Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun Video

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Impressive Tree : When you get independence from Britain.

Punjabi Bass Boosted : 20 Years to this art 🍻🍻

Carl Ho卡爾 頻道 : 99.9m Views at this moment: 99m. will hit 100m before 21/10/2018 btw, 神曲! 再來朝聖!

MoonlightPotato : Teacher: This line is just as If not more important to determine the value of the a-Brenda Why are You laughing My mind:

Rola Ibrahim : This is why I pay for my internet.

Knucklesfan Videos : Somebody had WAY too much fun with a greenscreen

Manga,Anime and Kdrama : 2:19 this is me when I try to dance

Noobman4521 : these are my last 4 brain cells during a test

Chris Miles : Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover ever. Daler Mendhi: hold my curry

Mete Kalkan : Who’s here before 100 million??

Mo : Doctor: You have 4 minutes and 16 seconds to live Me:

Punjabi Bass Boosted : 100M Club 👏👏 THE LEGEND!

Flantinum1 : *T-Series approved*

Eliko Sim : Your brain when you try to sleep

Dab Jaguar : Cant believe that daler mehndi is only a living infinity stone Edit:-72 likes!!!I didnt see that coming😎😎😎

Zimmy Brustolin : I love the PlayStation One's graphics in this video

Zakured : No matter the quality you watch in, it will always be 4k.

Akil Azmi : 99% are here because of the memes 1% are here because they’re from India

KS_Wolfz : When India meets microsoft studio


Uttam Kumawat : Party at a tech support center.

杜祉阳 : 多冷啊,我在东北玩泥巴,虽然东北不大,我在大连没有家。222223

All types of videos : 2:53 when your freinds flirts with your crush and you angry on them😂

Y8YO : October 2018? Doing Homework? Big oof.

D3MPYX YT : 100 million times tunak tunak

ImGooja : I would not be able to live a normal life without this masterpiece

Hippo Blob : Pewdiepie: works hard to script make and edit videos everyday without making much money from YouTube T-Series:

shi:j henderson : All present pass and future rappers have left the chat

Zachary Skelly : Now I can see why people would rather have Indian music as the most subbed channel on yt

Kaiser Krysalis : Proof the Earth is round. 0:20

Saudaranya Benson : India's power rangers

Hranolek : When Brits finally went away and you are free.

Michael Scofield : When I'm completely confused in my math exam *Song begins to play in my head*

shori production : How this song doesnt have more views than despacito

Richa Yadav : 3:21-3:32 When all four friends fail together

Jnigo寒意 : The backround reminds me of an old ps2 game

Joel V John : This was released in 98. If you wanna hear how he sings now, just search Dangal -title song on youtube. Man is a legend.

Max Martin : 100 M wow thumbs up if he should make a remastered version of this with today's CGI effects.

Blank : Editor: What special effects do you want? Daler: ALL Yes, Ik that this isn't an original comment but atleast it's a correct one ;)

Diana Irimias : Love this song!I am from Romania!Like if you are from Romania!

Student Mealz : Only the Avatar master of all four elements, could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he vanished.

ProViv_YT : *Who's here before 100M views?*

SAHIL Ailsinghani : hit like for the legend daler mehendi😂✌👍

Blink if you think i'm awesome : 3:16 *Soviet Anthem intensifies*

Indian LadkiPS : Hey Koreans!😄 I know you guys like this song, just came here after watching strong woman do bong soon♥️

Pirate Cat : So is this guy the boss of the power rangers?

Bux Khurana : This comments section is making me Sikh!

Anshit Kumar : When you successfully scam Americans by pretending you're from the IRS.

Meena Farah : This never gets old 😂

Na. ni???? : Still better than t series.