Laser + Balloon + Fire Inside It = Awesome!
Cool short science demo vid it shows how intense light energy can pass through a transparent balloon without popping but be absorbed by and ignite flammable paper inside of the balloon

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Laser + Balloon + Fire Inside It = Awesome! More #WorldScott #laser vids → ← Watch as this pocket laser ignites #flash_paper inside a balloon and makes it explode! The action repeats in slow motion. The laser power is 600 to 700 mW based upon a 12X speed Blu-Ray burner drive diode, strong enough to burn wood. More Videos:


mike zebrowski : Is that a ballon or a condom

Omnipotent Potato : 0:10 O:!!

Queste : Sorry can't help it xP *Amazing*. D:

Erica Burbridge : that was amasing

Sir Bagels : Jeselnik.

plaincola : and this is why the US should be studying on how to build portable laser guns that turn on a laser that can burn people just so they can shoot through windows with out breaking them

Xander M : cool trick

jerick landicho : can you put your laser in to your finger?

Fifamo069 : GREENLASER melt rims / GRÜNELASER SCHMELZEN YOUTUBE : .com/watch?v=WFUKkVbrMxA&list=LLEdLVaPyLds-R-2ZAKTPodQ&feature=mh_lolz&hd=1

Prairie Bilton : That scared the SHIT outta me!!!!! Lol

Kenneth Oroceo : i got scare in the popping ballons :(

jordan : Aq

jason flores : Cool videos

Marwan : Oh shit ... no more ears

Scimittar : Nice. But you can get it better. And fill the balloon with hydrogen ;>

Dalavine : Love the expansion on the second balloon!! Gas from the paper burning takes up more space than the paper itself! So cool!!!

columbus8myhw : Microwaves are technically a form of light. Just not the type we can see.

Coffee Gardner : word

jim bo : I'm sorry to impede, but I must correct someone here. Laser stands for light amplification through stimulated radiation, while maser stands for microwave amplification through stimulated radiation. The maser came before even ruby lasers, and led to their creation. When one says light, they are implying the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Seeing as microwaves are not visible (to humans), there is no such thing as a microwave laser. Only a maser.

Zhai Yaozu : wonderful!

spartan213413 : You can see him flinch in slow-mo. Although the fire + balloon is cooler...

Cole Dunlap : is see how he did that, if you didn't notice there was paper inside the balloon. that's what made it catch on fire.

redelman43199 : Microwaves are a form of light. If microwaves were sound, it would take 4 hours for a radio signal to reach the other side of the U.S.

infera1 : Hmm it inflates? '-' Ther fire eats up the oxygen

Gkinect : 69 hehe

Dvtto bartol : wrong lasers weapons are more powerful, accurate and a stealth weapon ... the thing is that light lasers are weak ... powerful stealth lasers are microwave lasers not lightwave!

smooth Jazz : I played this video and got up, then thought it was a gunshot :\

necro1143 : i agree with you but at the same time lets be honest if we were in space ok we finally met another alien race all of the sudden bam boards our ships these creatures look like hunters from halo with thick fucking metal bullets are not going to help we need something big like the BFG! LOL! doom is always the solution for a hopeless man just be the player from doom and click i'm too pretty to die! lol.

redelman43199 : Lasers will never be weapons. They are too weak and slow in destruction. Wars will always be fought with guns and bullets. (and yes bullets do work in space if you add oxidizers to the powder.) At least the game Halo got it right with the space marines still using bullets in the future.

Chase Gaudette : That balloon popping scared the crap out of me. I was not prepared for the slow motion pop.

AwakenState : On B.E.T

Qublu : i want that laser!!

Guru of Random : The balloon would stay together if it wasn't for that ember.

kk4pups : and that is the evil secret that every balloon tries to hide

The Master : me 2 T_T

necro1143 : i wonder when we will have lazer guns like starwars lol

benblue3 : What the fuck is a subwuufer

Alexander Rodriguez : It was because of the color of the balloon, black absorbs the most heat whilst this transparent balloon absorbs little, so the balloon wasn't destroyed, yet the paper inside did catch fire because it does absorb the heat and heats up. This was done by Arthur Schawlow if I remember correctly, where they put a transparent balloon, and a dark balloon on the inside and pointer a laser at it. The clear balloon was unaffected but the inner popped.

Alexander Rodriguez : Hence that's why those who own it are urged to have caution as a priority. If you're going to buy a burning laser, do experiments with it that have controlled outcomes, look for the instructions online. Even better, just get a simple laser pointer and do a diffraction grate experiment. It's not just bright focused light either, this is understanding the visible light spectra and radiation in general. Light isn't just light, light contains photons, and is radiation like any else, but visible.

sofia cardero ortiz : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesooooooooooooooooooooooooome

dhbiza : I had a condom do that once. I was sweating bullets for a month until her period came.

Eli Chapman : Nice fire ^-^

Beng Beng247 : HOLY FUCK

doma356 : so fake


elstar : SO COOL!

HazMat Labz : never knew it was possible

Zurielyazriel Bishopmathias : gun shot! BBU BU BU BU

Tanashi Asuna : what's with the dramatic sound effects?