Battlefront 2: A Great Game With A Great Problem

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Robert O'Connor : MTT: Multi Troop Transport They were used for fast troop deployments of battle droids, could be augmented to carry super battle droids as well. They were also used as cargo transports at one point.

Indie_Kickz : Take a drink every time he says incentivize.

Erbay ÇELIK : isn't it same as BF1?

Bornz0r : I was excited for this game, thanks EA! Can't wait to see what else you're going to think of in the next 8 years you have the Star Wars license.

johnnieblades : Great video. I felt that the FPS mechanism to come up very short when compared to COD, battlefield,, Halo FPS experiences. Plus the pay to win and credits being equal for everyone makes this a pass. Which is sad since love starwars

Monsieur Frederik : this is similar to dirty bomb, except the cards in dirty bomb are not as pwerful. Plus dirty bomb itself is f2p

Res : its like a f2p game but expensive

Rock_Tulip : Hopefully they will fix this issue on the full release.

Daniel Peterson : Only possible reason to get this game is campaign, otherwise it looks like a waste of money and time and a should be free to play game with a 60$ price tag

Duane Locsin : I’ve learned to accept the mobile gaming platform is predominantly F2P/P4F/FREEMIUM ( +get) IAP and wholly micro transaction drive with no chance of it being the opposite, hence I largely stay away from 99% of mobile “games”. We ALL know publishers are greedy Wall st. corporations and major stakeholders that will eventually want this for consoles and pcs. I am not going to defend, excuse or be in denial over this, and eventually be spending most of my time sorting through bargain bins and completing any backlog of games. Let the 🐳 be exploited of their OCD and bank accounts.

Day Squared Music : The real problem is where is conquest smh

NumberOneBOB : This sounds almost exactly like what EA did with Mass Effect 3! The multiplayer was either "Grind Hard", or just pay up!

SWFREAK Productions : They did an announcement that they’re fixing the pay to win thank god

PyrHead : It really breaks my heart to hear this. I skipped the first Battlefront with a heavy heart because of the lack of content and now they do this shit...I seriously want to punch the one responsible for this descision in the face because he/she ruined this game for a lot of Star Wars fans, who've waited for so long for a proper sequel to the original BF II. And seeing the amazing graphics and seemingly fun gameplay makes it so much harder to skip this one as well.

Suzuki Shinji : Thanks for saving me some money

Amumu Nunu : Sigh... this whole loot box pay-to-win garbage continues. It's killing me that games that are otherwise well executed are rolling out with this system. I want to support great games but I hesitate to buy anything with bad loot box systems. Still not sure if I should pass on purchasing this game... I just want epic Star Wars goodness : (

Patrick Timm : I got bored after my first two games. As much as I wish I would buy it I just got bored

Haigh08 Les : Was going buy it but it put me right off

-COSMIC WARRIOR- : I refuse to buy any game that push micro transactions heavy.

rapisor : This BS is also in EA UFC 2! But I guess there’s not a lot of UFC fans who are gamers.. Well, I’m glad it got into a Star Wars game and a lot of people are making noise.

飽飽 RAY : never bought and still won’t.

misfiteando : Wow, you don't like loot boxes, big surprise. Why am I subscribed again?

Xcho : Basically someone going Rambo the entire game will get the same amount of credits as someone just camping spawn? Weak

Christopher Adams : I have lost respect for Downward Thrust because he is complaining about pay-to-win is bad because others can get ahead and NOT based on the fact that it is unethical and a rotten business practice that that should NEVER be supported.

B D : two things. First: at !0:23 you say Battlefront was never a TDM game. The original battlefront games did have a giant team death match. That and prior battlefield games have also had TDM type game modes. It's a minor nitpick about your argument, but you seem like a guy who can admit when he is wrong. Second: And this is the big one. Your whole argument at the 9 min mark. Is kinda BS. Bad(intentional or unintentional) players won't really go "oh he gets to play a hero, guess he knows something I don't, and it's not a simple case of that person is better at shooting clones than I am. A player who is doing so good they get a tank or hero unit will only continue to outpace everyone else in score. So everyone getting the same reward actually starts to make a bit of sense, Otherwise those top players will get loot boxes at a faster rate that, you guessed it, widens the skill gap with unequal advantages to those players. I can sorta see why you would think one can have and eat cake, but looking at it from the perspective of a casual player who just wants a fun game, and doesn't have the ability to just get good helps understand why the system is flawed.

Lukas Aquila : Starfighter gameplay kinda reminds me of war thunder which is pretty nice

James Edward : I'm for this because it means everyone is equal, and people who were lucky enough to have better skills or the time to develop those skills won't have unfair advantages over people who aren't as talented. Those people ruin the game for less skilled people demanding everything be locked behind a skill or grind wall. I like how they are making sure that everything is distributed fairly. People who are already good won't be able to further crush people who aren't as good, and people who are less good will be able to access the same benefits as those who are at the top. This means every one will have the best access to the best materials and it won't be gated by skill. It's a small price to pay for equality.

