Giant chicken

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jabman025 : welcome to Jurassic Park...........budget version....

Robert Hardy : ...Brahmas get to 12-14lbs.......I think this is some selective spatial manipulation

YOUxFILTHYxANIMAL : Where was this filmed, Chernobyl?

Adam Smith : Wait a minute. This thing is effin HUGE. seriously thought it was a man stepping out in a chicken costume at first. smh.

Ryan Troise : Jurassic World 2 looks amazing

chopsuey087 : ain't nobody gonna try to cook him for dinner that's for sure

J Nav : That is one huge cock!

Lisa Mitchell : someone pleaaaase explain

Frank Alcala : That nigga must be looking for peter griffin hell naw

Charles Zevisionneur : You should rename the video "petite amateur owner shows his big white cock"

UBUNTU UBUNTU : Arise, chicken arise!

Yalinne Garduno : where can i get this mount

LWAL63 : It's a real life foghorn from looney tunes

Bey's Bugg : The fuck is this??? This has to be a hoax! 😱😱😱


jennifer bravo : How tf are these so big. The ones I found on Google are not nearly this six s

Edgebot 3000 : Somebody needs to photoshop a blue devil in his mouth

Let’sMakeSomeNoise : (Insert dick joke here)

Kyle Davis : Was about to fall asleep but just remembered I live on the same planet as that huge chicken and now I'm sacred

Scott Henry : Is that a Jersey Giant? Get Peter Griffin in here to kill it.

Burrito Gonzales : please explain holy shit

Ronald Q : Is that chicken boo?

z1ya! : Anyone from Snapchat? (Mashable)😂

DigiRanma : You wear a disguise, To look like human guys, But you're not a man, You're a chicken, Boo.

Randall Decker : this the giant chicken that gave Peter Griffin a bad coupon....

Ash the Wolf : Tbh that thing would make some great KFC

ultra ruddy : Buckethead would be proud!

dadang peot : Put him in the ring

M Meah : Gadnuk breaker of worlds

Zack Abdulbaki : Nobody tell peter griffin okay!!!

Big Mean Sweaty Dyke : I have so many questions.

Scrubifi : I searched big cock on pornhub and this video showed up

Dave : Family guy brought me here

Whoa Waleed : Just dye it yellow and put in a forest and one of my childhood dream will come true

jpizzo910 : You wear a disguise to look like human guys. But you're not a man, you're a chicken boo.

Marc Green : Where is Peter Griffin to fight this giant chichen?

Rick Cv : WTF..... !!!!!!

Pandadude : Huge cock, tight hole.

Brenton Sailor : Is it me or did I see two big birds in this video, what are they being fed?

_essie_505 : In mother Russia the chicken cuts YOUR head off

Kit☾ : *_mega birb_*

rebelyell1983x : "Chicken....gave me.. a bad coupon..."

sweet one loves : is this real ????? because if it is real I am throwing all my chicken out of my freezer.  Someone made that chicken in a dam garage lab.  DAM !  I Don't want to become a vegan, after looking at this , I'm really thinking about it now.   this gotta be a joke being played on us.     : /

Alexis Johnson : Jurassic park on a budget

Brandon ringo : That young man came out like "now which one of y'all eat chicken"

Fluicor : but you are not a man you are a chicken-boo

Grumpy Cat : Hes getting revenge from KFC

Carmelo Sanchez Rodriguez : Eso no es más que un precioso ejemplar de Brahma Gigante. No tiene nada de extraño.

Fidget Spinner God : we need to go get peter griffin to come deal with this