Bb Contrabass Clarinet. Internet, you're welcome.
Contrabass clarinet

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Yeah, so Selmer lent me one of their BRAND NEW, $32,000 ROSEWOOD CONTRABASS CLARINETS. Because they're awesome. Here's how that went down.



Jeff b. : You could flip burgers with those reeds.

Stephanie Douglass : purrs. If I played this instrument the vibrations would permeate my soul so deeply, every surface level stress would immediately shake off my person and melt away. I think the contrabass clarinet life would be a good life.

Nahtanoj Enotsylb : “$10 for a reed” TRY BASSOON

TransitNerd 3687 : Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.... EDIT: Oh wow thanks I’ve never gotten this many likes before. 🤗

ForteRosé : 3:34 Oh my gosh. It does sound like a boat. 😆

Bling-Bling Boy : $32,000?!?!?! O-O thats like the price of car!

Sarrah Van Zanten : I. Love. Contrabass. Clarinet. Someday I wish to own one. It's a big dream of mine. Someday... Thank you for making me smile with this video 😍

Tyler Bischoff : Alto clarinet next 😂😂

Jaemyung Kim : I had a chance to play really old contra bass clarinet as a member of wind ensemble in Iowa State university. All the music major clarinetist didn’t want to play contra. So i had fun. Only sad thing was my teeth hurt. Hahaha....

PhilMusical : Flight Of The Bumblebee is next

johnsonfromwisconsin : A few great ideas came out of this video: 1) introducing the Swedish Meatball as a standard unit of weight. 2) Contrabass Clarinet Altissimo Concerto No. 1 3) Skipping the Country when Selmer comes looking for a return....

PhilMusical : As a Bass Clarinet player...

Matt11111 : Really cool to see instruments like this in person.

Belle Pitsch : THE PAPER CLIP

Supreme Dalex : The most beautiful instrument! Heard of Scherzo Fantastique by Alfred Reed? Great piece for this and the Eb Contrabass.

Geronimo : I'm surprised it survived shipping with out going out of alignment!

Lucas Hoffses : The high C literally sounds like a concert B rather than a Bb. Is that a problem with this particular instrument, or contrabass clarinets in general?

Tony Park : Is this instrument the reason Selmer company just got sold?

Hannah Matheson : I played contra alto in high school and my teacher constantly made me play because it sounded so pretty

Mharti : Damn boy, HE THICC

Addie Hughes : I play bass clarinet for my high school and I’m in the highest band (only bass in the band) and I’ve always dreamed of a contrabass Clarinet!!

Andraciti : Subcontrabass next!

Sam Hackenson : Here at URI, we've lovingly nicknamed the contrabass clarinet "the beast".

G.G. : HOW MUCH IS THAT BEAST I NEED ME ONE OF THOSE oh wait nvm....... i just watched the video I STILL NEED ME ONE THOUGH

Apollo Jetic : I love your channel! It's been reinvigorating my love for the bass clarinet, which I played in middle and high school. I hated bass clarinet for the longest time, but looking back now, I see how foolish I was, it was such a fun and beautiful instrument. I'll be going back to school soon, which I've been putting off, but playing the bass clarinet is one of the things I'm most looking forward to.

Tristan Voitcu : Play god bless this child on it

Tyler Craft : "*Deep inhale* I'm outta breath" Literally me

Elise Curran : I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has to continually suck in air when playing the contrabeast!

Catstuffies Tran : Lol oboe reeds are even more expensive at $13-20 :3 (btw I'm not an oboist but I DO have a friend that IS and according to her, that's how expensive they are. Also, I am a flutist/flautist.)

Daily Dreamer : I play contrabass clarinet in my school’s concert band. I switched from soprano clarinet and I do not regret my decision whatsoever. It’s a beautiful instrument and I absolutely love playing it!💜

Si13nt Voice : There is something fascinating about the way you played the instrument. I don't know if I was just in awe of the instrument or if it was your enthusiasm

dudsso101 : you posted this right as i was going to start learning contrabass

William Taylor : "I'm out of Breath!" I am not surprised. I love your channel!

Exavion Johnson : I used to play this at my high school, I was a one man section.

Dan Finnegan : i played the contrabass my junior year in high school. would be nice if i could find one cheap...

purplecatlover1825 randompizza : When you hardly ever have to pay for reeds Because your mom works at a music store And you also got a free wooden clarinet😎

awsometaco0611 : Ayye, finally some recognition for my main instrument. Ive been playing it for 4 years and 3 in my bands wind ensamble and its been so fun. There seems to be a lack of videos on it and im glad you finally did one. I made all county the past 3 years on it and its been a super great experience with the contrabass. I have a tall variant so i have to sit on a stool to play and it sometines gets my back hurting but its all worth it for the most beautiful instrument

R.-E. R. : "16 pounds very heavy" lol my accordion is 12-13kg AND I WEAR IT STANDING

Vaniillabean : My friend's brother plays that, it's an ENORMOUS instrument 😂

Alyssa Hughes : Our marching band has a bass clarinet but not this

Katie Kimmel : Love playing the contrabass clarinet, it vibrates into your soul!!

Mira! : swigging swoogity get this man some shoes

Luke Bolser : Bari sax player : Bursts through wall. GOD DAMMIT LARY YOU STOLE MY INSTRUMENT

Njderig : this thing sounds so much better deeper richer and more resonant than the tin can sounding paperclip contras. Just my humble opinion, I am a saxophonist.

Gwen Chappell : Thank you so much for making a contra video! I get the joy of playing the Leblanc Paperclip model in my high school band. I was kind of worried at first because I wasn’t sure how the instrument would play, but it went surprisingly well, despite the reputation it has. I’m glad to see others know what a contrabass clarinet is!

Baritone Saxophone : Looks like fun to play

Zak McCain : 16 1/2 lbs = heavy for clarinet standards

Wes Alf : Glad I got to met you, and great playing as always.