Free Jiu-Jitsu for all Uber, Lyft & Taxi Drivers!

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GracieBreakdown : Update: I spoke to the owner of Quikflip Apparel and he'll replace any Hero Hoodies that are stolen at gunpoint for free! :)

Frizzable : Yo how do I get a hero hoodie

mike hawk : I was mind boggled when I saw the hoodie turn into the backpack

Stephen Casey : That ad was shameless but it worked I want one...

abhi seng : (Me in uber cab) Me: . . Uber driver: . . Me: . . Uber driver: . . (Me 5 *stars* )

Daniel Christmas : Tf does the hoodie have to do with anything

drewcliff82 : How about carry a gun

Shawn : Did you really plug the sweat shirt during this very informative video???!!!??? Hahahahah

M. Janssen : Product placement at its worst, love the vids though

John Yi : Absolutely savage product placement. Still hella awesome you guys are continually supporting our service workers, living up to the Gracie name

Fern Mccreary : Step 1. Avoid the groid Step 2. Don't relax if they're black Step 3. If they're dark put it in park Step 4. No blacks

MuricanBred : Na. Let em carry their personal firearm. It's unconstitutional to not allow a man or woman defend themselves because of liberal beliefs. Fun fact: If my wife didn't have her handgun on her she would have been raped or murdered. She didnt fire it but merely pulling it out stopped the would be attacker. Turns out he was wanted for the murder of a young woman. Just saying...

Christopher Raff : Driver here. I'll be taking you up on this offer. Thanks! Like I said in the video where the Uber driver tried to steal your phone; us drivers are the ones who really take on the lion's share of the risk in the Rideshare situation. While I have never been attacked there have been plenty of times where I felt like it might happen.

jonezkid : I lost it at the hoodie part 😂😂😂😂

Ces Ral : incoming *what if* 1000 different scenario people. Yes guys not everything is going to work or help all the time. So many unknown variables. But it’s better to know SOMETHING than nothing and feeling helpless.

DEMOVICIOUZ : Hahaha the hoodie plug was funny 10/10

PaulTurbo : They will have to pry my Hero-hoodie from my cold, dead hands.

Alex : Also try to find the high ground. Because it's over then.

NH Berrics : Cool hoodie. Cool Tesla. Cool moves.

Tony King : Does the Uber driver that stole your phone 📱 get free lessons too? JK man 😂. Love the vids.

Mack V : Damn the second guy was evil, straight strangled him and took his things.

RJ and Charlene : LoL dat "subtle" product placement. Smooth. Haha

Dedicated Spartan : 0:33 seriously Rener LOL.

Валентин Valentin : What kind of a person attack an uber driver. I respect Ubers, #NotAllHerosWearMasks

Dominik Doherty : 00:33 possibly one of the worst plugs I have seen.

Nelson Umanzor : Nice video graciebreakdown

Alex 10,000 : can I still take these classes if im not gay?

Dan Wood : You two are the greatest. Keep up the good work.

Marcus Anonymous : A guy started punching me in the face while I was driving once. I had 3 female passengers in the backseats. I managed to park the car on the side of the road, I went out and trowed the guy in a fence a couple of times until he quit being violent. My nephew was a drug addict and wanted money for drugs.

curb your comment : I tell my dad about this but he wont bother quiet annoying.

Delaware Destroyer : Get a gun and use it. Every cabbie in NY has one so if your going to take on a dangerous job be ready

Harambe Jr. : Sounds easy. 🤷‍♂️ **Jiu Jitsu fighter ends up being the robber**

McLovin : I have another situation, what if the guy pulls the trigger on me

Jovonne Alexander : Why would I want a hoodie that turns into a back pack?

Johnny Boy : Yall are doing it WRONG! The hero hoodie needs to convert into a taser! Patent pending.

Ray Martinez : This video just makes me don't want to be an Uber driver thanks a lot 😂

daniel280456 : Would it be a better idea to have the passenger in the front seat ?

triple 6 : Somehow I left this video even more confused

jbonegw : All the haters in the comments. 😂😂😂

Stilla_Killa101 aka. Nick : Or just get a gun problem solved

Francesco Vastarella : Ma che cazzo dici

Oceanic Dangernoodle : You bring jew jitsu to a whole higher level

TSIXGaming : What model car is that?

Ryoko says : That's really cool, salute to you guys doing a good service for those in that line of work, especially women. I know my ex didn't want to do it just because she was afraid of these types of scenarios. God bless.

danceswithrats : Loved it

I help anytime : It was an AD

talentedmangina : Ad got me Sharon.

Andrew Rothstein : Carry a gun

DRUNKEN FIST : First its unwise to let any stranger into your vehicle behind you. Put up something to block them. No excuses. Society has become unaware victims with no common sense.

Fast Donny 316 : Those choke escapes, tho! 😍😍😍😍😍🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