This map reveals how much $100 is actually worth in your state

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Kendrick Meek Jr. : What's with the eerie music?

Chris Drown : This leaves out a huge part of the picture- In the states with the lowest value per $100, they have significantly higher income. The median income in DC is around $75,000 while the median income in Mississippi is $36,000. Additionally, it does not take into account things like minimum wage. The minimum wage in DC is $12.50 while the minimum wage in Mississippi is $7.25 (and it would be lower if there was no federal mandate of $7.25). While this video does put into perspective the value of the dollar according to state, it does not take into account any other qualifiers and macroeconomic analytic evidence.

Kenny : Where my Cali people at?

kubtastic : Hawaii had the worst at $84, but you put D.C.'s $85 at #51.

Thomas Stewart : Can you chill and let me look at the map you fuck

VallejoZooted : Hawaii was $84 Fact check

coc0s : Some states, such as CA, CO, NY, VA, WA, seem to be defined by their biggest urban areas even though cost of living is a lot lower well away from those urban areas.

Yeezy : Why the fuck would you want to live in shitholes like missouri, ND or Alabama? No fun and everyone poor as fuck so you get more bang for your buck

Mantle Everlasting : Never visit california or new york, got it

vandertuber : Compare Urban Areas (The City) to Rural Areas (The Countryside), and you will notice an immense difference, greater than the difference amongst the various states.

Mrbrain bob : Basically red states are really poor so penny's are worth gold while blue states are far richer so penny's are worth penny's.

Dream : Didn't you already make a video like this?

K41 : Actually Hawaii had the lowest ($84)

AZDuffman : Moral of the map--liberal areas give less buying power.

NiftyTheLynx : One word: socialism

wild reed : Dumbest fkin study ever...

John Jackson : Where my New York niggas at

Lucas Johnson : So THATS why the politicians keep thinking they need to steal my money! It all makes sense now! =P

Cody Moore : Wow the background music is terrible

Lost Guardian : Can you please do one with US Territories too?

Falo : I live in Florida and after this hurricane is gonna be the new #51.

Juan Zuniga : Hmm why am I not surprised with california

Tomkar 01 : This doesn't show my state

Psychlops 924 : People here are acting like lower purchasing power has something to do with higher standard of living. It doesn't. It has everything to do with inflation. All of the states on here with progressive fiscal policies, such as higher minimum wage, create more inflation, making it harder for everyone there to buy goods. I would like to see this on a city by city basis rather than a state by state one, to see how place like NYC, LA, Denver and Seattle compare to Dallas, New Orleans and Phoenix. And if you could somehow compare that to rural vs city, that'd be even more intuitive I think.

joey alfaro : 100 dollar bill is an I owe you from your taskmaster Satan whom you love to let pick pocket and sodomize your butt hole

byron Thomas : The music is eerie,try something different.

toontownlegomaster : Wow finally you live up to your name

xREZxTITANx : Funny how the liberals try and save face for the inflation in their states by comparing Red States to African countries. I can promise that we have all of the first world amenities, (Air-Conditioned houses, lighting, plumbing, heating, etc.) and luxuries that you'd find anywhere else. Keep that in mind before you spread your ignorance about how 'poor' Red States are.

