Jason Statham competed in diving at the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland

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ElEternoPoetaLuis : He had hair!!!

Symon Says TV : There is no failure in life, just diving boards to a greater future.

Lalune350z : That's the last time anyone saw those judges. 🔪🔪🔪🛩🚢🚀🌪🔫🏹

Melissa Elgersma : Very disappointing, he'll have to comfort himself by becoming an international movie star who dates exclusively supermodels.

Thomas Lowe : its weird looking at him with hair.

CanIHaveDemWings : I cringed at the sound of the last dive and felt bad for him. But then I remembered. He's richer than all the judges that scored him.

Drogheda Drones & Fun : It's Megalodon

Turco949 : From Diver to Driver.....nice transition!

FlyingShazbot : What is that thing on his head? It looks like hair.

Matt Olson : Thank god he couldn't cut it. We might be living in a world without Crank.

SuperSparrow45 : Legend states that after that night, he traded his hair for the ability to kick ass.

Марко Веселич : Wasn't satisfied with score,went berserk,killed everyone xD

Aron : Was his wife born at that time?

Mr_StephenB : After the scoring Statham killed the judges then took out the 10 strong security force before driving his BMW out of the building whilst it explodes.

Tlot Pwist : Next thing you know, someone digs footage of the Rock competing in gymnastics in a nineties olympics

Joven C : I'm glad he's an actor now. :)

IDoTheBosses : jason at 3 years dad : what is your dream son ? jason : i wandchu bii a dayrver dad : what ? say it again! jason : dayrver dad : oh a diver.. you wanna become an anthlete.. thats is good son jason : nnyoo.. a dryver.. dad : yes yes , i heard son.. let me built a pool for ya.. :') jason : noohhh dadda... this the reason this video exist

MeanJoeGreene : Wow dude was a real athlete respect

UserInterface00 : He was only acting as a bad diver. That's how good he is 😉

steven van rensburg : Respect. Most people couldn't do that.

Unamuno64 : Should have used a stunt double :0

David Houma : Man from that score no wonder he went bald.

John Wick : At some points he looked like he may be Kristen Stewart's biological father.

L.A. Prodigy : This film is one of Jason's first films, its called "The Diver" in these scenes he must get a perfect score from the judges or the mobsters would kill his girl.

Joe Congdon : That commentator better say something nice or else he's going to have his ass beaten.

Diamond_ Dave : Whys everyone knocking Jason Staham? Hes one of the most famous actors ever to have come out of Britain and is a total bad ass in most of his HOLLYWOOD films and is worth millions. Respect to the guy fs!

BMW Guy : the Turkish dived because the diamond was in the pool.

Jose Cruz : Still better than the 2016 Olympic Phillipine team!

FROZEN EMPIRE : It's fake; he has no hair... XD

Jimmy Jamestown Massacre : i'm still willing to bet none of you dorito-crust fingered zilches could do any better than any of these dives

Arch Stanton : Needs more epinephrine.

Medal Mold : Your failures will lead into a new direction of success

aaron i : Jason Statham just keeps popping up in random 90s music videos and sports WTF!

Dough Boy : Who took the jam out of his donut?

vk varman : Stallone : alright alright, your in for expendables 4

MaxM888 : You got to respect this guy: a professional diver (more than most people ever achieve), a top martial artist (more than most people achieve), a top Hollywood action star (more than most people achieve), and dating a super-model (more than most people achieve) = RESPECT!!

darkaquatus : I can see why he gave this up lol

Bill Proud : Hey Jason, you know what might have helped? If you shaved your head

Cescolo : 0.5, rlly? that judge is a real patriot give him a 4 at least he only messed up the land (sorry idk how to call it), or not?

Santosh Devalekar : Really it's a fact, that some people looks good without hairs

Z Szilagyi : Anyone with a big mouth should try and do that themselves! Looked better with hair as so many of us....

cdwwg : "DID YOU KNOW, JASON STATHAM COMPETED IN DIVING AT THE COMMONWEALTH GAMES?! Here's a video of him doing absolutely horrible." Yeah, that's the way I wanted to find out about him performing professionally in a sport..

Arash_mlk_s7 Mlk : I like and respect hem ❤️🙏 Good job man

Jason Jackson : Oh well, might as well try the movie business .....

Jorge Mercado : I would have rather not seen this. :(

MAASGATE : Very Crank!

Esh11_WOTB : wtf ? You mean he had a hair once ?

daniel280456 : Whenever I see an athlete performing badly at an important competition, I feel really sorry for them. They must feel like crap. But he's rich now, he doesn't care anymore.

johnhorak2000 : after this he told him self: fck this i will be a movie star

St Gerard : A team of international terrorists took over the swimming baths that very same day ...but they didn’t bank on one thing......THE STRATH ...💯👀