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DanielFromSL : ai in the new gta could use a little work, still a bit primitive.

Zergoth Thrash : That has got to be the world's largest zoo.

Dan Bull : I might do one of these of my local village

ExMachina70 : It's great to get a chance to see wild animals in their natural environment.

missbrg : I live in the South. The small town I moved to is mostly white. There are currently no black families that live here and in the 10+ years I've lived here, there's only been one. This video reminds me of my poor little, redneck town. The "white trash" here act exactly like this. Only, instead of rap, it's country music. Instead of gang signs and bandanas, it's rebel flags and camo. The violence and foolishness is the same. Our crack ho on the corner can't twerk like that though! I don't think it's a skin color thing, I think it's a class/poverty thing. If you show your kids that they don't have to be better than where they come from, they won't try to rise up out of it.

Ze Germanz : As a foreigner I'm guessing Detroit is the kinda place you roll up the windows and lock the doors as you drive though it?

Thomas Matthew : Points of Interest: High visibility bicycles: 0:12 A quaint campfire: 0:44 An outdoor Zumba class: 0:55 An automotive love bump: 1:57 Spurning another love bump: 2:27

Updafoe : A cops worst nightmare, feel bad for the policeman who have to go through these types of neighborhoods.

Sean O'Kelly : Honestly I'm impressed at how well that dude took getting hit by that car. Just gets up, dusts his shit off and gets yelled at. Dude was like, yeah no biggie, I'm good.

Scott Tilton : Come on guys can't you see that diversity and cultural enrichment helps better the community??

brotalnia : 60 years ago this used to be a great city.

ineedmyhat : I'd've picked up those twerking girls ! Probably wake up with 3 stds and no liver.

johnnyquest456 : Rockstar needs to make this the next GTA location fo sho. Detroit is like GTA but real life lmao

markatl84 : I like how the music in your car plus the flashing lights in the weed dispensary combined perfectly with those turbo-prostitutes. They were amazing. Someone should start "America's Next Top Skank" reality TV show where they fight for a grand prize of $50 and a slab of crack and the title of America's top skank. Can you IMAGINE the quality of such a program?! It'd be a hit. An X-rated hit, but a hit none the less. Also, dude, when you saw those people fighting in the parking lot you shouldn't have stayed so near. People that angry who have guns are not good to be around. You could have been collateral damage.

Happyfeet : Not being racist is difficult.

korrdxl : We wuz kangz

FusedHalos : This is what happens when Democrats have complete control of a city for 50+ years.

David : yeah, but you just keep voting democrat

Cupavi Kurcic : This is wonderful bait for racists. Enjoy the comment section!

insanic1 : we are all equal, diversity is a strength, it enriches us all!

truffledude : ah yes, the proud "culture" of the african american "people"

rtwonmac : thanks democrats!

MAGA : I didn't know BET is making Walking Dead episodes.

Tyler Groom : A true Democrat's Utopia.

Jessie Taylor : Thank God my city is majority white

508,888,756 views : These are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters

Spartan K : Where's Robocop when you need him.

Jack M : Ahhh... the sweet sound of liberalism

X : This is better than African safari trip POV

G.Sarjos : seems like a nice family friendly neighborhood, wonder why nobody wants to live there

अलेक्सेय् : is it the country which is trying to enforce it's way of life to the world? lol.

MrFenkins : roads are still better then in Russia

Xierstel : When will people learn that it's not a race issue, it's a poverty issue.

mcprimo : Afroamerica

this_ guy : graphics of the new GTA looks amazing

hawrnball : Look at aaaaall that diversity.

meganoikz : I'm so grateful that I don't live in a third world country.

Candyass Roodypoo : We just need David Attenborough narrating this.

windows95ism : There needs to a vice documentary about the Detroit underground neon-night biker races ASAP

the banana duck : i live in detriot and it is awful and im white boy living detriot

Anh Anh : lol this post was blocked on r/videos. guess what? --- Oy Vey!

Juan ordonez : America's butthole

Kevos : Congratulations on getting your clip on Jay-Z's 4:44 music video, I hope he did buy the rights off of you and didn't just rip it off :)

ahehehehehehuh : 1:00 what song

Paulie : he didn't drop the beer after getting hit by a car then threw the beer on the floor when his women started breaking balls,i love it.

bitleman1 : This is what libertarians want.

The Mediocre Guitarist : Someone should start doin nightly vlogs there. It'd be much more interesting to watch than all these lame ass white folks vloggin and what not...

chastvalex : I've seen behavior that's just as bad from white trash communities. I think it has little to do with skin tone and a lot to do with the environment you grow up in and the choices you make. I have a feeling many places around the world have neighborhoods that are just as bad if not worse. You can only hope these people will find a way out and make a better life for themselves.

goodolarchie : It's a bit like an early rendition of Escape from New York