Hey Arnold! Opening Theme Song

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lokmard lokmardson : tell me guys why I cry right now???

Bob : 0:18 How does he grab the flashlight? He's like 50 ft away.

no goyim : I wasn't even born in the 90's but i loved this show. I have seen every single episode. Honestly the greatest tv show on nickelodeon. I honestly love early 2000 and 90's nickelodeon shows. Back when they were good...

Sef Huss : of course they got gerald's black ass playing basketball at 3 in the morning 😒

JOHNNYCFC24 : When I was kid growing up in the UK, i always wondered why she called him football head when it didn't even look like a football, but then I realised about American Football haha

Jaydon Larry : who else came here after hey arnold theme song has so many problems

Brevgames : Has anyone ever wondered why THESE KIDS ARE OUTSIDE AT 3 IN THE MORNING?!

Azaria Hunter : Can we talk about that walking tho?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ryan Cunningham : Nickelodeon is considering reviving the show, by revive I mean make new episodes. I hope they don't use 21st century animation styles, because those suck. I hope they don't make it CGI or Flash animation.

Сергей Леонтьев : arnold is the only white cartoon character whose got respect in the projects.... him n gerald tore that shit up

lxvecyrus : 0:39 why the fuck does Rhonda move like that? Like she's tryina fight. Damn ketchup packet.

Anthony Neely Jr : So she was calling Arnold following him around the city just to tell him move it football head lol

destiny swopes : Am I the only one that thinks that Arnold could be Stewie's older brother instead of Chris?

Frederick Pasco : I didn't realize how funky that was back in the day

Luffy1045 : damn this intro was fuego

K!NNG Bryson : R.I.P. Hey Arnold!: October 7, 1996 - June 8, 2004

ForksYay : Dunkey anyone?

Orange Emerald : nostalgia hit me so hard in the face that I turned 5 again

GirlAlmightyTV : Arnold dresses like a kid from 2017! Skinny jeans, overly long shirt and baseball cap. Something outta Chirs Brown music video!

backthefuckupoffme : This was a great show. It was like the urban version of Doug. Both Doug and Arnold are good role models too.

FireBreather16 AUTTP : Ahhh the sweet smell of 1996

aceattorney1989 : Is anybody re-watching this show for the 20th anniversary?

Fabian Garcia : Brings a tear to my eye knowing I never will be able to relive my childhood, not having a care in the world and watching cartoons like hey arnold, simpler times...):

ɓlαҡε : I still don't know what that voice is saying at the very beginning.

ambient wife : Lyrics: hey arnold arnold

SoundCloud Visuals : I'm about to remix the shit outta this

Keith Michael : jazz and the 90s .. what could be better ?

drunkjim420 : Why was Arnold's hat unreasonably small?

katzinhatz1 : At 0:37 there are 6 boys and 6 girls on the street but at 0:39 only 4 of the girls show up. And at 0:31 only 4 boys show. Animation error?

Hassan German : i remember watching this show as a kid. although i live in germany and grew up here i very well remember how this show gave me the unique feeling like as if I was growing up in new york or some other american city xD

aceattorney1989 : Hey Arnold! The Best Nicktoon ever!

Shane Walsh : Reminds me of the days I sat down to watch Good Burger too.

randy jack : Throwback to a cooler time ❤️❤️❤️

MrSuperbigman06 : i wish that hey Arnold did the complete series box set

Emily : Always thought Rhonda was cute as hell

XenobakaLP : If this show teached me something as a kid, then that whatever skin color, gender or age people were, you can be friends.

kernita harris : we should get them to continue hey arnold series and movies, who with me?

Ethan Lavinsky : forget stewie griffin, arnold is the original football head

Helga G. Pataki : 0:40 Move it, football head!

aceattorney1989 : Happy 20th Anniversary, Hey Arnold!

Brendan Poepplein : +JeepJeepKeyBlock778 this show was a childhood favorite of mine

David Aubin : 0:40 Helga: Move it football head. LOL

lol70721 : "Hey Football head" 

Spark246 : i like the show but the intro is annoying

Bergenator 9264 : My band teacher used to tell us how this was one of his favorite TV theme songs, and I have to say, I kind of agree with him.

Lps Angel Bunny : Arnold was such a good show ^^ I watch it every night at 10:00 on teenick same with the rug rats at rocket power ^^

Dom' Valhalla : I showed this cartoon to my little brother (I'm almost 22 and he 4) and now he loves it

TheEpikKatana27 : I love that thing arnold and Gerald do with their hands

BrodyCanuck : Move it football head!

S S : These kids bad as hell, they need to be in the house the hell they going out at 2 am trying to get into a street fight. lmao. j/k I love this show, this theme song does hard.