Woodturning - One Big Ugly Burl into a dragon egg !!

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Meichel Blum : 3436 people are jealous and cant find it on ebay

Richard Desert : nice work bro,like.

Ghost Recon : Where can I get mine?

N¡ghtshade * : It looks like a well detailed map, extremely beautiful!

SubZeroMG4u : Just 1 tiny question : when does it hatch ?:D

Kpopahjussi63 : Absolutely "WOW".

R6-D2 : When it started out it looked like King Kong dropped a deuce.

Ozzy Neil : Awesome, and I thought dragon's laid eggs like reptiles.

ezze XI : It looks like a map on an egg

Kael Whittle : I really love this piece

CYDUSTER : It looks like a planet.

Ryan Gardner : woooow

Logical Fallacy Destroyer : I can't even make toast

Finley Corvus : wow what a masterpiece

Natalie Lopez : Amazing I'm just a kid and I find this very cool and I'm pretty much training on how to do as good as work ash because this is beautiful plus ima self learner 😂

Dragon Blue : May i buy it for $1000?

Azrael Wyvern : That’s amazing! Make some more please.

energizervanny : OUTSTANDING!!!!

Happy Eevee : Wow this is absolutely fantastic, great work it turned out so beautiful!!!

ChrisXpGamer Playz : I thought it said "one big ugly bird"

Guil The Bearded Woodworker : That is just stunning


jnaton ? : It kinda looks like venus or jupiter...

Iron Lion Zion 432hz : Amazing!

hiba rahmadi : 👍👍👍

Harpo Django Rose : If I ever lay an egg, I hope it looks like this.

Bob D : Beautiful, beautiful work

Edward Barber : Its awesome! 💕

Nick Stavropulos : I think instead of having one end flat on the egg..you should have made it completely round and built a separate stand/base for it. Beautiful work !

Ankit Joshi : when you monitor fps is same to the rate at which the log is rotating...

laksh dilliwal : This will be *Earth* of future , few water and desert

Snax : Put three holes in it and it could be used as a bowling ball

Jackie Rudd : WOW that is fantastic,😍 I love these "ugly burrs" that turn into some of the most beautiful creations, only one small criticism 😊............. We didn't get to see the finished item for long enough, can you do more after shots when you've finished so we can get to have a really good long look, it's too beautiful to whisk it away, 😦 greedy aren't i. Thankyou for sharing and being so inspiring . 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💖

Codo8 : I thought this was a Bobby Duke Arts video by the thumbnail, instead I found another really talented individual

Peril : Damn why so many dislikes? This is hella cool

Brucey : *Question is, what does it taste like??*

applehead. : People who disliked this probably likes Paul Brothers and their content

Joshua Ha : Wow, it's such a beautiful work of art at the end. It honestly looks kind of like my brother's urn.

Mike Emmons : I wish I had a wood shop. I could spend so many hours happily losing fingers and giving myself tetanus.

Alex Michtomonpral : 😳

Polymer Clay Artist : Loved this.. Also, I liked the audio just as it is! Too many people these days seem to need blasting music in order to experience something. I almost wish I didn't have to talk in my videos as well, kinda envy you! I wonder how much a basic beginner wood turning setup would run? Looks awfully fun.

K.D. Col : I would buy that egg....

ZAMAZ1 : duuuuuuude! gorgeous!

Muiz Mikail : Nice work😁

AlucarD DraculA : Purty

Joel Kim : Watching this lathes my anxiety away

Serega Otvertka : very beautiful !

Ласковый Орк : МАСТЕР!

rascal6543 : and i can hardly draw a stick figure

丁口レG丹 : Its wood kebab