1% Guitar Skills 9% Chopsticks Skills 90% Editing Skills

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This is the most difficult and most time consuming video I've ever made! Frequently asked questions: How long did you edit this video? It took me 3 weeks to finish the entire video. I edited this video for at least 2.5 hours a day (50+ total working hours). One hour can be consumed for a 10 second video clip of the song. What software did you use? And how did you edit this video? I used Sony Vegas Pro to edit this video. First, each clip has been created from the recorded video which was equivalent to a single note. There were 45 different notes that can be played on a 21 fret standard tune guitar. So, 45 different clips have also been made. Then, I did copy and paste manually each clip based on the actual notes of the song. Finding the right note on the 45 clips was really time consuming. Just imagine that there were thousand of clips/notes that must be used to arrange the song. The hardest part of the editing process was to maintain the consistency of the tempo. I used a metronome clip, but it was still difficult, especially those notes with fast transition. The length of each clip must be varied based on the duration of the note. Since the editing method was prone to error, I had to play and review each part several times. I also had to familiarize the rhythm, melody, harmony and the structure of the whole song. In some parts, I used some piano accompaniment that I watched on other videos. On the video editor timeline, I had to use at least 12 video tracks and 6 audio tracks. It's so laggy when I was at the halfway of editing. There were many times that the software has stopped working. But yeah, patience is a virtue. Trivia : All the 45 different notes on guitar (from E2 to C6) have been used on this video. This song is really extraordinary. Ethics : Someone told me that it is rude to point the chopsticks to anyone. I am not aware about that. My apology for my bad behavior. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ralph-Jay-Triumfo/184492391578 Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/ralphjay14 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ralphjay14/


Fujoshi Gacha : Parents: Good, now play it without the guitar.

That øne pig Is emo : Kinda sounds like a 8bit/video game version of bohemian rhapsody

MaiaThalia : I came here to laugh but instead have become speechless , man this must have been so difficult to edit

Ty K : It looks like when you play a game with high lag.

Lily Ouyang : this just showed up in my recommended but omg major respect for editing all this

Thomas Oetgen : Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not one soul in the entire history of the universe: YouTube recommended:

Sunniva : nobody: 2019: *Bohemian Chopsody*

POW merang : Teacher: class,tommorow everyone has to play an instrument My head: im not good at playing guitar but good at using chop stick Me tommorow:

sunny le fabulous : when it ended i actually clapped

Abbey Cormack : me in the chinese restaurant after watching bohemian rhapsody

Larunaax The Mischievous : Guitar+Chopsticks=Harpsichord effect! I quite like this actually. :)

Justina Wong : Not the video I asked for, but one I defineately needed

Lexx Mariee : I put it on 1.25x speed and it sounds magical especially the beat 😩❤️ I love this man!! Keep it up

jade : tried playing harvest moon and animal crossing with this as the background music. perfection.

Hinata Fangirling : What is wrong with your room you keep looking around XD By the way this is awesome I bet he uses those chopsticks to pick up girls too XD And i bet the there isnt a damn part this video where he isnt lookin around not judging bah tha wey

Cloudy : so my recommended does actually recommend some good stuff from time to time... holy shit man this is too good!

Emelie Karlsson : How to get famous: Do something unique with Bohemian Rapsody💫💫

Cosmic Cat : My cat is blind so his hearing is really sensitive and he gets startled by sudden sounds or music, in the beginning he got a fright, but when he heard your song he really seemed to like it, and he was very relaxed xD it is now his lullaby, thank you from my cat and I.

Julianna Brady : This is honestly one of the more impressive things I’ve seen in my life

Willow Archer : Did you know that Bohemian Rhapsody isn’t even a bohemian rhapsody? A bohemian rhapsody is a song consisting of 8 different parts, each part usually being very different to the others, however in Queen’s version of the song, there are 9 different parts. Even though this song isn’t a real bohemian rhapsody, I honestly think that Queen made an even better bohemian rhapsody than the traditional ones. There you go, a daily dose of knowledge! 😅

Taehyung’s Daughter : I now play piano with chopsticks. Thank you for enlightening me

LilOtakuKiddo : Huh, Youtube Recommendations actually did something right

Poppingcorn 22 : This music sounds a little... *choppy*

Nebula Effect : 1% Guitar 1% chop stick 70% editing skills 22% Pain 1825373829103749201% 3am determination and Queen Love

Pikato : 3:33 *puts on 1.25 speed* _it turns into a Mario level_

Killer Queen : Thank you YouTube for actually recommending something that I like

Cattoneko Winatcha : The music is stunning, so I liked.

I will never forget you Doraemon : This is the sign of this person is industrious he can not give up how hard is it☺

Arlin Guaba : Wow felicidades, esto está geniaaaaal 👏🏻👏🏻

Taufer : Ponganlo en velocidad x2 y parece un cumbion o un remix de un juego de 8-bits xd

Alyz Zefira : I feel like i'm in harvest moon all over again 😂 This was amazing btw that 9% chopstick skill payed off XD

Critical Rip : too bad generic guitar facebook pages will steal this video and get more views than you, i highly recommend putting a watermark! anyways, nice video!

FIJI Kxng : You should try to play Chop Suey by System Of A Down 🤯

Carson W : 10PM: Alright last video. 1AM: Playing bohemian rhapsody on guitar with chopsticks.

Oscar Arturo Lara Guerrero : Like si vienes de un poco de todo

DrkShdw 1110 : *Now play chopsticks with your guitar* Edit: WOAAAH 1.5k likes 😱

MyNameIsBen : Play video at speed x1.25 *THANK ME LATER ;D*

Elias Animatic : You have a great talent for editing I hope you continue to improve even more and you continue to amaze me

Jonne : 1% Guitar skills, 9% Chopstick skills, 90% Just Asian things.

Courtney Albanese : The title was so hilarious to me so I clicked

vx means vrickin xmen : ah finally something I can do with chopsticks nah jk im asian as frick

YQ Sia : Play at 2x speed it sounds like a pokemon soundtrack back in the nintendo game boy days

TheSlash994 : It sounds like someone playing Bohemian Rhapsody in a Legend of Zelda game.

N H : Wtf I wouldn’t have enough patience for this

Dave Rucci : Dude this is amazing and I’m sure it took forever to put together. The one time I tried a 1%-99% video it took me much longer than I thought. I wouldn’t dream of trying this to Bohemian Rhapsody. 😱

Henry The Vacuum : This video gave me mysteryguitarman nostalgia.. Great work on editing the video dude!

Warrior x : #UPDT I came to this video for the channel "Un Poco De Todo)

Sininen Blue : for some reason, I find it better with 1.25 speed

yusuf nizar : 1% guitar skill, 99% editing skill