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revurts : This band would of been popular if breaking bad used it as a theme song

Robyn Shayde : It's 2016. Or is it? To be continued....

MrAmp8888 : I bet Kitty Litter sales went thru the roof after this was shown on You Tube !!

Kyle x : Lmfao h aha he threw the shit on a george foreman...thats when i knew this was fake

SatanSteve666 : Tide Podz ain't got SHIT on these guys

Jason Francis : I remember way back when, I tricked wintergreen into sending me two of their albums and stickers. Sorry dudes.

Just Happ : I remember when this song came out, I was in middle school I got a few friends to try and make it. I should have detected bullshit when the george foreman grill bit came in XD Still a wonderful song. 

CODEINE : this is fake but a bit similiar to the real meth recipe.

NTahaE : Hey from 2018.

chillirun : This song is really good, it's been stuck in my head for a week

the middle man : anyone watching in 2017

Nemesis Extreme : Lol meth lite

Provo Cunt : Just noticed that he is reading a Cory Doctorow Novel at 2:37 :D

Michael Jackson : I knew it was fake when they brought out the george forman grill

Em Cee : I just like the music but not with those things first get local insecticide and drink it i love the music thanks really

Amanda reynolds : <3 =)

murat deidara : Song is awasome

Dark Flex : To all the people that would try these drug chemistry it's fake all of it

George Miranda : this is an awesome tune&video, but I'm afraid to say that its mainly bullshit!-they show you basic ingredients to make stuff,but measurements are wrong

Iswahyudi Udah : I can't sit still/I can't relax And there's no appeal/in stealing anything they don't want Back ever again/like a rubber band That's stretched too thin/around your neck And now you're turning Blue/eyes that asked me to So I did what I had to do Glowing in the dark/I sleep walk through the days Until I finally start/to find my way/out of this haze Through the torn curtain you're caught unaware I see for certain that there's somebody there And it's not polite to stare but soon Now you'll be turning Blue/eyes that asked me to So I did what I had to do Don't act so surprised its come to this You know you did it to your- Self because you just could not resist I hate to say I told you so I can't sit still/I can't relax So blue/the first time that I saw you I knew/that I'd never be the same Until I could wrap my arms around you I hope you are easily amused/Easily confused Blue/eyes that asked me to So I did what I had to do Don't act so surprised its come to this You did this to yourself you know It's been building up inside of me God I hate to say I told you so I can't sit still/I can't relax So blue/the first time that I saw you I knew/that I'd never be the same Until I could wrap my arms around you I held on too tight/and watched you slip away Slip away from me I can't sit still, but I can't relax/It's giving me a heart attack x 6

Expose Nwo : Good song recipe is bullshit lol

Arcanum Mystery : Sure is fake but so funny, the best is Na(OH)5 gas: LOL!

MyLastrebel : does this really work

Greg Swant : Hey this let off any poisonous gas? Last one of u tube I tried my chlorine gas thank god I wore a mask

Greg Torosyan : exactly how I feel right now

John Doe : PMSL.. off to get my shopping now ;)

Cisco : Dude this recipe is bullshit! I tried to snort it and it really burned my nose. I thought at the time i felt something but now that i look back It was a placebo! Good song though!  

Glucoperon : NaOH5  gas? HAHAHa lolol,  thats when I realized this was bullshit 

TooSweet : hell yeah that song is badass!!!

ilikemen notwomen : Not gonna lie. This is a pretty good song

MyLastrebel : i always thought that to

roman villarreal : The song is badass

Floristit : Thats true..

David Morrison : erowid nigga please XD

David Morrison : Whats the last one called

bigwillakingkilla : you forgot Acetonitrile for to clean the color into a clear cloudy color as well as what kind of spped crank meth whatever your making depoends on how you mix it and the proper steps clearly you have no idea what you are talking about

nimag42 : Dunno if these drugs are real or pure fake... and I don't care, But the music is good !

Mr69slappy69 : lol

Zombies : I really hope everyone here knows that these are all fake. You would have to be a complete idiot to try and make this shit.

peek-a- berries : Oh chemistry, you gotta love it. :)

Ajustin672 : My god you're's an organic compound dextropolamine 22-b also known as meth. Meth is an organic compound. Maybe someone should take some Chemistry classes?

Nass Athans : Your overuse of the number 4 is disturbing

Victor Mattina : Why are guys not writing music anymore?

vladimir slavik : FAKE KİNG! where is my money!? where is my time!? liars!

Erik Alten : Note to the kiddies: Don't try this, these aren't drugs, just hit up your local black guy for some good weed or your local white guy for some pills.

FimaWWW : Wow, you telling me I don't know anything in drugs? unlike you I read about chemistry of drugs in erowid not on a comedy video of a music band, you can resarch and google yourself, this video is for pure comedy, no drugs here, read description, or ask anyone around here who tryed

Chriscuits : Maybe you wanna do a little research before you call someone a dumbass, eh champ? They're not real.

Ajustin672 : fucking dumbass it's real. Don't comment on videos when you don't know anything. You probably live in your moms basement so go fuck yourself. Don't know shit

FimaWWW : those compunds are not psychoactive, the first one is just rocks, the 2nd is Vitaming C with citric acid(like eating alot of lemons) and the 3rd one is like burning water, you are the one who is dumb enough not to see that this is an obviouse joke

Carlton Johnson : I like to keep my kitty litter in the freezer overnight before I make a batch.