Shadows Of The Empire - A Star Wars Retrospective
Shadows Of The Empire A Star Wars Retrospective

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Shadows of the Empire was a 1996 Star Wars multimedia Lucasfilm project which offered all the fanfare of a movie release without the movie. Consisting of a N64 video game, a book, comic series, toy line, role playing game, soundtrack and more it paved the way for modern Star Wars projects and marketing. It's a pretty long video. Thanks for watching. Patreon ► SUBSCRIBE HERE ►► The Mandalorian Theories ► The Impossible Star Wars Quiz! ► Mr Sunday Movies Twitter ► Mathieu Mathieu Grenier: Sal Comic Pop: Erik Chen: My Brother: References Secrets Of Shadows ► Game Informer Miyamoto Interview ► SixShooter500 Super Empire ► Marchew1200 Luke 3D Image ► 808 Cuck N64 Demonstration ► ScreenSlam ► Emulation 64 Beast Wars ► ifbb_10_pack ABS! ► Kong Tie Fighter Gameplay ► Padawanmage71 Rebel Assault ► Lazy Gaming N64 Start Up ► Realdomdom Wave Race ► VHSkanal1 PSX Commercial ► Shadowserg Vader Super empire ► StoicVideosGaming Dark Forces ► LGR Yoda Stories ► Royal Scottish National Orchestra ► AdventuresinHD Cassette Player ► SpiderWebArt Gallery Painting ► IGN Marvel Comics ► TWP Itunes ► TWP Direct Download ► TWP YouTube Channel ► Amazon Affiliate Link ► T-Shirts/Merch ► #StarWars #ShadowsOfTheEmpire