Mikey CoosCoos : not like you have instant access to those more powerful star cards you have to rank up to be able to use them.I dont care i preordered played the beta the game was fun as hell. I cant wait to taste the rest :D

Anakin Vader : How can EA do this? Its UNFAIR! People at EA: Take a SEAT...

kgonepostl : You sir, are handsome, and I'm not even gay.

srick 773 : Essentially your saying it's a socialist pay to win game.

eurosonly : 20 hours of grinding is not all that bad when considering the fact that online games of this type are built on grinding to begin with. I mean you're gonna be playing this game for months after it comes out off and on so that ain't all that bad. People play call of duty and battle field already and all they get are gun unlocks and higher level tiers. At least here you kind of get to craft each gun which is kind of cool. Crafting grinding in mmos is even worse.

ncexnyc : I passed on Shadows of War and I'll pass on Battlefront 2, as long as these game continue with using loot boxes.

Argacyan : I like that credits are not tied to kills, but the gambling and all that puts me off.

Steven C : Devil's advocate time: the standardized credit system is not as terrible as everyone makes it seem. This is a multiplayer game with dozens of players at once, we'll be generous and say 10% of those players are going to be performing at a level where it would make any difference in the number of credits theyd get if it was awarded based on skill. If you look at an average leader board, you'll see a couple players dominating and eclipsing the vast majority of otber players scores. The way I see it, everyone progresses globally at a similar rate due to this now with this new credit system. Statistically it should taper off where x amount of hours spent in match gives out on average the same amount of credits to someone else once they reach those same hours. I'm not punished for being shitty and will get a similar progression curve as someone who dominates. And face it, if your one of those dominating players, you NEED less skilled players as targets to shoot at amd players against. There should be incentives for them too, especially if they will make up most of the player base. The reward for being a good player is given to said player on a match by match basis. Kicking ass? Congrats, you get to play as fun special classes like jedis more often than someone playing poorly.

metalmover 1974 : I won't buy this...I bought the last EA one and I wish I didn't waste all that money. I miss the old game from years ago. I miss its flow. Too bad. In the past, I would buy a console to get a star wars game...this is the first game I will not buy since x-wing for the PC way way back

Matthew Mitchell : Until people stop buying these micro transactions (which they wont) this is only going to get worse and worse.

δημοκρᾰτῐ́ᾱ : Thank you for supporting critical skilled players, for taith in the mission to reward creativity, team gaming and making the huge videogamers community a lot better. Please keep up with the explanatory process in your reviews, be more punctual in explanation. Nobody can turn down the discussion when explanation on ant problem found is offered

Ginger Whale : Just let us all boycott full price games featuring loot boxes before they AAA gaming into mobile with better graphics

PalN1CK : They want to maximize your time on the game. They don't want you to shut it off with long matches and grinding for crates lol after I got burned with the first game, I didn't even look at this trash sequel, I knew what it was.

Slider2k : Big greedy publishers are ruining gaming at its core, by maximizing their profits with shady schemes.

wolfkilljoy : How about we spend all this money we would spend on cancer boxes and donate it to actual charities that help humanity instead of giving billion dollar companies more rape money

awesomebooforums : What kind of mic do you use?

ProRussian440 : Who cares? Thats like me complaining about some nolife gamer who plays 18 hours a day and has everything unlocked competing against me who only gets to play 4 hours a week. Does that make me,l shitty player? No, I just dont have as much time to play as that person, yet he will have advantage over me in every way. So if I do drop cash cause i actually have cash to spend just to somewhat even out my odd of winning, even tho I am prob still gonna loose since that person played longer than I have.

Professor Voxi : Wasn't planning on buying it anyway, just need to get it through my little brother's skull that this isn't worth buying.

Connor B. : Wow. That's the worst gear progression system I've seen in recent memory. EXP climbing was the only reason I kept playing the last game, which is kind of a depressing fact on its own. I was cautiously looking forward to Battlefront II but now that I have more info I think I'll pass.

Sid6point3 Miller : I need someone to explain this to me. If you can play the game and get in game currency to get loot crates then isn't it Play to win and Pay to win? meaning = ? lets look at it like this, player A has 4 hours a week of play time but doesn't spend any real money. Player B has unlimited  hours a day of play time and spends no real money just in game currency on loot crates, Player C has 4 hours of play time but buys loot crates with real money. Now my question is when Player A encounters either Player B or C on the battlefield will he see a difference in cards unlocked, abilities, etc? So the Game is Play to win and Pay to win correct?

Robin Vekety : After playing the beta, I will just ignore the game, continue playing Battlefront 1, and MAYBE download this crap fest when they add it to Origin Access for free when they realise their game failed.

E115 : I didn't use any Star cards or even alternate weapons, I did pretty well and had fun. I'm never buying the microtransaction bs because I don't care about getting five more kills in a life or using some different gun. In the first one I used the starting stormtrooper gun and starting storm trooper machine gun and did pretty well and had fun too. This is a shitty business practice, but at least I get free DLC. I'm gonna buy it.

Jordan Rippetoe : Update on the loot crate system: EA/DICE has said the system is being tweaked. Loot boxes will contain star cards, emotes etc., however the best weapons can only be earned in game, not through loot boxes. Also, they said they're going to make matchmaking to where you're only put into a game where people have the same star card ranking as you (i.e. If you have a gold star card, you'll be put into a game with others with gold star cards). Honestly, I think this system is much better than what was in the Beta and I'll still take this over spending $40 for a season pass that has content that should have been in the game to begin with.