跳び箱とねこ 。-Vaulting box and Maru.-

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chihuahuabulldog : I love the ending! Number nine was a great jump. I was not expecting it either. CONGRATULATIONS MARU!

Butters The Bean : Maru, The Determined. He's a good jumper!

Mr.Stranger : Maru is very athletic.

gyqz : I'm very impressed with Maru! Thank you for this entertaining jump video!

《Wilson》龍飛 : 10 box need more food

瀬戸大地 : すごい文句言ってる!w

Katherine Uribe : Super Maru! He should have a cape! Able to leap boxes with a single bound! 😁💗🐈💗

Carrie Jones : Maru: You temptress box no. 10. One day I shall make you mine.

Feline LuvR : Great job Maru. I love you & Hana 🐾🐾🐾🐾❤️❤️

Linda Ciccoli : Such a great close up of Maru's sweet face!! And purrs! Thank you!

DebbyAbqNM : After 5-box, it became a fun challenge for him! Good exercise, too.

Cat Addicted : OMG! Maru is awesome! He made a big effort! Love it..

Lu Kaplan : Oh Maruuuuu. You are such a big boy, so cute and fluffy Maru. I love you Maru you are very athletic and smart. I think Maru is a very tiny person inside a cat outfit. 😉😁😄😊😅😃🤣🤗😍💜🐱

PhoebeFay RuthLouise : Just in time for the Olympics, Maru sets the record at 9 for the stacked box jump! Absolutely love seeing his cute little face so up close at the end!

skylilly1 : Maybe 9 is his lucky number. Skilled jumper.

Annette Barletta : Good job Maru!  For a moment, I thought you were going to move a chair over to jump from!

Tatsuhiko Ikeda : 跳び箱というより登り箱だニャ(笑) でも凄い運動能力だニャ!

Syanne Bleu : He would have made number 10 if the boxes were closer to the couch or table.

Masae Yoda : 1番の箱の蓋の開きがなかったら、10できると思います。 猫は高い物だと垂直に登るように上がります。😊

mohoja : At the 10 - box I was "Maru! Maru! Maru!", but he don't even try, he´s so wise and knows his limits

Roxie : Hurray MARU! He knows when to say when. Smart cookie. He doesn't want to end up in a sling. Love you Maru, you get a 10 out of 10 from this judge! 9 for the 9 boxes and 1 for being clever enough to know that #10 was a booby trap. I knew he wouldn't disappoint us. Thank you Mugumogu, for the clever, suspenseful video. Well thought out, well done! How cute, his purring at the end almost sounds like a Tiger chuffing!

茶とらーずRed tabby cat : 10段になると爪とぎになるのか(笑) 最後のゴロゴロ音カワイイ(=^・^=)

すすはな : まるちゃんのどアップ😍もふりたい‼️

神風特攻隊 : 心の中で10跳べと言っていましたw マルちゃんお疲れ様

Ellywig : Maru has his own Olympics event!

Victoria Glushko : 🐈👍👍👍💝

ranpn ranpn : 考えるねこ、まるさんは無謀なことはしない。 9段はお見事ヽ(´エ`)ノ

Joann von Roemer : Smart Maru! He/she tried to get a assist from the couch on the left!

KoreAtreides : Why did this give me anxiety? lol Awww but at number 10 he literally said: Mommy it's too high, help <3 And he's so smart looking around for a little height to jump off from.

Mirimiri car : 飛んだ後ちょっとドヤるのが最高に可愛い❤️

LandAhoy : It's impressive how original Mugumogu-san manages to remain after all this time and while still being cat friendly and a caring owner! Well done! It was fun and interesting to watch ☺️😊👍💚

maremacd : Maru knows his limitations. Anyway, he is more athletic than he looks!

michael yu : who cares about the olympics when i can watch maru jump on top of high boxes. :)

ten miginikuroi : 天辺で満足気(´∀`)

missphoo : I love how vocal he got at the last box XD Good job Maru!

mahenonz : It’s remarkable that cats know exactly what their limits are. 9 boxes - no hesitation, 10 boxes - this isn’t happening, and the couch is too far away to jump from

Donna : Give Maru all the gold medals!

Agnostic Atoms : Chuckle Maru gets a gold medal

朧月夜 : さすがまるさんお見事です!

Jessica Robertson : So much suspense on that tenth box!! 😂 Glad to see he knows his limit though. Also glad I had the volume up. His little meows, he was so frustrated at the end! 😂😂😂

Rainydaygirl57 : Maru is training for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo!!

Prerona : Maru is a cat far apart from any other. He is just born different. There's never been one like him. ☺

Nathan Parsons : he makes the funniest little noise when he gets into the 4th box

飛天 : 襖]Д●´)っ誰だぁ! マイナス付けたのは! ※勿論、プラス評価

オバチャンすず : アニマル.サスケがあるといいね。マルちゃん何位になるかな。

Haten Google : Maru showed those boxes who is the best. Thatsa lotta boxes, great job! 👍

Kim Bloomfield : Maru is pretty smart! She was checking out all angles and possibilities to try to jump to box 10. But she also wisely stopped at 9. 🐺☺

maru fu : まる❤️太ってるわりに身軽でしたね👏

Sherry : So funny. He has springs in his legs!

dennai1967 : 金メダル🥇あげたい❗