92-year-old doctor shares her secrets to a long and happy life

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Angela Marcinkevich : Keep going doc my great aunt lived to be 96 , she cooked, cleaned and lived in her own home , also took care of her great grandkids too . She passed in 2011shecwas the best and doctor so are you . God bless ❤️

Marcella Mcduffie : This is awesome . God is blessing her ,and do what you do until you cant do no more much love to her and her family,and take care ,and have a great,and fabulous rest of the day.

amal zuhair : This woman went through medical school in the 40s and 50s when the Black people had no rights to speak of I have to say I have mad respect for this woman


John Edward Jones : Awesome...Congratulations Doctor on continuing to lead a full and meaningful life contributing to so many.

Heavenly Organic Beauty : I am applying to medical school and I am 43 years old! I am truly inspired by Dr. Freeman.

john shoffner : Omg she’s 92. Looks 25 years younger.

Alana Sims : Aww she’s so adorable! I wish I could be so interested in something. Especially medicine...I am interested in makeup and hair, and health, but I just couldn’t imagine being smart enough to b a doctor. Wow! I duno...If someone would just pay for me to go all the way through schooling for medicine, I probably could get it all done. But honestly, math would be my BIGGEST struggle

Mongrel : The Granddaughter of an actual person born into slavery a direct connection from slavery to success and still going strong!!!💪💯 more and more we start seeing vast examples of lies and misconceptions about black folk in America meant to discredit them

The Blood Of Ogun #AfricanGodOfWar #B1 : She's 92?????? #BlackDontCrack

Myesha : She needs to write a book!

Tee B : very cool..i know a black male doctor who still practices, drives around...all while fighting cancer. SOME black folks are unstoppable!

The Lovely Miss Monica : The one ☝ person who didn't like this needs JESUS

AVE Skincare : Beautiful and Priceless!!!

Anthony Stroman : No secret GOD'S GRACE.

Elizabeth K : Now Kardashians, this IS what you call a ROLE MODEL!

Hilda Jones : Awesome life 💐💐💐 thank you GMA for sharing her story with us please tell she's written a book?????????

Michele J : Wow...well bless her sweet heart. ❤️

Sharon Moore : This is a very nice story and very uplifting. It made me tear up. My grandma passed away at age 102 and my Mom recently passed at age 90. Both were iconic women and was still very witty and spiritual.

Ifeoma Mozie : Robin is right; in this society, older people are pretty much ignored and how I say at times, “put out to pasture” as if they do not hold any value anymore. We need to be careful because one day, by the grace of God, we can live to be that age and still be healthy and hopefully be appreciated. I don’t want to be forgotten and ignored in the future.


MC W2 : She is clearly the american Queen..she should meet the queen of England. Both are 92 years old and still working

Pat Marcacci : What a lovely lady! God bless her! Being an African American woman going to medical school! What obstacles she must have surmounted! Btw people when you see elderly folks in the subway, get up and offer your seat! Did your momma not raise you well? 🙏

kemilola Fadeyi : God has been good to her at 92 ? She is still walking around and working . Happy for her ...such a blessing to humanity .

1BlessedGem : God Bless Dr. Freeman!!!! This is remarkable! My 30 yr old friend complains about everything and doesn't realize nor understand how and why his life isn't thriving. What U put out in the Universe will come back to U.

gracie knutzon : Damn, she looks fabulous!!! Good for her. You keep going young lady. And way to go helping people fight this crazy addiction right now.

Abel & CAIN : God bless her

gladys ovoke : Doctor u are blessed. God is good

Laura Butler : Yes, Lord there are soooooo many AMAZING, WONDERFUL ppl like her that NEVER get due credit for their love, knowledge and wisdom in this world. I THANK GOD for ppl like her! She's a TRUE gem!

Nathan Hiz : Demi levato needs to go to her

Mz Dee : Whoa looking hella good for her age. What a blessing! I’m 38 and this is...#goals😏

Marion Wright : Amazing..and lookin good! Listen..I have a 96 yr old grandfather also graduated from Howard, retired psych, just danced us all out at a fam function the other day and sharp as a tac ....she'd be perfect for! Somebody hook it up!..lol

S Glover : God has showed her favor. That's amazing!

World Exploder : I am so tired of hearing about “secrets to longevity”! Here is the secrets - health, genetics, and luck.

Jane D. : I see her living another good 30 years!!! Amen!!!

Lakesha James : So awesome😂I'am returning to school in 2019 at 40 years old to get me a master degree in nursing😉Black girls rocks✊

CHERYL THOMAS : Doctor Melissa Freeman is awesome and remarkable indeed

jessicaaudate : Ohhh she looks just like her daddy!

Kawaiipusheenlove Xoxo : My hero 🙏🏾🙏🏾many God bless this amazing strong woman 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Jeremiah Thompson : My New Shero... Wow what an Amazing Lady... Just Love Her to Life...

Preachers Son : Am I the only one that feels like maybe they shouldn’t have let the entire world know how she gets about considering she’s a Doctor and not everyone is trust worthy. Could be a reason to be cautious and common sense should have been used not airing out her daily schedule. Js

Torey Phillips : 92 years young and still going strong and she still got it too..!!!!

al mi : At 92 she is still working but there are 30 year olds who not only refuse to find a job, but also opt to live off taxpayers.

Princess Brat : WOW!!! She is outstanding!!! God bless!!! And though she looks really young, I hope those riding the subways will give up their seats for her.

Naturally Gifted : Get it! Black do not crack!

Barranco George : 92 year's old!!!!

nomfundo ncobeni : She's so beautiful and strong. 💓💓

Nicole Mitchell : Wow it's amazing how people her age can still go strong and stay active

Brenda Sykes-Tucker : This is the most amazing story I've seen all week, trailblazing, just make me want to do better in everything I do., NO excuses!!!!!!!

Torey Phillips : 92 years young and she still got it..!!!! And God Blessed her being At the age 92...!!!! Wow.