Social Tip #2 How to Walk Somebody Else's Dog

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Julianos : I don't work for free

Katie Clark : I'll admit, I didn't trust you at first, even going as far as checking the Venice Beach area missing persons reports for long haired women but after finding nothing I find you very trustworthy

J M : Joe, how do you go about skinning the women you keep captive? Do you do the Silence of the Lambs thing with the well and the lotion? Or do you just Ramsey Bolton flay that right off? Asking for a friend. 😅

herbapet : This are great tips!

unbearable faggot : Joe, I made this mistake many times, and now feel embarrassed. The solution is has been made very clear. Thank you.

Hunter Sigler : Joe do you have any advice for what to do if I want to approach a stranger and offer to walk not just their dog but the stranger themselves?

Party Posture : Hey Joe I'm your diggin your boat videos and tips. Very practical. But I want to know: What's a day in the life of Joe like? I ask this out of honesty curiosity, unfortunately I am not a hot woman nor am I gay, not that there's anything wrong with either of those types of people.

TallahasseeTrash : Joe just wants to steal yo bitch

AfraidOfFears : I just wish a dog would walk me for once, but this post world will never pre...

matthew statton : I Trust you

Ben Whitmore : God i hope this is a piss take, best laugh ive had a long time

Luke Burman : He's clearly a comedy genius, I mean I hope he's a comedy genius. If he's not a comedy genius....

FlyingOverTr0ut : Your thumbnails are perfect.

itchy : thank you for encouraging observation and giving tips on how to be safe with it

ZeranZeran : This isn't a trick.

ParadoxapocalypSatan : I just saw a lady walking a cat on a leash the other day. Btw please share your dog stew recipe Joe.

Dante Rioux : First of all, you are as pale as a ghost. Then you are wearing sunglasses so you cannot see your eyes. Sorry bro, but you failed in this one. Then you showed all these pics of yourself 10 years ago, and you looked just as creepy as you do now.

Margo Mürk : This is good.

NELSON X : Keep observing legal! Sign the petition! Observing is a legal right protected by the Freedom of Information Gathering Act. Observation is allowed from any distance up and including the invasion of space if no touching occurs and the sidewalk squares are large. The observee does not have the right to know who the observeere is unless it has been observed. Multiple observances are allowed simultaneously with no limit. Use of high powered telescopes is not only legal but encouraged. Sign the petition, now! I, the undersigned, do hear by believe that observing is our right and demand it shall remain legal. The Reverend Nelson Xcaliber Baltimore III, Esquire