Hey Arnold! Opening Theme Song

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Sef Huss : of course they got gerald's black ass playing basketball at 3 in the morning 😒

JOHNNYCFC24 : When I was kid growing up in the UK, i always wondered why she called him football head when it didn't even look like a football, but then I realised about American Football haha

no goyim : I wasn't even born in the 90's but i loved this show. I have seen every single episode. Honestly the greatest tv show on nickelodeon. I honestly love early 2000 and 90's nickelodeon shows. Back when they were good...

BrevGames : Has anyone ever wondered why THESE KIDS ARE OUTSIDE AT 3 IN THE MORNING?!

ambient wife : Lyrics: hey arnold arnold

Anthony Neely Jr : So she was calling Arnold following him around the city just to tell him move it football head lol

Bob : 0:18 How does he grab the flashlight? He's like 50 ft away.

Сергей Леонтьев : arnold is the only white cartoon character whose got respect in the projects.... him n gerald tore that shit up

lokmard lokmardson : tell me guys why I cry right now???

Ryan Cunningham : Nickelodeon is considering reviving the show, by revive I mean make new episodes. I hope they don't use 21st century animation styles, because those suck. I hope they don't make it CGI or Flash animation.

Azaria Hunter : Can we talk about that walking tho?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Orange Emerald : nostalgia hit me so hard in the face that I turned 5 again

Frederick Pasco : I didn't realize how funky that was back in the day

Fabian Garcia : Brings a tear to my eye knowing I never will be able to relive my childhood, not having a care in the world and watching cartoons like hey arnold, simpler times...):

FireBreather16 AUTTP : Ahhh the sweet smell of 1996

destiny swopes : Am I the only one that thinks that Arnold could be Stewie's older brother instead of Chris?

backthefuckupoffme : This was a great show. It was like the urban version of Doug. Both Doug and Arnold are good role models too.

XenobakaLP : If this show teached me something as a kid, then that whatever skin color, gender or age people were, you can be friends.

Hassan German : i remember watching this show as a kid. although i live in germany and grew up here i very well remember how this show gave me the unique feeling like as if I was growing up in new york or some other american city xD

MoFi : the three football head God's stewie Arnold numbuh 1/Nigel uno

K!NNG Bryson : R.I.P. Hey Arnold!: October 7, 1996 - June 8, 2004

drunkjim420 : Why was Arnold's hat unreasonably small?

lxvecyrus : 0:39 why the fuck does Rhonda move like that? Like she's tryina fight. Damn ketchup packet.

Luffy1045 : damn this intro was fuego

TheEpikKatana27 : I love that thing arnold and Gerald do with their hands

Nathaniel.wav : I'm about to remix the shit outta this

Ethan Lavinsky : forget stewie griffin, arnold is the original football head

Emily : Always thought Rhonda was cute as hell

William Salters : She was obsessive! How could Arnold have not know Helga was into him?

Chrisomatic Chaotix : Who heard of the Jungle movie is coming this Friday?!?! I’m hyped

aceattorney1989 : Is anybody re-watching this show for the 20th anniversary?

Helga G. Pataki : 0:40 Move it, football head!

aceattorney1989 : Hey Arnold! The Best Nicktoon ever!

randy jack : Throwback to a cooler time ❤️❤️❤️

David Aubin : 0:40 Helga: Move it football head. LOL

katzinhatz1 : At 0:37 there are 6 boys and 6 girls on the street but at 0:39 only 4 of the girls show up. And at 0:31 only 4 boys show. Animation error?

ɓlαҡε : I still don't know what that voice is saying at the very beginning.

Jaydon Larry : who else came here after hey arnold theme song has so many problems

Kaye Squared : i just love this jazzy theme song.... there's none like it!!!! 90's cartoons rule!!!!!

MrSuperbigman06 : i wish that hey Arnold did the complete series box set

Bergenator 9264 : My band teacher used to tell us how this was one of his favorite TV theme songs, and I have to say, I kind of agree with him.

dhosea101 : All I have to say is that if you did not catch hey Arnold the jungle movie tonight you really missed out on what true finale is it made us 90s kids proud go see it as soon as you can on demand that is all

lol70721 : "Hey Football head" 

S S : These kids bad as hell, they need to be in the house the hell they going out at 2 am trying to get into a street fight. lmao. j/k I love this show, this theme song does hard.

Shane Walsh : Reminds me of the days I sat down to watch Good Burger too.

Kevin Ortiz : The movie yesterday was phenomenal... brought back so many great memories and we got the closure we deserved

Keith Michael : jazz and the 90s .. what could be better ?

ShadowSpear : Is it bad that Helga was my favorite character, despite her always being mean and rude to Arnold? lol Though I knew deep down she had a crush on him. It's obvious, people who pick on others, are normally because they like them so much. lol

Austin Smith : How could those parents let their kids go on the streets at night and waking up the neighborhood like that I mean yes he is a football but come on everyone needs to sleep

Mudkip971 : Sadly this Arnold won't be back