Tony Ciano : Questions within the Media are never answered. She stings with the reassurance that all is not right, and so she uses gossip, hopeless misdemeanors and stories of rank understanding unworthy of judgement. In this way, this royal wench, forces you to be hopelessly rooted to the past, and have no inkling of what to do for the future. Sitting stalemate with her traitorous compatriots or confused enemies, political and social adjustments become ever so slight, and so any responses are unlikely to bring about positive social changes.     The media is always the fork in the road. Either you go left or you go right, but, in the end, there is only a limited number of ways to go to solve humanity’s issues; One: Mind your own business. Two: before you claim judgement on another, take a good hard look at who you are yourself. Third: If there are major conflicts to solve, control and maintain, believe in the moment and, if you are able, capable and willing, be active and do what you can.      The media is the hugest failure of any kind due to her greedy need to corner and capture the souls of her sponsors, the global public and, in terms of knowledge and true wisdom, her own people who, to make a dollar and protect the harlot’s own personal security, will lie to the heavens until her body become sickly, turns to grey and disappears from any form of humane humility.       Vanity is the main weapon of the media. Name brands are the ammunition. Your attention is the victim. Your innocent wish to criticize others to comfort your uncertainty is also wishy-washy and you end up just spending too much time or more money, (hard earned money), that should make you happy. Instead, however you continue living into the future carrying on believing consumerism, excessive polluting from way too many cars and forcing others to work slave hours in third world poverty stricken nations will produce enough goods to keep you going until the end of time.        Time is now. This second and every other moment that follows to exist is what life is absolutely for. Pretend that you know more about life from watching and listening to some reporter, some main stream movie stars, some overpaid teacher or engineered protesters, singers or athletes, and all you end up with is the understanding ( and belief ) that they are better than you are. So, truthfully, when the media have questions for you to consider, the way to really answer the question is to use your own intuition, your own personal thoughtful beliefs of what is the best resolution to make everything work out all right.   Public scrutiny and Personal Insecurity   The Networks, the glossy magazines, The newscasters with hearts of sand The movie stars and singers with pride and artificial beauty Put you in place like a rabbit in a cage while promising you They know the best to everything.        Your hearts belong to you. Your souls belong to God so This way you will never lose the urge To keep your mind clear without being vain And remember that whatever day it is Keep it that way so that you Will still be there tomorrow.    News has just become entertainment. Movies and television are purely fictitious and  magazine lifestyles are useless and impractical. The only way to control the media is to consider Her lack of integrity, and that her only goals Are to take away your sincerity to understand that You are okay, and no one has the moral right To say anything otherwise.   Read between the lines. Questions in the media are always unanswered. Forcing you to believe whatever any speaker claims Is foolhardy and, as well, recognize how the media is often Subjected to you by people who have no choice but to Protect her false crown of make believe and unaccounted for  human reason. @GAC8717  @Antonknebenson ( FB ) Antonio Ciano   Hi,Bring Peace to The WORLD:The Urantia Book,REV:2:17; Our only TRUE Holy Grail about God and Jesus from The HOLY GHOST:Love, Share, AMEN

Gee Willickers : I call BS! Your forgot to subtract taxes and government counterfeiting inflation. $1 hasn't been $1 since the Fed was created last century. Like a new car leaving the lot, your dollar loses value before you even get it, and continues to lose value as you hold it. Buy Bitcoin.

TurkishKB : this shows me that all those fuckin laws and rules that the politicians and business leaders make actually do make a huge difference and the socioeconomic status of citizens within each border and hence forth down to counties, towns, gated community suburbs and the ghettos.

NinHawk : What's with the unnecessary eerie music??

Chris Weeks : Okay what’s with this stupid music

Ra Ro : The minimum wage is the reason for these fluctuations. In ohio people make less, so, the local economy makes up for it by selling things for less money. If the minimum wage went up so would the price of items and then you would see "the value of 100 bucks" go down. Basically my point is that this video is extremely misleading and if you do move to a place that the 100 dollar bill is "worth more" expect your hourly wage to be lower. It all evens out. We are all slaves in modem times. We are literally given what we need to survive, just like slaves. Only difference is that we aren't forced to live on our plantations. We willingly accept it and think we are "free" because we live in a dwelling not on our owner's land. The only way to stop this is if we all stop working for hourly wages, and specifically for these million/billion/trillion dollars corporations. It would have to be an organized nation wide strike. I'm surprised nobody else realizes this..

bepriceless : Why not show the map and what the actual number is, instead of what rank they come in?  Why make it harder to understand?  Silly.  Waste of time, don't watch it.

123 123 : In my State? What if I dont live in America

KOFFIN nails : Funny were it worth the most is were we make the less

Brandon M : I like how the map is only unblurred for 11 out of the 90 seconds in this video. Good job guys, great info

EazyE187um : this shit makes no sense and thanks for not telling Tennessee's

scuzzy : wtf is with this music

wealthy black man : Economic BS!! They did not account for the law enforcement factor in the state of Georgia that minimizes that figure down to approximately 2 dollars...yup 100 dollars is worth 2 bucks in the military police state of Georgia!

Alejandro Pina : But DC isn't a state...

Aaron Misener : This 👏is👏what👏I 👏subscribed👏for👌👌👌

Ratz Buddie : How does DC's $85 magically become less than Hawaii's $84? Either can't follow their own data or they want to portray DC worse

Spartan Spar : This video conflicts itself. When they brought up Hawaii ( 0:18 ) it said $84 but when they said D.C. ( 0:51 ) got you the least it was only $85. And on the map D.C. is ranked the highest. ( 1:24 )

Anton Borysenko : idiotic info-graphic - i could not see the hole map up to 30 sec till the end

Xuskeuclite : Moral of the video: BI is believes liberal states are the best.

James Eisert : What the hell is with that music? Also, they don't really show the map much do they? It's all blurred out.

user 15481 : Do another one with the dollar amounts

Daniel Treto : Indiana squad. turn up. #15 best dollar.