Famous Movie Lines, Animated! (Part 4)

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Nick Murray Willis : Which films do you want to see in ‘100 Movie Lines, Animated!’ (quotes and ideas welcome!)

Aaron 8 21 00V : The "you shall not pass" line never gets old for me. Too funny hahaha

PooperMan : 0:24 *I M M A R R Y P O P P I N S Y A H*

EWW : Always so fun and interesting!!

MiniGemini : That'll do, pig. That'll do..

Dave Elzacky : I came here for Gandalf . . . . And i'm not Dissapointed 😂

Conor Duffin : Can't wait till the F1 one you make, I love F1!

Muhammad Ariyan : 0:38 Took ya' long enough 😉

Ant - TheDotMonster : Just keep swimming Just keep swimming Just keep swimming LOVE IT

Jesterinthedeck : I love that you always use the "You shall not pass!" line. It's an epic one indeed!

Elephanty 88 : 10 out of 10 . Just beautiful. Thank you

Manank Panchmatia : YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

JocarioZero : 0:24 I love you for this.

John McGrath : BAH GOD! He's done it again!!

Andreas W : What movie is the line from the cow? "you're not putting those in my butt" 😂

MR. Madulo : Funny how??like Im a clown??? best line ever hahahahaha

Michel Hneineh112 : Hell yeah 0 likes ! And now a Jerk will come and dislike the video ....

aesrye : Please never stop with the 'you shall not pass' <3

MaKos2004 : You should have a million subscribers by now!!!!!

BigStevie93 : 0:24 MARRY POPPINS YA'LL!!!

Metal Monkey : The last one was the best one

DracoNick : I really lost it with the "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" one

Angie Fun_SiZ3 : Gandalf is my favorite lol

Ikechukwu Iweha : Liked and commented before watching😁 ur work is always awesome

aswin dawadi : No! You’re not putting those in my butt! 😂😂

patrick bänder : Why is there a dislike-button??

anubus6 : Once I realized 1:02, I almost gagged.

22gjreyes : Expected gandalf. Not disappointed

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : The "you shall not pass" line Lmao I die every time.

SYRØ : I'm just here for "you shall not pass"

Riku : This shit is creative man

Killatunga : Oh damn, that last one though....

Rahul Sharma : Damn, that You shall not pass thing gets funnier Everytime 😂

Kaonashi : You make this look good

BenyHild : We need a Big Lebowski animation!

Syahmi Wafri : Love your videos man

IDoanimations/Dollyboy1923 aka Pixeldonkey : Gr8 video

cosmin keutken : You man you'r awesome !!!!!

Ginn : Yes! Hes back baby!!!!

M. Adil : SWEAR TO ME!!


Mixed Music : Great work man

Ican Speak : 0:17 took me out😂😂😂😂

sami cheikh el chabab : YOU....SHALL NOT...PAAASSSS

MrL1G3R : Underrated Channel

EthanDaLad : 0:23 😂😂

Cyber Yamasaki : Amazing 😂

Beamer TV : Every time there is a you shall not pass joke i love it

Lord Kimchi : lol

Fastdude 211 : Great work like always!