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János Kelemen : Can I just have this advert with this lady turned into a full series, please? @AmazonPrime

maymakvm : This so good! This commercial should be a tv show itself

Ben smith : I don't usually comment on ads, but have been watching these ads on Tele recently and I must admit hats off to whoever came up with these ads. It's incredibly clever and funny. 👏👏👏

Goatlips : LOL at when she gets in the lift - 0:32 😅

Paul Trought : Don't Mess With ANNA!

David Lee : It's so relatable. Love these Amazon Prime video adverts recently.

Stephen Mumford : I LOVE this woman! brilliant!

Alpaka Whacker : Is she just a random person or is she an actual actress/personality? She seems so familiar, if she isn't then when she was yelling she really reminds me of a comedian but I can't for the life of me remember the comedians name

ken spedding : Great advert, I wouldn’t mess with her.

reaper 290 : Season finale *contracts autism*

Ildemaro Orellana : ads I actually look up on youtube to share with friends?? what the hell is going on??

Paul S : Best advert for absolute yonks!

SINGLE GUY : I love this women

✩ Blueberry Dreams ✩ : I don't like her face after she screams 😕 creepy.

Carlyle Shaw : Omg i looooove this

Ben M : Great advert! Genius.

pixel girl : I was annoyed when the GMM video I was watching was interrupted by the 20 second version of this. But by the end I was laughing out loud. More adverts like this please, Amazon, and I second the notion by other commenters that this lady needs her own series! Even if it's not an expansion of this ad's universe, she's hilarious, and definitely deserves a proper part in something. Or _more_ proper parts if she already has some!

Brenda Gallagher : best add ive seen in a LONG time.


Sarah an der Ruhr : Can U make one with 12 Monkeys pls? 😍

MVW : skol

La Ang : omg I thought this would be an actual series trailer or something haha xD

Webby : Classical man spreading stereotypes do not like how they tried to slide it under the radar aswell

sweiland75 : When she has her monthly at work.

theweddingsinger1970 : She looks like Amy Adams. It's not Amy Adams, is it? No. Is it?

Ant O : I want to marry. Anyone know her name?

NeXTimE87 : Shield wall in the lift 😂

Antiqueen 2.0 : Ich will, dass die werbung verfilmt wird XD

clement etienam : Outstanding advert

Calum Smith : Funny what is the lady’s name on advert

Chris Poole : Anna... Understood.

Hero Trash : God why are these so GOOD?

silverkingukable : Just saw the ad

Maxima : It is so funny to see this when you know vikings and I love this! Great job

Andrei Reis : The first ad i’ve had to look up on youtube to watch AGAIN after seeing it inbetween other videos. Fedora tip to director of these.

cosworth6nut : I think I am in love. I used to work with a lady exactly like her and I really do miss her - she was wonderful. She even has the glare down to a science.

Louise McKenna : Is she on the rag or something?

John Pritchard : She's so cute.

Alexey Poleff : LMAO :D