Bb Contrabass Clarinet. Internet, you're welcome.

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Njderig : this thing sounds so much better deeper richer and more resonant than the tin can sounding paperclip contras. Just my humble opinion, I am a saxophonist.

Esther Gagné : Oh this is great! So nice to finally hear a contrabass clarinet played solo with a wealth of articulations and agility across its range. As a composer, I can evaluate much better the physical demands on the musican than with about all of the other examples I could find where it is always played slowly in a subdued, dark, glowering manner in the ultra low register. This is truly helpful and I thank you for that! You said you weren't used to it but very nice playing nonetheless!

Midnight Macarons : I play contra! It's a pain and an honor and no one else at my school (including our talented director) knows how to play it.

Constance Harris : Aye that’s my instrument. I just made district on the Bb Contra!

Abedin Subashi : It might just be me but I thing you played the Winnie the Pooh part down an octave. Still sounds awesome. I want one but 32,000 dollars is a lot

johnsonfromwisconsin : A few great ideas came out of this video: 1) introducing the Swedish Meatball as a standard unit of weight. 2) Contrabass Clarinet Altissimo Concerto No. 1 3) Skipping the Country when Selmer comes looking for a return....

Njderig : It actually looks like a proper contraass clarinet. The paperclips look ridiculous. First time I saw one I didn't even know it was a type of clarinet.

airplane4567aj : Would you be able to do a video on a contra alto clarinet? I’m just wondering because I am planing to learn it, right now I play saxophone, but I’ve gotten into the clarinet and plan to learn the contra alto

xCrystalwolfgx : Earspasm mucic i play the bass clarinet does the contrabass clarinet have the same notes as the bass clarinet

Lapislazers2005 : GO BLUE

Jeff b. : You could flip burgers with those reeds.

Francis Four : Could you make a video talking about what playing saxophone does to your clarinet embouchure

Katie Kimmel : Love playing the contrabass clarinet, it vibrates into your soul!!

lia lola : I play the bass clarinet

Ronnie Kitchens : Wats the song at 3:06

KygonKegoOfficial : Flight Of The Bumblebee is next

Chicken Rice : Im being offered to play a contrabass in middle school and im like 5 foot while this is 8 foot if im correct. What should i do? 💀

Mau M : seriously man, that amount can get you a small apartment in Mexico City...

AJ Davidson : I play regular contrabass I’m in 7th grade and I Gotta stack to chairs up so it makes me a little taller

KygonKegoOfficial : As a Bass Clarinet player...

KatjaPurrs : oh man... could you imagine busking with this thing?

marissa o'connor : i’m playing contrabass for our clarinet chamber this year!

Kevin Xiong : Very funny. $10 for a reed isn’t much when you play the oboe...

K Bulach : I’m in 7th grade and I play this beast

Hannah the Musician : 3:34 Oh my gosh. It does sound like a boat. 😆

George Briscoe : Bass clarinet was my principal "legit" instrument as a music major in 1980 - 84, because I love jazz saxophone, but can't stand classical sax. When the Univ. of Texas at San Antonio got a bunch of new instruments in the fall of 1982, I instantly took to the rosewood Selmer Low C Contrabass clarinet. We had a killer low clarinet section in Wind Ensemble with a Selmer Bass, Selmer Contra Alto and Selmer Contra Bass. The Contra Bass retailed at $12,000 back then. I found an obscure brand of reed that gave me a much smoother tone that what you had there (No offense. I know you were playing on what came with the horn. I've never heard of the old brand again.) What's cool about this instrument is that if you are into the Avant-Garde (I was into Anthony Braxton's music at the time), you CAN play just as high on it, plus you can get incredible multiphonics by playing a low C and then just altering your throat and embouchure. You can even smear it up to the stratosphere! Humpback whale impressions come to mind. I enjoyed my time on that horn, as I knew I'd never own one of my own. And YES, it's HEAVY, especially in the case!

Ava Hughes : He’s not wearing socks

the boss : Thx

r100curtaincall : I love my contrabass. I’d love to try playing one of these newer ones.

max goddard : My Vito contra can only go down to low D# :/

PixelPusha : 🙋 Hi there. Could I perchance trouble some kind soul to identify the wind instrument used in Aphex Twin's Analogue Bubblebath 5 (B3)? I'm just curious and I'm not a musician so I haven't been able to figure it out. It sounds like a large reed (double reed?) instrument, so I stumbled here, but it doesn't sound like that thing. The instrument in question sounds decidedly nasal to me. It could be an organ for all I know. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies! Great content, BTW! Nice editing and always appreciate fast talkers on YouTube. 👌

Leonardo Palma : What mouthpiece and reed did you use?

Fusion Tricycle : He looks like Micheal Rosen.

Mike Cogburn : I played the Eb cobra bass clarinet :D

Pablo Segura : Hello, I was wondering, what was the music you played in the introduction? I play contrabass clarinet and that introduction sounded like a mixture of a ton of etudes that I played in high school.

Vacuum Prince : Do you have an alto clarinet and also I play the Benjamin Adams b flat and the bass clarinet by Jupiter

Va Nilla : Walk in to band class like

PlayStationPlayz : My girlfriend plays this 😁

Hannah Matheson : I played contra alto in high school and my teacher constantly made me play because it sounded so pretty

Jaemyung Kim : I had a chance to play really old contra bass clarinet as a member of wind ensemble in Iowa State university. All the music major clarinetist didn’t want to play contra. So i had fun. Only sad thing was my teeth hurt. Hahaha....

Merp da Derp : I had the pleasure to play the eb contrabass. It was very fun and made such pretty sounds. Would recommend!

dria and juwel sisterhood lol : I play the bass clarinet

morgan : I’ll stick to my Bb clarinet..

Arika Blackburn : Yes i play that

Don Libes : "Pound-for-pound, this instruments is more expensive ... than almost 3 Boeing 757 airplanes". It makes no sense to multiply per-pound weights by a number. Yes, you can do it mathematically but the resulting number is meaningless and your comparison makes no sense. Furthermore, just because an airplane is large doesn't make per-pound weight particularly interesting.) You may as well complain that an iPhone XS is $2562/lb. It just makes no sense. (Loved the video otherwise!)

Bill Holder : This rawks hard!

Vaniillabean : My friend's brother plays that, it's an ENORMOUS instrument 😂

Ava 02 : Next episode: Bass Trombone flute violin double reed oboe piccolo recorder drum clarinet. You're welcome Internet.

Vacuum Prince : You should do the subcontrobass clarinet

Sam Hackenson : Here at URI, we've lovingly nicknamed the contrabass clarinet "the beast".