92-year-old doctor shares her secrets to a long and happy life
92 year old doctor shares her secrets to a long and happy life

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Dr. Melissa Freeman is still practicing medicine at 92 and not stopping anytime soon.



Pat Marcacci : What a lovely lady! God bless her! Being an African American woman going to medical school! What obstacles she must have surmounted! Btw people when you see elderly folks in the subway, get up and offer your seat! Did your momma not raise you well? 🙏

Blessed or Messy w/ Franki : Wonderful. She easily looks 60. Beautiful brown healer.

Oc4ever12 : She's a clear example of what I've been talking about....there are many African American people from ages 40-95 that's never been in trouble with the law....we are usually ignored, while the media seems to focus mainly on the criminals and gangbangers,...we are the backbone of the Black Community... we are it's strength!

Heavenly Organic Beauty : I am applying to medical school and I am 43 years old! I am truly inspired by Dr. Freeman.

Dezeri Smith : Essence magazine needs to honor this woman, she's a trailblazer for the elderly that you can still keep it moving baby.

Geraldine Parker : She does not speak, look or carry herself like a 92 years young. Beautiful lady, just wonderful.

Tony Satie : 92 !! Wow. Smart lady. Strong genes. God bless her.

Love : Dam I hope I look like that if I live to be 92

The Blood Of Ogun #AlphaBlack #B1 : She's 92?????? #BlackDontCrack

Apostle Latarsha B. Willis Ministries : Outstanding! You are such an inspiration Doc. My grand aunt was a nurse for 65 years. She retired at 96 and continued to volunteer for another 10 years before she passed at home of natural causes at age 106. She was asleep in her bed. When you love what you do and do it all your life, you live a long productive life...

Jessica Lee : 92? Her skin looks amazing!

The Undefeated : 83 dislikes from drug dealers, shame on them.

jnefitema yep : Black don't crack. If being black was a curse then 1 of our disadvantages would be aging fast.

Mongrel : The Granddaughter of an actual person born into slavery a direct connection from slavery to success and still going strong!!!💪💯 more and more we start seeing vast examples of lies and misconceptions about black folk in America meant to discredit them

Dennis Ng : Malaysian Prime Minister, just elected three months ago is 93. In his prime literally. And he is a trained medical doctor too.

Traders Friend : Older people still have worth and vitality! It is good to hear that validation in the media......

O faithful : What manner of woman is this. May God bless your soul!!

ODB Gonz : God bless this beautiful lady 🙏


beverly francis : I love this. May God bless this doctor to see 100years!

iremember la : We need more positive stories like this these days!

Stella Esther : Look what God has done!! He did it again. God is faithful to his people. Her spirit is so strong. “no matter what happens in life we have to keep moving on“.

Sarya Polo - Rohit : Why would you down vote this video?! This lady is so precious. May God bless her and reward her in the Afterlife.

john shoffner : Omg she’s 92. Looks 25 years younger.

Maria John : My Aunt Who is a beautiful Black Puerto Rican Queen and a daughter of The King of kings and Lord of lords Jesus Christ is her Savior she's 99 years young. MY mother is a Black Puerto Rican Queen aswell whose the Kinvs daughter Jesus Christ her Lord she's 94 years young God Bless Them both in Jesus precious Holy name Amen.

miss fabulous : This is what you get from healthy living, just incredible.

Single Mom : Beautiful lady god watch over her

Joanna DeVoe : When did we collectively decide to hide away our elders & disregard their value? There's a wealth of wisdom, inspiration & beauty in people like Dr. Melissa. LOVE this.

Anthony Stroman : No secret GOD'S GRACE.

Mac Mills : She needs to write a book and have a movie

Alpha Menson : I guess this is your callin mom, n there is no retirement in God purpose. i love you. Jesus Christ bless you

Darkoaa Christiana : proud of her God bless you my dear😘

Orions Eye : She has a very strong voice, doesn't sound like a 92 year old woman.

Elizabeth K : Now Kardashians, this IS what you call a ROLE MODEL!

Amber Abundantly Favoured : Tight skin!!! Yes Ma*am!

Debi Barrington : What a cutie lil old lady ..would love to sit down and hear her stories

Willie Mala : She is a clone of her grandfather ...wow and she doesn’t look or sound like no 90 yr old. She is having problems moving though

T Fleming : No glasses, beautiful skin, well spoken at 92... WOW God's grace is amazing.

Myesha : She needs to write a book!

Kaissa Music : Who can possibly dislike this? She is such a great inspiration. Blessings to her. 🙏🏿❤️👸🏿

Shellz 88 : Very inspirational. This brought tears of joy to my eyes, it's truely a blessing; glad she able and healthy to continue to do what she loves to do.

YomeJachunRae Kickass : GOD BLESS HER!!!!!!! This made me so emotional watching this. Such fresh of breath air & motivation.

Tracy .Smith : This woman is my hero!! An Angel of Light, my beacon of hope. Thank you for sharing this story of inspiration with us.

Lakesha James : So awesome😂I'am returning to school in 2019 at 40 years old to get me a master degree in nursing😉Black girls rocks✊

ALCHEMIST Yohan THE RESTORER & SCIENTIST : Thank god / goddess for you Dr Freeman Melisa keep the 🌄growth🏞

k odu : She looks like 70.

Sparkling Silver GoldDiamonds : This Older Impressive Woman Looks Like Nice Lady!!!! You Go 👧 Girl....

Desminique Rowell : How can people dislike this? Go my sister!!!! My great grandmother was 91 when she passed and still looked great also. She remind me of her....no wrinkles or nothing.. Thank God I have that dark skinned pigment. 🤗🤷🏾‍♀️