Ian McKellan jamming with Fleshtones on Warhol's show
Back when MTV was cool Sir Ian McKellen reciting Shakespeare over legendary punk band The Fleshtones on Andy Warhols TV show

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Ian McKellan reciting Shakespeare over Fleshtones on Andy Warhol's Fifteen Minutes - a show that ran on MTV in 87. Full episodes here: http://zambonisoundtracks.blogspot.com/2009/07/andy-warhols-tv-1980-1981-1987.html


CurryKingWurst : Sir Ian McKellen himself just tweeted a link to this video!

Victor1930 : Back when MTV was actually ground-breaking, experimental and interesting. LONG time ago.

Leslie1266 : Please update Sir McKellen's name to the correct spelling. (only e's in McKellen) Thanks!

contactmarsha : VINDICATION! This really did happen. I didn't dream it. And it is as good as I thought it was lo those many years ago. Thank you. Really.

Her Aeolian Harp : I videotaped this when I was a teen. So glad to see it now! Thank you.

AntiMusick : when MTV was still hip and cool

vrode : Do you have the full show?

monkeybeatvideo : I've had this for years on the Big Bang Theory LP, and never realized that it was the same guy from the X-Man films.

dj billy sunshine : truly incredible, in a good way i think..

R. ROOKSBY : Blimey. :)

chaz z : So cool..

John Jones : Amusing

Ben Rajan : Over 28,000 views over an 8 year period and not a single dislike.

Rocket ansky : Gandalf so suave

Frederick Wrigley : Wonderful!