Woodturning - One Big Ugly Burl into a dragon egg !!

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Sky Watcher : Thank you for not adding music, I love the sounds.

Phantom-Oblivion : If only I could turn my life around like that burl

Ender : People who dislike: I’m jealous People who like: Why can’t I be like this

digitalgr8ness : It almost looks like a globe or a map of some distant world. Beautiful job!

Kaplis Lemesis : I figured out why so many dislikes, It is people skippin to the end seeing the blue part thinkin it is natural then later realisin it aint the case then gettin upset over the fact they skipped and folld themselves and like lil kids they got mad and disliked, what in reality is just a simple job anyone with 100h or less could do

OldManJenkinZ28 : Imagine he put it in the wilderness and sometime in the future scientists or someone found it and thought it was a rare egg of something and then realized it’s wooden.

walletinspecto : Eggceptional! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry

CRIZtoFEN115 : Probably is a blue eyes white dragon egg 🤔

Andrew Haines : For those who may dismiss this just try it yourself and see how many finger you have left. I used to work for a wood turning company and we made lighting for Laura Ashley, BHS, small designers and hotels etc. Turning larger pieces like this came with huge risks of injury. A knot came out of a large urn a colleague was sanding to final stage ready for spray polishing and it nearly took her thumb off. Another split and was hurled across the factory thankfully missing everyone working! It can be so unpredictable working with timber. More so with piece like this. Very satisfying when it works!

Meichel Jorden : 3436 people are jealous and cant find it on ebay

Fried Potato GT : You just made a fking piece of bad wood into art Im usuelles

kimble911 : I'm not sure why, but at 1.29 when the wood is spinning but looks like its stopped made feel really uncomfortable.

ap4709pk : The Mother of Dragons is coming for that.

Richard Schwartz : One of the few times in my life where I appreciate recommended videos exist. Would’ve never found this awesome artwork.

AU TO : невероятно красиво ,похоже на планету из далекого космоса))

Erin Innerarity : All the dislikes on this video are mother dragons wanting there *egg* back

Björñ A Štàr : Okay I watched it. Now get out of my recommendations.

PurplesCinema : Beauty. This video can be the most satisfying video in the world!

JimBeam JewCurls : I'm glad I watched this instead of porn.

Sarah Dixon : If this was my "egg" I'd tell the baby inside to come out but don't break my beautiful egg... 😅😅😅

Xoo Vhan : If it was made in those times when those machines didn't exist then it would cost 1 billion

Lucio Speranza Squire : It's a little planet!

Glitch Modulator : Best I can do is TREE fiddy.... Ill see myself out.

John Di Francisco : I can not grasp how many dislikes there are. Absolutely beautiful work. I especially liked the epoxy because there are SO many ways to go with that that it makes me want to give it a go!

familydude51 : i'm assuming he has that many dislikes simply because of two reasons safety tips and or people that can do this kind of thing always think there better than the next most successful person who does it hahah I am in nooooo way better I would done things differently sure but I am not this skilled with wood so I cant say much but this is amazing the guy has mad skills and we need more people like this

Prakhar Srivastava : I don't know why people disliked this video

Juan Esquivel : Were can i buy thiss! 😂🤤

0Danielti O : No one can turn wood into a masterpi--

Harpo Django Rose : If I ever lay an egg, I hope it looks like this.

J.M. Poole : That is impressive as hell. If I ever have to describe a dragon's egg in one of my books, I hope you're all right with me using something like that. Nicely done!

Hempstead Pawn : why tha HELL would anyone dislike this, simply amazing and very beautiful! freakin turds!! 2 thumbs up from me bud !!

Muhammad Hatta Abdullah : Nice video.I really like the blue color that you used

nine tails : 0:39 he left off one screw. My OCD is triggered.

Nick Martens : Now this is a guy with talent and creativity on his mind!

Rita Robertshaw : That is a work of art - beautiful. I

Carey H : I wish I could do that!!

Kanecobe : 1:29 i appreciate the rpm syncing with the frame rate.

Codo8 : I thought this was a Bobby Duke Arts video by the thumbnail, instead I found another really talented individual

Maddy Puppy : How do I buy one and I’m being serious not a joke (ok maybe a little but ) how do I buy one!?

Earth Is A Donut : The sounds of construction soothes me.

hdhdbdjdhdnsnakdnbfjgdhdjdnd l : My mom when im making this when im 5: ooooh your so creative!! My mom when im making this when im 12: OOOH YOUR ADDICTED TO THOSE GAMES!!!

Tomash Graube : Нет слов, великолепная задумка!

Jonasolsenwoodcraft : That burl has so much amazing figure and i think you did the best job possible of giving it the honor it deserves! you have astonished me with your skills! keep it up :)

وصفات طبيه / zena : العربي يجق لايك وينهم العرب ☺

Leah Fox : This is literally amazing. I can't even imagine how long this took. It must take a lot of patience and effort which I don't have.

Michael Price : This is literally the best thing I’ve ever seen on YouTube, and I’ve seen a lot 🔥

wolfer draws : I'm gonna be looking for this egg on Easter 😆😆

Guil The Bearded Woodworker : That is just stunning

M. Luxor : This is amazing! Awesome job !!