Battlefront 2: A Great Game With A Great Problem

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Pancazuli : Yeah, no thank you. I don't feel like having to gamble in every game I play now.

MINI : I have made up my mind. It looks like a great game, but thanks to the pay 2 win aspect in the loot boxes, I will not purchase it. I'm going to play the OG Battlefront II since the servers will be back online soon and both the Steam and GOG versions feature crossplay.

Kyle Hurd : Death to loot crates!

DatGrunt : I would not have a problem with loot boxes if they were cosmetic. But giving people who pay more money advantages? Didn't buy the first battlefront from EA (Thank goodness) and won't be buying this one.

Spinexus : How Publishers ruin the work of the Developer in so many games lately :( It´s a good game but with all the progression being RNG the game gets shitty fast...

Majestad BowseR : Pre Order Cancelled !!!

RandomEd787 : #BoycottBattlefront2

Centurião Gamer : This is absolutely unforgiving. DON'T BUY THIS GAME GUYS.

Downward Thrust : Sorry for the failed stream today, hope this makes up for it.

Tentacles : Great short term business = long term idiocy. I didn't buy battlefront 1, bought battlefield 1 and played around 40 minutes. Time they actually make a full game and stop trying to milk me, otherwise launch a FREE game and use those stupid freemium monetization strategies.

Big Dog : Someone at EA needs to see this video

iamfuturetrunks : Ever since I heard Disney is making it so EA is the only company that can make Star Wars games I knew I wasn't gonna want to waste any time or money on anymore new Star Wars games since then and so far iv been right. It's a shame since I was really hoping when Disney bought up Star Wars that we would finally get some great games since in the last few Years of LucasArts it was just garbage it seemed like.

Mr. Madman : This System is exactly like free (rip-off) mobile games... only difference being, that you pay 60+ dollars before you even get to play ×_×

Downward Thrust : What do *YOU* think of Battlefront 2?

Inzaneamaru : Wait this promotes afking then?

Matteo Kropej : It's funny because EA sells shortcuts for Battlefield which unlock content. The ultimate shortcut kit unlocks all the content in the game for $50.

CLasSical : Man i can’t wait to watch this when i go back home!. Your videos are basically the weekends for me

Eugene InLaw : NO! UNFORGIVABLE!!!

Raith : This isn't even a question, ANY microtransactions for ANYTHING are UNFORGIVABLE in ANY game you have to pay for.

Nerulon Skyven : Pay to win :) Honestly guys what did you expect from EA ?

Insufficient Funds : Communism, doesn't work smh 🤔😒

Super Cubio : Honestly, I just wanna play the single player.

Matteo Kropej : Galactic Assault payouts should be balanced like this. Defenders should get more credits for shorter games and attackers should get nore credits for longer games (This should only apply to people who play the entire match). It should also be affected by your score and kills.

James D : Whats stopping little timmy from idling in games while hes at school to rack up credits if everyone gets the same credits?

Who's King Now : I liked Battlefront Ea but it didnt had enugh content... But this game has enough content but its pay to play and LOOTBOX:es... ! Thx EA. Why you have to ruin everything. (Not goona buy this or any other Ae pupliched games cus i want to protest

Powerful Joey Diaz : Personally I thought the credit system in Battlefront 1 was perfectly fine ..credits proportionate to performance ? Sounds good

Le Joueur Cynique : I don't think I enjoy video games anymore. I'm so tired of free to play bullshit in full price games.

Jack Burton : Got bored of the beta within a couple hours. Usual lazy AAA outing. Very pretty graphics with slot machine mechanics between matches and not much else. Seriously gross how every AAA game ships with a slot machine attached to it now, we gotta get them kids hooked young.

