hall looks exactly like Linda McCartney's stoned twin sister in this video.

Steve Wellman : Hall's got that Bowie/Ziggy Stardust look down...I have no clue what Oates was going for, though.  Man, the 70's look awesome.

Kathy Reed : Omg! At first I thought this was some kind of SNL spoof . But it is a real video. I can't stop laughing. But, the more I watch it, the more I like it.( II is hilarious). I do kind of get the feeling that maybe they were forced to do the video by their record company. And they just didn't give a damn. Lol.. But as bad as the video is, the song is Amazing!

Heather Nance : haha its so bad its awesome... love hall and oates!!!

Dav Schlor : this is your brain on drugs....

Kissmy Asta : God, I miss the 70s!

Night Owl : Damn Oates was hot in this video!

tall yankee Gal : I'm 53, and though I absolutely love the song since it came out, I've not seen this until now...I think I just watched the worst or best video ever...though it's going to take another 40 years to figure it out! lol

L List : OMG I have NEVER seen this before! What is UP with Daryl wearing women's wedge sandals -----and with SOCKS, to boot! LOLOLOLOL I surely don't remember THAT trend! Yuckster, Daryl!🤔

Lori Entenza : uh interesting video to a great song......

Kelli Erin : Subdued....this is completely low key no trying.. lol my God Daryl Hall's hair and shoes

Michelle douglas : Their minds are gone and so are Daryls eyebrows but i love it 😀

Ellen Thompson : Had to watch it again because I still can't believe it. One camera, one shot...looks like Wayne's World skit on SNL but it's for real.

snocap393G : I have to look at this every few months...Just because..:)

lindarella8881 : Arguably the greatest video of all time.

wes mantooth : Nice shoes Darryl, looks like he's preparing for the Silver album cover-shoot.

Otto Greenleaf : John Oates said this is about a girl who didn't come back......She's Gone.

Astrosjer : Simply the best H@O song ever and this alone makes them worthy of their recent Hall of Fame induction. It is not a great video and it is the lousy single edit which butchers off two minutes of this classic. It is good for historical reasons! Glad the recent hits collections have gone back to the long album version over this.

Raymond Caruso : I think I'm getting stoned just watching this video, great song miss the 70's

Daehawk : I'll have what they had.

Kevin : Holy hell, These guys look like old ladies strung out on meth....This a cut scene from breaking bad?

airplanebuilderman : I'm getting a high just watching this

Ken Head : Now I know who the Flight of the Conchords have been imitating in just about every video they've done.

Christopher Brand : cocaine was a factor in this vid.....gotta love the 70s

Jake E blacklab : Daryl Hall's hair ROCKS!!!!! Hahahahaha!

Johnny Showgoer : I love this tune and these guys, they are baked!....:) Peace......

Tsung-Ping Lin : I love the song very much. It is one of the best sad songs in the world.

Sid Fernandez : this video is so damn weird. but i love it.

Eric Veritas Blair : Haulin' oats

jimcarreyonline : What went wrong? Well lets see daryl forgot or didn't want to lip sync in some parts and during Johns close up he is lipsyncing daryls part and not his own Lol. They r high and a bit cranky looking too.Lol. LOVE THIS VIDEO!

David Allen : This was during when Daryl Hall was studying black magic and witchcraft.

Ellen Thompson : I guess this was the days prior to music videos. Pretty bad.

Rebekah Worsham : What is that thing hanging on the back of Darryl's chair?

menchitty11 : I actually remember this! I saw it on WPVI Channel 6 in Philadelphia!

G FM : The best ever!!! Right up there with the Rolling Stones "Start me up."

Melissa Garrett : I must admit that I love this video. The song is great. It's the song I always sing when I'm riding a horse that I'm nervous about. My singing is so god awful that I start to relax because I'm laughing at myself. Sometimes I frighten the horse with my singing though.

Spectral X : What is that pipe looking thing hanging over the back of Daryl's chair?

Doug Kendall : During Daryl Hall's Bowie period...priceless video, too bad MTV was still 8 years away.

nico rod : WTF! I love these guys , I have never seen this video. OMG . but the 80s were a strange and awesome time   .       long live the 80s

and Atlas shrugged : Make no mistake this is brilliance

chris smith : There's enough high in this video for everyone.