Gravity Industries - Speed & Agility Jet Suit Lake Testing

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Čudna Biljka : This is the coolest thing ever

ΘΕΟΣ ΘΝΗΤΟΣ : I bet there will be "synchronized flying" in the 2100 Olympic games.

gandharzero : What is the expected max. altitude/speed of the new iteration - jet suit?

Garth Nicholls : Does it require a lot of arm strength the maintain stability and flight?

Tony Stark : Not bad

Axel sypkens smit : Where was this? the highway and nature looked European to me

zygo16112 : GTA San Andreas ROCKETMAN

Daniel Pestana : You should really invite Robert Downey Jr. to test this. Now that would be cool :-) And viral!

s10m0t10n : Astonishing and incredibly cool. Watching for more videos to keep up with progress.

K38rescue : Very cool! I like the lower sound and downward wind current, looks like you have reduced that footprint over similar devices. Kudos and best of luck!

mhcmhcmhc : Cool tech, but needs tons of upper body strength, better hit the gym.

Tony Afonso : Is that you Mr. Stark?

Alan S. : Wonderful! So when are these going into production for the rest of us?

Samus : Пиздец охуенно

fabio roldan : What are the problems that must be solved to achieve higher altitude? How high could you reach without using wings? Have you done a height test? uses a crane for safety.

Frik : Awesome. Might have some potential for filming action sequences in the movie industry.

II : Isn't it dangerous to distract motorists on a highway like that?

Zati Orzo : Wow.

equitydude : the only people who disliked this are in a nursing home

VLNOW : congratulations, awesome flight. p.s. 0:59 - near miss?

Daniel Matthews : Dead man flying. Very cool, but ultimately fatal, it is just a matter of time.

Esteban Herbaut : Just incredible

Brick Sprickly : I only downvoted just to be that guy for once.

Jack Bisson : Just incorporate a parachute device and this could be used by rescue, police, etc., for those special situations. Awesome stuff.

ᅵ ᅵ : This video is Really cool😎 Gravity industry is Amazing!

Babbling Booby : and when the engines fail you sink like a stone.....

Charl Snyman : WHOOOO HOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Griffin : Soon he's fighting crime :D

Brian Griffin : have you tried going higher? the fuel capability is a problem I believe.

dawid dawidowicz : Idealny na pola minowe

Ritu Sharma : amazing.....incredible......

Senf Meister : Amazing!

AleX AlexQ : You guys should colaborate with the Hacksmith.

KinDzaDza123123 : And this is how the baron Vladimir Harkonnen was born.

Simply Different : In the future we don't need traffic anymore. We can going on vacation anywhere we wanna go on our own. But only one thing im affraid of: Misuse by terrorists :(

JosStrange : I think I’m going to cry

Fistem : captain disillusion up next

Yashvi Shah : It's amazing

Lee Dunn : Awesome guys!

Captain Sammich42 : How much does it cost

Black Lord : Why not make extra turbines on your feet to increase traction?! And that they, if possible,for example,when you press a button, could turn off if you want to land! Почему бы и нет.

Andrés 1720 : Cracks !!!!

Mr AunKung : ติดตามคอยดูความสำเร็จมาตลอด และจะรอดูต่อไป...👏👏👏👏

john N : I bet there is a military use for this, and it does not look to costly. If they can add 10x power and time of flight there might be a use. Also this technology is very new and just wait another 2 - 5 years.