Star Trek Bridge Crew: MASSAGE IN A BOTTLE

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John Lucas : I bought this game because of you. You're selling it better than the makers.

Gabriel De laSoul : You have the charisma of 16 men in one voice alone.

Maria The She - Wolf : I never get tired of watching these. They just get more funnier each time. Keep doing what you're doing, amazing work as always!

seaworthy67 : Funny as hell. These developers should pay you!!

RobinPhoenixPlays : It was a pleasure serving with you again, sir (*and during your next vid after this one***spoilers****). It shall not be the last, although next time, I'll make sure to buy more weed in advance AND massage the tactical guy myself to prepare. Respectfully signed, your Helm officer, RobinPhoenix ^^


Carl : can you feel the sexual tension here.... well you felt sexual and he felt tense... :D

starweaver : Captain, you're funny as hell. I look forward to serving with you if you would allow it. I bought this game because of you.

Ivan Katic : Liked at first 10 secs. Thank you for this.

silentmoniker : Yay Star Trek Bridge Crew...Thanks 😎

The great Kershmunkle : I've been up for 39 hours and have been watching the cringiest videos ever made for 3 of those hours this video honestly saved my sanity I was all most hallucinating "peteye rateye goomy candeyes" from runforthecube videos I probably would have died thx dude!

Logan Winter : You make this game seem more fun than it looks. Thank you for these wonderful videos.

Cj Williams : These are my favorite videos on YouTube right now, Alex. They have been for months. Being funny in a way that isnt ripoff or derivative is so incredibly rare.. ALSO your Trek jokes are SCINTILATING!

Rainbow Dash : Omg omg omg am dying so hard, your like a real life video game !! Am gonna buy this game because you~

Anthony Harris : I'm just going to keep pretending that this is the newest series in the Star Trek franchise and I hope that's okay.

Jacob Kennedy : you have the voice oh a god

MJRookieForge : Subscribbled. This was amazing.

William Wilson : "OK, I' pulling up the help menu.." I imagine this is how the actual first voyage would have looked like. It was clearly edited for television. Forget delegation, Capt. Micro Manager gets things done!

yumameda : Where do computers get their voices?

Daily VooDoo : I hate Fortnite

Rex Whitfield : I seriously love your videos and want to spread your channel all over the internet lol..Keep it up and I hope you get the credit and recognition you deserve!!! Live long and prosper captain Sassy Pants 🖖

Christopher Zeilman : You seem to have created a lovely niche for yourself with these videos and I love watching them. If you are considering branching out into similar games you might try Sea of Thieves or Guns of Icarus as the game play style is somewhat similar. Sea of Thieves in particular allows for some very funny moments and could be right up your alley if you desire some variety. Guns of Icarus is somewhat older but still could yield some good videos.

Markus Maximus : AWESOME !! Simply Awesome !!!

Dustin Ledda : I need to plug everything back up and play this again, it’s friggin hilarious with the right group of people.

AJ : When you love around, is your lower half still sitting?

HitodamaKyrie : Ah, very nice. If I had any wants from this, maybe a bit of "on screen" action. Pretty sure a button on the left of the captains chair does that. Helm shouldn't need a space window to fly anyway. Oh, you went for the buttons right after I made this comment. Neat.

Grimmjow : god your voice is amazing XD... really hope one day i can play along side you great captian! i have the game but never installed it due to fearing who will be on the crew.

Holly Ibbotson : Absolutely hilarious

Black & Tan : i wud kill too play with u

Black & Tan : captain my captain

MrRamziaB : How do you not have 1b subs???

StanTheMan : Wtf lol so funny

Hanieh S : Wow it's so much easier to keep track of when it's not at 1.6 speed. This was fun.

theymusthatetesla : This guy clearly has an IQ through the roof!! :)

Black & Tan : live long and prosper

Xerdar36 : Best captain ever!!!!

Devin Staud : I love your channel man.

Dave G : I want to serve with this captain LMAO

Matt Fenlon : #MeToo

Jacob Kennedy : where all gonig to die

Renan ruhtra : How to get up of the chair?

Random Reviews : Hey guys. Can I get a like for pooping em?