Gaming Adventures : This is very much pay to win. As if $60 isnt enough.

arashicage 1 : Was considering buying, no longer

ForcePF : I was REALLY looking forward to Battlefront 2 but, after seeing the shitty loot boxes, I no longer have any interest in it :-(

Dylan Green : The lootbox system is going to break the playerbase, especially since the game costs $60 to begin with. TotalBiscuit addresses how huge the star card bonuses are, they aren't just tiny upgrades. The playerbase will be split between the whales who drop money and have a fully upgraded character, and those who don't spend money, get frustrated, and leave. And once they leave, the whales will leave too since they don't have weak players to wreck. If the game was free to play, they might be able to get away with the lootbox system since there will be a constant influx of new players for the whales to prey on. However, at $60, the playerbase will be dead within months just like EA Battlefront one, assuming the lootbox system will stay as it is now. The only way I see this working is if they scrap the upgrade cards and only use ability replacement cards. While people would still be able to pay to get more customization options for their character, their loadouts won't be objectively better than players who don't spend money. But hey, it's EA we're talking about. It's star wars, so people will still buy the game, and idiots will still pay for lootboxes. EA will make a ton of money like they did with EA Battlefront 1, and it'll be the same old song and dance when EA Battlefront 3 comes around.

Mr. Greaves : the only language publishers speak - is MONEY. so if you want them to change, DO NOT buy the game!!! thats the only thing that will make them listen...

Joebles : This is a shame, because Titanfall 2 was a huge step up for Ea. It was all cosmetic only, and it didn't work through lootboxes, meaning you knew exactly what you were paying for. Even better, is that these were the least intrusive microtransactions I've seen.

Propaganda : Mad respect, Bro. And this is what is coming in the game industry as hole. In Android game #warrobots you must pay near 300 dollars for the latest bot - Inquisitor. A single bot. God, greedy homos. In Armada: Modern Tanks you must have around 100 000 victories to buy the first decent tank. Or empty you bank acc. DONT PAY. GAMERS, DONT PAY!

Kevythekevlar : Definitely not buying the game. I canceled my preorder

the8u9 : You and all the others talking about the loot box system are right, but until you guys start crapping on Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm as well, this system will continue to permeate. Also, there's another darkness to what we call the gacha mechanic which is that it is not merely used as a money grabbing tactic. Its real usage is actually to extend the game content to beyond what would have been possible if companies made everything straight purchases. The increase of loot box systems actually means that users are eating up content at an alarming rate and that companies have to try and money lock some content in an attempt to stem that tide. If people would consume content more slowly and would stay faithful to a game that hasn't received a content update in 2 months, then these systems may be utilized less. Gamers need to understand their own ravenous nature, as you need only revisit a game you deemed pay to win 1 year later and see how user friendly the game as become.

Lootbox : I can't get over that there is no sound in space

kanedgy : I'll still buy it, but I won't invest into the crates. The game is just so addictive to me and I hate how the progression turns many people off from the game. I personally will still have a great time playing, but I can see why others wouldn't even wanna touch the game with a 10ft lightsaber.

Olivia Moore : I have a feeling this is a bit like shooting them selves in the foot. I will not buy this game cos of the mini transactions.

Agnik Halder : With the mindless sheep of target audience nowadays, definately a good business model. Just put a hefty price tag on literal garbage and let the media hype it up. Watch how it sells.

Exodia : I loved the beta. But im not buying it

Mathieu Lumley : Nice, another AAA game that I wont be buying

Keegan McNally : I have no interest in this game anymore after playing the beta

Andreas Revheim : I hope that them giving the same amount of credits is a beta thing, hopefully they just wanted all players good and bad to try different stuff

Proxy Sigma : I've said it once and I'll say it again. I got all my dudes to level 13 in 3 days, and my Heavy has 3 gold cards and I didn't spend a single dollar. I had so much fun with just two boots on the ground maps and I cannot wait for the full thing to release with many more maps and modes.

Higher Power : I just realized how bad everyone on the team getting the same credits is: That means you're gonna have people "farming" credits by just leaving themselves active all day but not playing in the actual match (maybe having some kind of automacro to get them to join a team). Enjoy smaller player counts because farmers are filling up slots. I'll stick to 2005's Battlefront 2.

Lelendil B : and you get a good card for the officer you never play so he is stronger than your assault you r playing all the time cause you didnt get cool stuff for him. You should be able to level up the class you r playing. and star cards should be level locked.

BigMac5 : Hope the campaign is good. I don’t have the time to play online multiplayer anymore anyways.

The Random Guy : To be honest I might not get the game because of this and I was really looking forward to this game