Batman Wants To Join The Marvel Universe - CONAN on TBS

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KCH Rider1988 : Conan sketches are better than SNL sketches. Comment me if I'm wrong.

Yimkong Amen : I actually felt bad for DC Universe watching this

RaMith CertifiedDamager : "Have you checked the Box office lately, Bruce LAME?" 😂😂😂

MrPrincepop : I don't know what's funnier, this sketch or reading the butt-hurt Batman fans comments that feel they have to defend a fictional character being lampooned in a sketch. LMAO@Robin (Andy Richter) wicked burns around the Marvel table then walks off like a boss! LOL!

bill bill : Batman's utility belt was utterly unequipped to stop these third degree burns.

Uku Sibul : Batman would own Black Widow

Nic Mic : DC has Batman. Marvel has.....everything else.

Jordan Minkoff Geraldo : If wonder woman was there marvel guys would've wanted to join DC

Colten Miedema : Batman would sit at his own table, cuz he a boss 😎

Dark : Christian Bale Batman Version better than Affleck batman

Lakeitron : The costume budgets for these skits are higher than the new Titans series

Rubens : Marvel is more successful and fun for sure but dont forget: Dark Knight 9/10 IMDb 94 % Rotten Tomatoes 84 % Metacritic No superhero movie ever had a better rating.

Michael Jenner : Starlord to batman: Dude sit with us, we having a talking tree and 12% of a plan.

Alex Vazquez : DC u later Nerd ! 😂😂😂🍕

Danny Vestal : Amazing how worked up and hateful people get over fictious material.

Lord Grett Goting : Lmao he sounds exactly like Tony Stark

Pambudi Wardhani : I really wanted to see jellyfish boner though

Zett76 : When I was a kid, everybody was Team DC. Nobody even KNEW any Marvel heroes besides Spiderman, except the nerds. Iron Man who? Oh boy. The times, they are a-changing. 😁

LordBrendan : I edited this comment so it would seem like the replies wouldn't make any sense.

derpderkaderr : DC characters are actually more pathetic than this sketch.

minutemuse : Is it too late to scrap Aquaman and give Andy's Robin a movie instead?

konohahurricane07 : He should've sent Superman to destroy them all in 3 seconds.

Imperialx Warlord : Batman would own black widow.

Joe Palmer : Let's not forget that The Dark Knight is better than every Avengers movie ever

Feature Smitty : Why does ironman look like doctor strange

2muchwhit1 : Beatman wouldnt want to do that, unless he was learning their weaknesses.

Drake Drystan : If we're talking about accuracy, Batman would take out Black Widow faster.

Vignesh Bvr : Disrespect for legendary superhero

im from the future : Batman alone is enough for the whole avengers...!!

Chris !!! : It should be mcu vs dceu not dc vs marvel because marvel good in the movies but in everything else dc is better

Jordan Schlansky : Thor hasn't aged well.

Al Cielo Pronto : Lmao Jughead casually picks up Thor's hammer

Earth Is A Donut : Batman could do his own story and be better than both combined

Mighty Baloo : Christ, it's like a youtube comment section. The irony.

SOULFORĖSAKER : What's funny is that Superman's dog alone could beat the Avengers.

Telic : Conan should make sketches more often! i make chill music btw

Abhishek Mudgal : DC really needs nolan

Two Eye : Batman would sit alone at a table and tell people not to sit with him, but really he'd be building walls to see who will try to tear them down.

Aditya Sanjeev : As much as i enjoyed batman getting roasted: Dark knight >>> all avengers movies

Chris !!! : A king of the 7seas, an alien who can kill gods, a robot, a rich guy, a god, a guy who can create everything he imagens, a scarlet speedsters, a powerful wizard who can beat doctor strange seem more intresting

B. Campbell : It's okay, Bats. Half of those chairs at the Marvel table are now empty. Thanks, Thanos!

abtruks rglgd : Jellyfish boner

nonbeliever101 siege : Triggered dceu kids disliking the vid. #comicbookfansunite

Camfarr SMPRODUCTIONS : Plus Batman is not nerdy

Playonce : This is how im getting treated!

sexy korean girl : bruce have enough money to buy tony

wafula masika Abbott-jesse love : BATMAN COULD HAVE USED THE THROATY VOICE

Bhaskar Gulla : I like Batman n joker more than any super hero

WretchesAndKings : Oh Please, the Marvel Universe would want to join Batman.

nerd king2000 : Batman would own iron man in a fight