I Bless The Rains Down In AAAAAAAAAAAfrica

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Natalie Alfera : I had my earbuds in with the volume all the way up. I’m deaf now

Zach Maxwell : Was in a crowded place listening to this and put it up to my ear right as soon as the aaaaaaa started playing, I'm deaf now

Echo : *_AAAAAAAA_*

toe : Category: Education I really hads been educations man!

OG Loc : Can someone tell me the name of this screaming lesbian??

iHeart GT86 {KatyCat} : Category : Education Education : Geography Geography : *AAAAA* frica

Aerin Atkins : As a resident of Southern Africa I can confirm this is how we pronounce our continents name.

Terrakurial : A Peppo meme by Meme & Co... Now I can die in peace...

Ethan Sloman : What is the point of this anymore?



Diego Acosta Carrasquillo : I bless the rains down in *AAAAAAAAAAAA*

DaUziel : I was expecting the giant cowboy in the sky

Bayu Fadhilla : was that important? no. that was necesarry.

Zac Hansford : Nibba

Some Commenter Guy : Education: Never trust a thumbnail with Pelo on it

jaco kotze : Rhodesians never die

When you nut but she keep sucking : I don't know how I got here but I'm glad I found this quality content. Godspeed everyone, godspeed.

Regan Schwartz : My gta vice city lovers know this before the meme started

Supertrain12 : Sr Pelo?

Meela Wheatley : I thought they were going to make the whole thing earrape, but the 'AAAARGH' bit killed me XD

Park Avenue : Ima look like a dumb ass but who is that

Paradox : He could be part of Toto and I wouldn't even notice

Heath Legend : *Bish u wot?*

Classy Glassy : Underrated

Elzeta : You need more if you want to make me deaf, my eardrums are stronger since I'm listening Spinal theme at max volume

Mortal Gunner : Ah YES. Sr Pelo Is Amazing At Singing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50_ZciPDHVA

Velix F3lix : tf this scared the shit outta me

Truong Lam Lo : my ears are still ringing

Omega Mapper : AAAAAAAAAAfrica

Victor Pelufaz : :v todo meco


?¿?¿? ?¿?¿? : why did i wear headphones

Ajsha Reddick : I just really love when they hit that note, you know what I mean?

The Worst : Top notch fun

Joran van Ginkel : this shit is the best XD


skyden ribbon : Wat

DarkScarlettVixen : Only reason I clicked on this video...is the thumbnail

D. gnr8 : had my volume all the way up and i just sorta tanked it. should i be seeing the doctor now or jesus?

Frosty Taco : Sr pelo

Butt Master : ow my ears

Ray Barns : 0:14 I wasn't prepared

woah hope calm down : *PELO*

Anthony Ju : Gonna take some time to do the things we never *hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAd*

Sora Okamichi : Any time someone asks me who Sir Pelo is imma show them this video.


Jonathan Strader : I knew it was SrPelo!

Dylan Mergner : 0:15 When you stub your toe.

Mike SaTaN : xD hehehe... my siides