Batman Wants To Join The Marvel Universe - CONAN on TBS

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The Selchies : More sketches!

Uku Sibul : Batman would own Black Widow

thegamingguy88 : This is funny, but it also makes me feel bad for the DCEU and it's fans.

Rocky Reuben : Batman doesn't need nobody

2muchwhit1 : Beatman wouldnt want to do that, unless he was learning their weaknesses.

Jordan Schlansky : Thor hasn't aged well.

Fat Boi Gangsta : Bruh Batman would murder black widow

Nour Hafez : Laugh all you want, but DC's comics and games are much better than Marvel's

John Smithee : When Conan skits do it way better than the actual Justice League movie... Also must've been awkward AF that Conan has to interview the cast of Aquaman right after this lolz

Cosmic Tuxedo : All jokes aside, Black Widow has 0 chance against Batman. But yeah Marvel is much cooler than DC now.

HellRay : 4:07 Mr Incredible with Alcoholism? OOOOH! That is RICH coming from Tony 'Give me the bottle' Stark.

John Smithee : 1. Conan's Justice League Parody 2. Axel Braun's Justice League XXX parody 3. Justice League movie

shans on : Still batman is the coolest

Wheeler67 : Its kinda sad how modern audience have killed the superhero genre If a superhero movie isnt following the Marvel formula, its automatically dismissed And ever since Phase 3 Marvel has been running on jokes ans action alone

Batman : I Am Batman

Telic : BLAKE!!!

Capital :] : At least DC doesn't have everyone turning into dust

Neo Trix : The disrespect batman would whoop her ass then smash her.

Lovely Wolf : Honestly batman could take down Black Widow..he knows more styles if fighting, and experience...a simple leg hold would hold him down.

Nacho Libre : The comments are a dumpster fire

sexy korean girl : bruce have enough money to buy tony

2Scribble : The Batman butt hurt in this comment section is GLORIOUS!!!!! Superman can be a puss and Aquaman can have a jellyfish fetish and Cyborg can be an Iphone - BUT OH MY GOD!!! I HAVE THIS LIST OF ALL THE REASONS BLACK WIDOW IS NO MATCH FOR BATMAN!!!!!! -eyeroll- he's a comic book character :P it's a COMEDY SKETCH... get a life.

Jayden Marvel : Bald Panther

Thot Patrol : Except Batman is cooler than any of the Avengers. Funny sketch though Conan.

minutemuse : Is it too late to scrap Aquaman and give Andy's Robin a movie instead?

nikki salvatore northman : Just two things..... No Marvel movie can beat the Dark Knight trilogy 😬 Generally the two most famous comic book characters EVER are Batman and The Joker 😬😬 #DCWinning

Chaos Is Coming : Batman is the best superhero in there.. then followed by the Bat family

James : Marvel wish they could have Batman! 🖕

Lola Lifchi : This is sooooo true in soooo many ways 😂❤

PROD. July : Mr. Incredible with Alcoholism 😂😂😂

Daniel Garcia : Says something when Robin shits on all of them in one shot and no one had a reply.

db64lifeisback : The disrespect to Batman is just unjust wow

Croz Raven : Tbh, Disney Marvel as the cool bully kids is pretty accurate too!

Adam W : If it wasn't for social media favoritism people would realize, most, not all, but most of the Marvel films are not that great!. Formulaic, similar, ruined by Disney's SJW pandering and politically bias agendas!

Joseph : very funny skit but Batman would beat Black Widow in a fight

oceanz4 : ROFL! My favorite part is when Black Widow had Batman in a head lock before he could say 'woman'.

Roll Brand : Marvel: our movies are so better then DC. In your face batman. Batman: that’s like only thing you’re good at. Marvel: oh really what are better at then us? Batman: the Nolan Trilogy, the DC video games, the dark knight returns, the Arkham series, the Animated series, and I have the greatest villains. Ohh did I forget to mention that I beat up superman and Justice League, and I have a successor with even more frightening villains. Marvel: uhh dammit.

Hazelhurst : That was so good. Sick burns by Robin.

Freddy Bell : I like how people got offended when Robin insulted black widow lol.

ravissary79 : I'm a DC fan and that was hilarious.

Jo Jim : 1.1k DC fans got butthurt and hit dislike lol

KingTut : Batman took down the entire Justice League by himself, lol. He will wipe his ass with the entire MCU.

Samarth Bellur - The Audiocrat : It would have been so cool if, in the end, the Marvel characters started slowly disappearing and Batman is like "Phew... that was a close one..." :-P

Daniel Pena : I think DC is better than Marvel

queenith2 : 3:00 Every character at the Marvel table has murdered parents Batman, you don't hear them complaining!

Plain TV : I’m pretty sure Batman would DESTROY Black Widow

Rocky Reuben : This is wrong Batman would snap all them in a minute

KANYE WEST : Lmao atleast batman was brought up by deadpool

16shogunelitegreen : Conan, David and Key actually suit their costumes. And why are people cheering at Black Widow pinning Batman? Batman would EASILY kick her misandristic ass!

mcfly .hur : this is funny,but it will happen in the near future..remember pixar and disney?youll never know..