62 mph Crosswind in Close-up: Storm Doris

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frontcentermusician : 5:05 damn near tail strike..

Mike Nova : 5:04 near tail strike.

Sam Brown : man this wind makes it look like little plastic planes when these huge aircrafts wiggle around in air

nbvw3 : Shout-out to the flybe turboprop captains in that clip!

That Random Channel : "Let's do a vertical takeoff" said the captain. 5:00 XD

FivePoints Vids : Still think pilots are glorified bus drivers?

Trio Fahriza : 5:04 near tail strike😨


Jman : 5:35 typical Ryanair landing if you ask me

K staal : 5:39 Ryanair plane was hijacked and landed here, no way the pilots could land that smoothly

blastman8888 : That Dash 8 at 3:00 the passengers must have been terrified being tossed around like that after take off.

Norse Myn : The crosswinds are one thing, that rollercoaster of a runway is another. No one decided "Hey, let's make this thing flat. We have earth movers ya know."

CJH200iiWii : Almost every aircraft landed hard, then Ryanair comes in and its like the smoothest landing you’ll ever see by that airline, I guess it works good in bad weather and works bad in good weather 5:22

TheTNTPickaxe : 5:03 damn son

Tomyfamily 18 : 5:04 too close to a tail strike

quinnjim : Thomas Cook really over rotated badly at 5:00. Looks like he may have hit the tail. If not, it was VERY close. In high winds, we usually rotate slowly to make sure we build plenty of speed in turbulent conditions.

Some Loser : Imagine landing with crosswinds and looking out the window and being like, “I don’t think im supposed to see the runway when landing

ihatesigningupforsht : Thomas Cook please contact NASA departures on 1420.69er

Thad ward : 5:03 almost needed some new paint. Couldn't of been more than a foot away from scraping the tail.

JACKPRESTO 123 : 5:05 that Thomas cook fligh was like 2 inches from slamming that rear end into the ground

Robert Åhlander : Look at 5:00 and se a close tailstrike😮😮😮

Joe Munoz : I'd love to hear the cockpit voices during takeoff/landing.. these guys are the coolest guys ever

love is my religion : Someone commented, "why would they build a Runway there if they knew it was so windy?" Reminds me of the story I heard about the woman he was very upset as to why they would put deer crossing signs where the highway was so busy? They should put them where there's less traffic😂

James Rennie : Landing a Q400 in a crosswind looks about as easy as getting a 2 year old into a car seat

Southwest 700 : 5:03 almost tail strike

the geek : purple plane comes down like a helicopter.

Gregg hatfield : 👏🏻👏🏻this is your Captain speaking ... everyone please clean out your underwear two at a time and others stay seated if can .. it will roll smothly

Actune : Someone eating chips in the background

Will Cassin : My hats off to the pilots that pull these stunts off and the engineers that design these planes to survive this kind off abuse and keep us safe

Daniel Benton : **attention all passengers the cabin crew will soon be coming through with a 120 pairs of fresh pants and baby wipes**

James Peckham : Lol 4:49 just hangs there...

Derek Wall : at 5:04 that thomas cook damn near had a tail strike

Donald Clark : 5:05 looked real close to tailstrike

hypoeddy : 1:23 the Mohammad Ali of pilots

Bradley Stalker : What airport is this so I can never go there...

Aleksandar Kjelland : Still the smoothest Ryan Air landing I’ve ever seen

Herr Burns : 5:04 almost hit the runway with the tail there.

Diesel Power : Could land on a damn helipad with those winds. Imagine calling ATC "AA1337 coming in for a vertical landing runway 69L"

Bill T : Taking off is optional. Landing is required.

Victor Augusto : 5:00 almost tail strike

Cody S. : This is a video for all the people who think flying is just autopilot and cruising.

#Resist#PunchaNazi#SJWfaggot#RedRum : 5:08 almost a tail strike

Mr. Nick : Never realized commercial planes had buttholes

Mohd Aliff Busrah : 5:05 almost tail strike😂

BluD : Thats okay you can delay my flight

Marcus Thorén : Okay, I will never enter that purple airplane...

Zach Sweet : That one cook flight in the 62mph section came damn close to a tail strike, Couldnt pay me enough to attempt a landing/takeoff in those conditions.

Alecks1990 : i cant imagine how hard the stewardess had to work, to get the pilots balls back to normal size ....

Yog Tupy : 5:05 this is one of the most unsatisfying thing I see in my life. The pilot got so much luck

danieljckson : 7 minutes and 18 seconds of me going F*** that!