Woodturning - One Big Ugly Burl into a dragon egg !!

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JFox19912010 : Is it me or is it just so relaxing to see videos like this lol

Dark Holly Daze : How is it so many people have some sort of amazing talent and here I am barely performing basic human function successfully??

AzuriteT3 : Taking something ugly and turning it into something beautiful is the highest form of art.

ellisd82 : That big blue part looks like a Galaxy within the egg. Amazing! Whats also amazing is that this video has 8.2k dislikes! WTF is wrong with people lol!

Dolores Biatch : Can’t be the only one that thought the thumbnail was weed...

Elisabetepereirapereira Pereira pereira : Beautiful 👏👏👍

pearl s : It looks like earth 10 yrs from now

Fate Mandouh : It looks like a map

Harpo Django Rose : If I ever lay an egg, I hope it looks like this.

Farhan Shahariar : IT LOOKS LIKE A NEW PLANET.....?

obi wan kenobi : Очень красиво,а главное то что в природе нигде больше нет такого рисунка,он уникален

Omar Omar : Why there's stupid people dislike this amazing thing!

MrDozer1967 : Глобус чужой планеты!

Meichel Jorden : 3436 people are jealous and cant find it on ebay

Ttwylerr : This just makes me miss wood work class in school. T_T

Saefe Saefe : جميل جدا بآخر الفيديو يلا عرفت انو ليعملو مجسم لكرة الارضية

J-EazyGamer : It's like Mars with water.

696969 subs without any video : These 9k people who disliked are probably guys from his profession and are jealous of such a beauty he had created. This is excellent art.

Guil The Bearded Woodworker : That is just stunning

evangellic : This is such a beautiful piece of work. Fantastic job!

abhi nav : Wait i thought all dany dragons were male!

Brandon Cruz : 10:19 Narco theme song cue

Shahzad Khan : Fantastic bro very nice 😍😍😍😘😘

John Di Francisco : I can not grasp how many dislikes there are. Absolutely beautiful work. I especially liked the epoxy because there are SO many ways to go with that that it makes me want to give it a go!

Nico Lauer : It was looking like the earth

mydearvalerie : Literal jaw drop.

Re Uploader : This is ASMR

jgfjgfify : Quite an Eggcentric design!

lucy : it must be so satisfying to sweep after this

Claudiane Santos : Linda peça

Roger Howard : This was absolutely mesmerizing to watch. Amazing work, you earned yourself a new subscriber!

أمة الثقافة : دخت 😥😵

Kpopahjussi63 : Absolutely "WOW".

Shubhanshu J : ILL BUY IT 💲💲once i have money💲💲

wawan ruswandi : Indah sekali

shrinath bhasme : Looks more like an elliptical globe with very less water.... Amazing

Kassius oatesfan : GORGEOUS! Oh, man, I want that. Thank you for seeing the beauty within. Astonishing.

Codo8 : I thought this was a Bobby Duke Arts video by the thumbnail, instead I found another really talented individual

RostOFF : Это охуенно!

Left Behind One Foot Deep : @2:09 What it sounds like when shootin ur machine gun.

Orochi dara : I don't understand why there's 9,1k dislike.. this is just amazing

I LOVE BTS : Cool vid

Sky Watcher : Thank you for not adding music, I love the sounds.

TFC Chanel : Wow

AirFlares : Beautiful work

AriefMavin : So Awesome

TheOwenbob : LOVEE ITTT

Kaplis Lemesis : I figured out why so many dislikes, It is people skippin to the end seeing the blue part thinkin it is natural then later realisin it aint the case then gettin upset over the fact they skipped and folld themselves and like lil kids they got mad and disliked, what in reality is just a simple job anyone with 100h or less could do

Aditya Thakur : looks like a MAP of some ancient place