跳び箱とねこ 。-Vaulting box and Maru.-

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chihuahuabulldog : I love the ending! Number nine was a great jump. I was not expecting it either. CONGRATULATIONS MARU!

Butters The Bean : Maru, The Determined. He's a good jumper!

mahenonz : It’s remarkable that cats know exactly what their limits are. 9 boxes - no hesitation, 10 boxes - this isn’t happening, and the couch is too far away to jump from

瀬戸大地 : すごい文句言ってる!w

Mr.Stranger : Maru is very athletic.

Sheila Bloom : There has never been nor will there ever be another cat like Maru. To see him try every which way to get up there is extraordinary. I felt so bad to hear his frustration. 💗💗❣❤️

みゅうちゃんねる : まるちゃん。オリンピック出場、許可します(●^o^●)

gyqz : I'm very impressed with Maru! Thank you for this entertaining jump video!

Mirimiri car : 飛んだ後ちょっとドヤるのが最高に可愛い❤️

Katherine Uribe : Super Maru! He should have a cape! Able to leap boxes with a single bound! 😁💗🐈💗

Muhammad Ali : This is genius! A new sport! Maru is the double king!

Masae Yoda : 1番の箱の蓋の開きがなかったら、10できると思います。 猫は高い物だと垂直に登るように上がります。😊

DebbyAbqNM : After 5-box, it became a fun challenge for him! Good exercise, too.

Carrie Jones : Maru: You temptress box no. 10. One day I shall make you mine.

KoreAtreides : Why did this give me anxiety? lol Awww but at number 10 he literally said: Mommy it's too high, help <3 And he's so smart looking around for a little height to jump off from.

TJ maki : 途中から割と本当にモンスターボックスみたいなことになってる……

ranpn ranpn : 考えるねこ、まるさんは無謀なことはしない。 9段はお見事ヽ(´エ`)ノ

Khris H : I love how he looked more and more superior the higher the boxes got 😂

Lai Ynna : Awwww, that ending <3!

michael yu : who cares about the olympics when i can watch maru jump on top of high boxes. :)

-のぞみ-望叶 : 飛べない高さだって思った時に甘えた鳴き声出すの、うちの猫もよくやります(笑)

Rainydaygirl57 : Maru is training for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo!!

Tatsuhiko Ikeda : 跳び箱というより登り箱だニャ(笑) でも凄い運動能力だニャ!

Prerona : Maru is a cat far apart from any other. He is just born different. There's never been one like him. ☺

maremacd : Maru knows his limitations. Anyway, he is more athletic than he looks!

LandAhoy : It's impressive how original Mugumogu-san manages to remain after all this time and while still being cat friendly and a caring owner! Well done! It was fun and interesting to watch ☺️😊👍💚

Pam W : Good job Maru. 9 boxes is very excellent

Neeno : I was waiting for Maru to come back with a rope or something lol.

mohoja : At the 10 - box I was "Maru! Maru! Maru!", but he don't even try, he´s so wise and knows his limits

Linda Ciccoli : Such a great close up of Maru's sweet face!! And purrs! Thank you!

dub2459 : Very agile for a boy of his figure

Kim Bloomfield : Maru is pretty smart! She was checking out all angles and possibilities to try to jump to box 10. But she also wisely stopped at 9. 🐺☺

pakchii : 素晴らしいチャレンジ精神!やっぱりまるはすごい猫だなー。

miyu musa : maru選手!!かっけー!!かっけーよ!!10ダメやったけど、どーにか飛ぼうと挑んでる姿もかっけーよ!!

Malte : Thats why i love him nothing can stop him when he see a box and i love to see it how he does it

かんむりにし : 最後かわいすぎます〜!!♡

Cat Addicted : OMG! Maru is awesome! He made a big effort! Love it..

Roxie : Hurray MARU! He knows when to say when. Smart cookie. He doesn't want to end up in a sling. Love you Maru, you get a 10 out of 10 from this judge! 9 for the 9 boxes and 1 for being clever enough to know that #10 was a booby trap. I knew he wouldn't disappoint us. Thank you Mugumogu, for the clever, suspenseful video. Well thought out, well done! How cute, his purring at the end almost sounds like a Tiger chuffing!

茶とらーずRed tabby cat : 10段になると爪とぎになるのか(笑) 最後のゴロゴロ音カワイイ(=^・^=)

redcrest5 : What a great challenge! Maru got progressively happier and happier for boxes 2-7, but I think 8 and 9 were a little perplexing for him. And then Box 10 came out, and Maru, who is wise, knew that he was beaten. But it was cute seeing him check all angles and possible things to jump off of to try to conquer Box 10. Mugumogu, what a wonderful game for the box-loving Maru! :-D

opl500 : never give up, never surrender

enricoon : まるちゃんスゴイ🏆✨9段目でママさんに爆音グルグル~💕 まだまだお若いねまるちゃん😍

Ellywig : Maru has his own Olympics event!

Donna : Give Maru all the gold medals!

JapaVu : Maru wins the gold medal! 🥇

Angela Tin : It is important to try. But it is also very important to know when to quit. Good Job!

《Wilson》龍飛 : 10 box need more food

maru fu : まる❤️太ってるわりに身軽でしたね👏

Keith Foo : When Maru reached the 9 box mark and there was still 2:30 left on the video... 😅

Quetta12 : The ending is so adorable. It feels as if Maru kiss on my forehead!! 😘 He exasperated meow is super cute.. 😆