62 mph Crosswind in Close-up: Storm Doris

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DescThe strongest gusting I have filmed in - up to 62 mph/54 knots - made 23 February 2017 unique for me. Plenty of heavy wing flexing, furious flicking of control surfaces, and a near tail strike, making a great opportunity to see in detail how planes and pilots handled the unusually difficult conditions. This is my fourth video from the day. The others cover the 8 go-arounds, some wider-angle shots, and the debris blown up by the wind. Those vids are: The 8 go-arounds - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4d2w444j4jE 4 awkward approaches in wider angle - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T3p9vFXfPk flying debris - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OmwRMj9eHQ


ll Kasper ll : I've seen skateparks flatter than that runway.

Mier Beuker : 5:02 Dang he came close to a tail strike there.

OfficerWhitnel Gaming Channel : "Let's do a vertical takeoff" said the captain. 5:00 XD

Black Orchid WX : This is a “challenge accepted....hold my beer” moment! lol 🍺🍺🍺🍺 those prop plane pilot’s have some mega balls/skills

J Biafra : 5:00 is the closest to a tail strike without being one i think i ever saw.

Trio Fahriza : 5:04 near tail strike😨

Scottish Clansman : Every one of these pilots earned their paychecks with these landings. BIG BALLS.

K staal : 5:39 Ryanair plane was hijacked and landed here, no way the pilots could land that smoothly

arvin ghanadzadeh : 5:04 near tail strike

Timothy Gomez : Inches from a tailstrike at 5:03

CJH200iiWii : Almost every aircraft landed hard, then Ryanair comes in and its like the smoothest landing you’ll ever see by that airline, I guess it works good in bad weather and works bad in good weather 5:22

Charly Q. S. : 4:48 -Can you do the helicopter trick? -Hold my beer.

Mike Nova : 5:04 near tail strike.

FB0102 : 5:02 inches from a tail strike

nbvw3 : Shout-out to the flybe turboprop captains in that clip!

Hamza Sober : 5:04 a really close call, the pilot and first officer nearly got a tailstrike.

Tomyfamily 18 : 5:04 too close to a tail strike

c7042 : You really got to admire the guys/girls who design the landing gear that can take that much side loading abuse.

TheYoutubeGuy : That Thomas cook plane was so close to a tail strike.

Some Loser : Imagine landing with crosswinds and looking out the window and being like, “I don’t think im supposed to see the runway when landing

Will Cassin : My hats off to the pilots that pull these stunts off and the engineers that design these planes to survive this kind off abuse and keep us safe

Southwest 700 : 5:03 almost tail strike

GrumpyOldMan : 5:00 one hand away from tailstrike

Robert Åhlander : Look at 5:00 and se a close tailstrike😮😮😮

TheYoutubeGuy : That flybe plane might as well use a helipad.

bisquitnspanky : About 50 gallons of pee, puke and liquid poop in the tails of the 2 Thomas Cooks

BadUploadScheduleツ : 5:05 that looked like a really steep angle for a takeoff in such conditions... Also when the Ryanair landed right after it wasn’t special or anything, just how Ryanair lands all the time

JACKPRESTO 123 : 5:05 that Thomas cook fligh was like 2 inches from slamming that rear end into the ground

Jay 0711 : That plane at 5:05 almost drug the tail when it lifted off!

Suga : Someone eating chips in the background

ANTIQUEFOTOS : 1:30 that pilot had experience!! Definitely not his first rodeo.

Thad ward : 5:03 almost needed some new paint. Couldn't of been more than a foot away from scraping the tail.

uzasi : So everyone just getting this in their recommended?

Bill T : Taking off is optional. Landing is required.

Snivy Films : Props for the pilots that landed in these really tough conditions.

BrazenBullXXX : So many forward slips that you would think these guys flew gliders for a fun on the weekends.

the geek : purple plane comes down like a helicopter.

Maxumized : Thomas Cook almost scraped its bottom

BluD : Thats okay you can delay my flight

James Rennie : Landing a Q400 in a crosswind looks about as easy as getting a 2 year old into a car seat

Ande Yashwanth : Airplane+crosswinds=helicopter

Bro : *YouTube algorithm:* Lets make this vid popular today!

danieljckson : 7 minutes and 18 seconds of me going F*** that!

#Resist#PunchaNazi#SJWfaggot#RedRum : 5:08 almost a tail strike

Gregg hatfield : 👏🏻👏🏻this is your Captain speaking ... everyone please clean out your underwear two at a time and others stay seated if can .. it will roll smothly

alan koza : Hold my beer ... I'll land this !!

Raja Varma : Imagine being a passenger in that purple flight

quinnjim : Thomas Cook really over rotated badly at 5:00. Looks like he may have hit the tail. If not, it was VERY close. In high winds, we usually rotate slowly to make sure we build plenty of speed in turbulent conditions.